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0004789DarkRadiantGUIpublic05.09.2021 18:22
Reporteruser81Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionduplicate 
PlatformPC, Windows, x64OSWin 7/8OS VersionSp2/8.1
Product Version2.6.0 
Target Version2.11.0Fixed in Version2.11.0 
Summary0004789: Better searching - entity/textures/model/prefab/folder/inspector windows.
DescriptionAtm we can right click and add an object etc and when in those pop-up windows you can start to type the name of the entity/textures/model/prefab you want.

Steps To Reproduce1. The first issue is that the little search box is that it will only ever find the first instance, there is no option to search for any subsequent instances.

2. The second issue is you have the spell the file name exactly right, there is no wildcard searching.
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duplicate of 0003250 closedgreebo Extend Search-Feature of browsers 




01.05.2018 11:48

administrator   ~0010433

When the text box is there, you can use the arrow up/down keys to jump to the previous/next matching item.

I'm also pretty sure that you can do full-text searching, only a part of the string needs to match.

Btw, please don't set the status of new issues to "assigned". Only the ones who want to work on an issue should grab an issue and assign it to themselves (unless they ask somebody else to assign it). When I assign an issue this is roughly equal to saying "yes, I'm looking into that", and it's considered sort of locked.


01.05.2018 11:58


Last edited: 01.05.2018 11:58

Ah, I didn't know about the cursor key movement. Maybe because the little text box doesn't allow you to type in it and only appears when you type something that feels unintuitive?

On the new/assign - understood.



01.05.2018 12:01

administrator   ~0010435

It's admittedly not very intuitive, I was merely modeling the box after the one that was present in the previous GTK-based versions (and the type-to-find feature in Windows Explorer and other lists).

It's possible to add a more user-friendly entry box but this comes with the cost of spending screen space to a proper entry box and the problem of finding a good spot to put it. Having the type-ahead feature as it is now was quite practical as it applies to ALL the tree views in DarkRadiant without having to worry about where to put it (and without spending the work to actually put it somewhere in the first place).

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