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0004651The Dark ModPhysicspublic05.11.2017 16:25
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Target VersionTDM 2.06Fixed in VersionTDM 2.06 
Summary0004651: Mantling does not trigger (in New Job)
DescriptionSometimes mantling does not trigger, because collision is not found. As the result, player slides inside obstacle.
Steps To Reproduce1. Start "New Job" mission.
2. Go to "the awning beside the electrical tower, which allows you to get up on the roof."
3. Jump onto the awning while running.
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related to 0000652 closedSpringheel Mantle results in noclip through wall corner. 
related to 0004435 closedduzenko Investigate fp-precision related issues 




05.11.2017 04:10

administrator   ~0009549

Note that if you do not run when jumping, then mantling triggers properly. Perhaps some collision request fails when player model is touching the awning (just a guess).


05.11.2017 10:24

administrator   ~0009551

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In order to start mantling, a trace of very thin vertical cylinder against world is performed (see idPhysics_Player::MantleTargetTrace). Unfortunately, it fails in the current case (no collision is returned), hence mantling is not initiated, hence player flies into the awning.

In the considered case this trace must return edge-edge collision: vertical edge of the player's trm cylinder collides into the horizontal edge of the awning. Note that no other type of collision is present here: only edge-edge collision can be found.

The reason why the collision is not found is: the edges of the awning are considered "internal" by collision model manager.
The edge of collision model is considered internal when it is a reflex angle between two faces (or the two faces are coplanar and the edge goes inside the face). The internal edges are ignored in edge-edge collision detection as an optimization, because if it generates a collision, there must be some other (more relevant) collision present too.

There are two ways to prove that erroneous internal edges cause the issue:
1. Set "g_drawCollisionModels 1" and "cm_drawInternal 1". Now edges of collision models are drawn: internal ones are green, others are red. Notice that the awning consists of green edges (see attached screenshot NewJob_AwningMantle_InternalEdges).
2. Comment line 2930 in CollisionModel_load.cpp (FindInternalEdges call in idCollisionModelManagerLocal::FinishModel). Then the issue disappears.



05.11.2017 10:29




05.11.2017 10:36

administrator   ~0009552

As far as I understand, this model is:
And its def points to:
However, I don't know where collision model comes from...


05.11.2017 14:40

administrator   ~0009553

Ok, the problem is caused by double geometry: the problematic part of collision model contains two equal boxes. So this is double geometry, which causes problems in current collision models manager, according to comment in idCollisionModelManagerLocal::FindInternalEdgesOnPolygon:
    // FIXME: doubled geometry causes problems


05.11.2017 16:23

administrator   ~0009555

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Should be fixed now, at least for that specific model.



05.11.2017 16:25

administrator   ~0009557

The model was changed in rev 15062.
This issue can be closed.

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