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0004635The Dark ModDesign/Codingpublic26.12.2020 13:33
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Product VersionTDM 2.05 
Summary0004635: New portalSky method is see-through like caulk skies... which isn't always desirable
Descriptiong_enablePortalSky 2 prevents the skybox clipping models. As with caulk skies, this is usually desirable, but see the attached image for a case where it isn't.
Additional InformationThe workaround for a mapper in this situation seems to be to make a copy of the portal_sky material and call it portal_sky2 or something. (So the issue may not need fixing, but it's worth documenting that mappers may do this.)
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related to 0004414 resolvedduzenko See if skybox can be rendered faster 
related to 0005365 closedduzenko Portal Sky has been partially broken since 2.05 




15.10.2017 17:22


portalsky.png (213,407 bytes)   
portalsky.png (213,407 bytes)   


26.12.2020 13:33

reporter   ~0013234

this can prolly be closed now.

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