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0004978The Dark ModGUIpublic26.02.2021 08:56
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Summary0004978: Review Mission Details for already downloaded missions
DescriptionWhen I decide which FM to play next, I like to have another look at the mission details and the screenshots. It would be nice if that were also possible for already downloaded missions, especially now that we have the "download all" button. You have all these missions available, but cannot look up the details on them.
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25.01.2019 11:16

developer   ~0011490

Do you mean you want to be able to see the same stuff (screenshots etc...) that you can see in the download menu in the install mission menu, too? Or do you want to be able to see the already downloaded missions in the download menu (visibility toggleable via a button) so you can see the details there?


26.01.2019 00:01

administrator   ~0011499

Last edited: 26.01.2019 00:02

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I assume he means in the New Mission list of downloaded missions. Currently, you have to install a mission in order to view the Mission synopsis. Is there any reason the mission has to be installed to do this, if you can see the same information in the Download menu without installing?



26.01.2019 06:36

developer   ~0011506

What I suggest goes more in Springheel's direction. However, the mission synopsis does not show the screenshots. I would like to be able to review those, too. I would leave the "installed mission" synopsis as is, to indicate clearly what is installed. Instead, a new button should be added below the New Missions list.


26.01.2019 09:45

developer   ~0011509

@Springheel: I am not quiet sure what you mean. There is no difference between the information provided for installed and not installed games. You can read the notes for both. Or is there anything else you are refering to?

@STiFU: That should be doable, although the question remains where to put it exactly. I see these options:

1. Add a new button "screenshots" that opens a gui previewing the screenshots upon clicking it.
2. Show the screenshots in the background of the mission synopsis. This might require rearranging the text shown a bit, so there is a bit more space.
3. Make the screenshot preview part of the "Notes" gui, requiring to alter it accordingly. Renaming the button might be suitable then either.

Personally I would favor 0000002.


26.01.2019 09:54

developer   ~0011511

Sorry, I've meant option number two. I haven't thought of the bugtracker automatically creating a link when using the hashtag symbol. :D


26.01.2019 14:18

administrator   ~0011513

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"There is no difference between the information provided for installed and not installed games"

Wow, chalk that up to a major brain fart. Of course you're right.

We should probably discuss this in the forums so it's easier to post images of alternate versions. This will also be affected by any efforts to streamline loading new missions.



26.02.2021 08:24

developer   ~0013730

After working with the respective code pieces for quiet a while I assume that the best approach for getting the desired effect as well as possible future additions would be to merge the different code pieces. Currently each menu is more or less handled by a seperate piece of code, although all menus do basically the same (toggle visibility of gui codes, recieve button commands, perform actions depending on the latter, etc..). This does make changes more difficult as they should be.

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