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0000652The Dark ModCodingpublic05.11.2017 16:24
ReporterJdude Assigned ToSpringheel  
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Summary0000652: Mantle results in noclip through wall corner.
DescriptionOn the map near the graveyard at the start on the left outside, one can jump onto the balcony. When one manages to line up the jump correctly so they hit the outer edge of the railing the player's body goes through part of the wall and floats upward. This could potentially be a huge issue if it is re-producible in other mantling scenarios.
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related to 0004509 resolvedSTiFU Mantling a moving entity may make the player clip into world geometry when the mantle animation is finished 
related to 0004651 resolvedstgatilov Mantling does not trigger (in New Job) 




05.11.2017 16:24

administrator   ~0009556

This is ten years old...probably not relevant anymore?

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