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0005035The Dark ModModelspublic05.02.2021 16:50
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Product VersionTDM 2.07 
Summary0005035: tea_tray_silver2.ase/bc_teatray issues
Descriptionmodels/darkmod/kitchen/tea_tray_silver2.ase has no underside polygons, even though it isn't entirely flat. It uses the bc_teatray material, which isn't twosided (and that probably can't be worked around with a skin while 0002297 exists; of course the material decl could be overwritten but I'm not sure what else might be using bc_teatray).

Since the model isn't flat but has raised edges, there's a chance players will notice the missing underside even when the teatray is placed on a flat surface.

Also, bc_teatray uses the global mirror keyword but isn't reflective anymore. I think the global keyword may have been broken by 0004615 changes: see comments under 0004632
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03.09.2019 16:27

reporter   ~0011833

Removed the bit about shadows after realising the model doesn't cast stencil shadows because it's using an alphatested material.

From what I've observed, alphatested materials don't cast shadow maps if they're twosided; I don't know whether that's id's twosided-implies-noshadows rule ( - 'Implies no-shadows, because the shadow volume would be coplanar with the surface, giving depth fighting') or something specific to shadow map mode, but at any rate, it implies that making the material twosided would make the teatray non-shadowcasting in maps mode as well as stencil mode. But then making a mirror material twosided probably wouldn't be a great idea anyway. It would presumably be better if the model had separate (non-mirror) underside faces, allowing it to cast a shadow map from either side.


18.08.2020 21:46

reporter   ~0012745

In 2.08 bc_teatray seems to be showing the portalsky subrender (if there is one) where the reflection should be.


16.12.2020 22:17

developer   ~0013148

Same bug seen here as well:

Move to 2.10 ?


26.12.2020 12:54

reporter   ~0013230

I think this is the same bug mentioned -

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