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0005035The Dark ModModelspublic11.05.2019 20:39
ReporterVanishedOneAssigned To 
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Product VersionTDM 2.07 
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Summary0005035: tea_tray_silver2.ase/bc_teatray issues
Descriptionmodels/darkmod/kitchen/tea_tray_silver2.ase has no underside polygons, even though it isn't entirely flat. It uses the bc_teatray material, which isn't twosided (and that probably can't be worked around with a skin while 0002297 exists; of course the material decl could be overwritten but I'm not sure what else might be using bc_teatray).

Since the model isn't flat but has raised edges, there's a chance players will notice the missing underside even when the teatray is placed on a flat surface.

It also seems to cast a shadow onto the surface it's placed on only in shadow maps mode: something to do with stencil shadows being cast from back faces?

Also, bc_teatray uses the global mirror keyword but isn't reflective anymore. I think the global keyword may have been broken by 0004615 changes: see comments under 0004632
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