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0005051The Dark ModDef / Setuppublic09.09.2019 00:58
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Product VersionTDM 2.07 
Summary0005051: Inherited rotation gets automatically overwritten on door classes
DescriptionWhen you create a rotating door, the default rotation isn't just inherited but explicitly set to 0 90 0 for that entity. I think that's because atdm:mover_door includes "editor_setKeyValue rotate" "0 90 0".

Entity classes that inherit from atdm:mover_door sometimes set their own values for "rotate", but typically don't override "editor_setKeyValue rotate", so the value they set is never actually inherited by an entity unless the mapper deletes the spawnarg from the entity.

A particularly odd case is that of atdm:mover_metal_cabinetdoor_l and atdm:mover_metal_cabinetdoor_r. They do set an editor value for translate of 0 0 0, which is unnecessary. They don't set one for rotate, so they get the atdm:mover_door default. This overrides the value they do have for rotate - which is 0 0 100 for both, resulting in a completely wrong rotation. And since they're a left and right pair, it's obvious the same rotation can't be correct for both.
Additional InformationThe situation is better for sliding doors: atdm:mover_door_sliding sets the editor value to 0 0 0, and atdm:dresser_04_drawer supplies its own editor value for translation. atdm:mover_door_industrial01_grate also handles this correctly, though oddly enough it doesn't inherit from atdm:mover_door_sliding.
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