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0004769The Dark ModCodingpublic08.08.2021 14:23
Reporterstgatilov Assigned Toduzenko  
Status assignedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionTDM 2.06 
Target VersionTDM 2.10Fixed in VersionTDM 2.10 
Summary0004769: Remove DirectInput --- last dependency on Windows SDK
DescriptionTDM does only one thing from DirectX, which is DirectInput.
It is long deprecated and its use is discouraged even by Microsoft.
It would be great to remove DirectInput on Windows, thus removing dependency on Windows SDK (previously on DirectX SDK).
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related to 0004768 resolvedstgatilov Support high-DPI mouse 




01.04.2018 17:19

administrator   ~0010344

Supposedly, this issue and related 0004768 can be tackled with a single change.


01.08.2021 14:03

developer   ~0014231

@stgatilov Is there more work to do here?


01.08.2021 16:52

administrator   ~0014233

Yes, I think TDM still links dinput8.lib, hence uses DirectInput.


04.08.2021 10:52

developer   ~0014237

Svn 9535 replaces DI with WM for mouse input


05.08.2021 13:00

developer   ~0014238

Svn rev 9536


05.08.2021 14:33

administrator   ~0014240

Last edited: 05.08.2021 14:33

Hey, please don't close issues!
Unless they were created erroneously.

If you finished an issue, mark it as "resolved".

P.S. Here is one reason for it: closed issues are not displayed in issues search by default.


05.08.2021 15:14

developer   ~0014241

@stgatilov, sorry, didn't know that


07.08.2021 08:24

administrator   ~0014246

I tested the new build.

The very first obvious problem is that now mouse movements take "acceleration" into account.
So when you move mouse slowly, it turns around slowly, but when you move it fast, then same displacement results in larger movement in-game.
In the main menu, acceleration is applied twice: one comes from the new mouse handling, and the second one is emulated in GUI code.

I'm afraid it must be fixed: first-person shooter with mouse acceleration is a terrible idea.


07.08.2021 09:02

developer   ~0014249

I can't repeat this
The GUI cursor seems to move the same distance for me as the physical device at its any speed


07.08.2021 10:04

administrator   ~0014250

Also, svn rev 9538 broke console commands for me.

If I open console with Ctrl+Alt+Tilde and write random letters for a long enough time, they are inserted after the first letter instead of being appended to the end.
If I open console with just Tilde (won't work on releases without cfg changes), then it works fine.


08.08.2021 06:56

developer   ~0014253

Perhaps I don't fully understand the problem as I can't repeat this one either
Soon enough the input fills up for me and no new chars are accepted


08.08.2021 11:02

administrator   ~0014254

Speaking of broken console.

It happens because "pressed" state of Ctrl button remains true even though I have released the key.
I logged WM_KEYDOWN and WM_KEYUP events as you handle them in Sys_StdKeyboardInput, and I see that keyup events are lost sometimes.
Perhaps this is related to pressing many keys at once.


08.08.2021 13:25

developer   ~0014258

This seems to resolve it:

        case WM_SYSKEYUP:


08.08.2021 14:17

administrator   ~0014259

Created discussion:


08.08.2021 14:23

administrator   ~0014261

I had to revert all the changes from this branch (rev 9548):
  r9533 removing DirectInput This commit deals with mouse input Converted DI to window messages The only possible issue is support for mice with 4+ buttons. WinAPI has WM codes for MS mouse additional buttons but is it universal for all mouse...
  r9534 removing DirectInput Fixed broken build for tools
  r9536 removed DirectInput
  r9538 removing DirectInput Included the Alt/Ctrl keys in regular processing
  r9541 removed remaining .h imports and DI data structures
  r9543. Cleaning after DirectInput removal.

Feel free to restore the changes back.
Although I think it is worth discussing this with Cabalistic --- that's why I created a forum thread =)

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