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0004706DarkRadiantRendererpublic28.12.2017 16:21
ReporterJudith Assigned To 
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version2.4.0 
Summary0004706: Fog lights corrupt renderer lighting preview
DescriptionIf you have fog lights in your level (most mappers have), they will make renderer lighting preview mode look wrong. If the lighting preview can't display fog lights properly, it might be better to exclude them from the preview.
Steps To ReproducePlace a fog light in your map, switch perspective view to lighting preview mode.
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22.12.2017 08:46


DRFoglightPreview.jpg (150,498 bytes)   
DRFoglightPreview.jpg (150,498 bytes)   


28.12.2017 16:21

administrator   ~0009913

While I can't get it to render the foglight overly black as in your screenshot, I can confirm that foglights aren't the same in DR as they are in the engine.

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