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0005365The Dark ModGraphicspublic07.11.2020 17:28
ReporterAluminumHaste Assigned Toduzenko  
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Product VersionTDM 2.08 
Target VersionTDM 2.09Fixed in VersionTDM 2.08 
Summary0005365: Portal Sky has been partially broken since 2.05

Issue is that unless a brush touches another brush or is part of a brush touching the void, portal_sky renders nothing.
In 2.08 and SVN:

In 2.04:

Test Map below.
There were some changes for 2.05 that dealt directly with skyboxes: "duzenko Optimize Skybox rendering by changing it's render order (takes better advantage of hierarchical-z)"
Steps To ReproduceI've attached a small test map.
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related to 0004635 new New portalSky method is see-through like caulk skies... which isn't always desirable 
child of 0004414 resolvedduzenko See if skybox can be rendered faster 




23.10.2020 19:35

developer   ~0012821

Uploaded better example map (47,193 bytes)


23.10.2020 20:02

developer   ~0012822

Works with g_enablePortalSky 1


24.10.2020 07:16

developer   ~0012823

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The idea behind the sky optimization is, there's nothing behind it
The sky in your test map actually renders, but at infinity and get overdrawn by the room floor afterwards
Use r_subviewOnly 1 to check
Do you want something like Prey 2005 portals?


24.10.2020 12:12

developer   ~0012824

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In my map I have a hole in the cave ceiling that moonlight streams in from.
In the attached picture you can see it circled in red.

This worked just fine up until 2.05, don't know why I didn't notice it not working before this though.

EDIT: Also yes, it would be something I was going to use in this map also for a portal effect.
holeincave.jpg (586,783 bytes)


24.10.2020 18:31

developer   ~0012825

I think as long as nothing overlaps the sky from behind you should be good
If you do have something at the back then we can discuss this as a new feature but it's not a skybox by definition


25.10.2020 13:10

developer   ~0012826

In the picture I posted, you can see circled in red, that the skybox I made is floating in the map, it's not touching an outside wall.

I recorded a quick video in game:


25.10.2020 17:32

reporter   ~0012829

To make a proper skybox, you realign the borders of that big room so the other cube with skyportal material has its walls next to the void, with nothing else between.


25.10.2020 18:13

developer   ~0012830

@Judith that's how it works now, but up until v2.05 it didn't work that way, you could have a skyportal on any face anywhere in your map and get the desired effect.


25.10.2020 18:25

reporter   ~0012831

Then it was like some other sort of a camera, I guess. Current skybox implementation is "by-the-book", and in line with how it works in other engines with subtractive geometry, where skybox was basically rendered instead of the void, and the skyportal was mostly just an invisible material that let you show it.

IMO the feature you want should be made separate as another camera entity type.


26.10.2020 15:07

developer   ~0012833

To reiterate, I think what you want should be filed under feature request rather than bugs
But then again, if you just need a sky, it will be easier for everyone if you just slam it against the void


27.10.2020 12:51

developer   ~0012845

Okay, I'll do my best to modify the map to accommodate the optimizations


27.10.2020 12:57

developer   ~0012846

Closing bug report as it is working as intended.

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