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0005063The Dark ModGraphicspublic07.05.2020 16:29
Reporterstgatilov Assigned Tocabalistic  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
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Target VersionTDM 2.08Fixed in VersionTDM 2.08 
Summary0005063: Soft shadows not always enabled
DescriptionStrangely enough, soft shadows don't always take effect when they should.
Sometimes changing settings in menu and even setting cvars don't take effect.
Only after some serious effort of switching back and forth between stencil/shadow and hard/soft soft shadows start working properly.
Steps To ReproduceTODO: find a reliable way to reproduce...
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related to 0004917 resolvedcabalistic vid_restart causes buggy shadow map overlays when new shadow map feature is activated 




29.12.2019 10:40

developer   ~0011963

@stgatilov is this reproducible? I would reassign back to you until it is


29.12.2019 12:02

administrator   ~0011973

Last edited: 29.12.2019 12:03

Here is how it can be reproduced:
1) Set shadows to Stencil, softness to Off.
2) Restart TDM afresh and start any FM.
3) Go to menu and set softness to Medium. Check it in-game.
4) Go to menu again and set shadows to Maps. Check it in-game.
In the last case, shadow maps are hard.

Looking at the issue description, it seems that I had even greater problems when I wrote it.
But I tried hard to reproduce it with no success.
The case I described here is the only one I know of.



29.12.2019 13:13

developer   ~0011977

Last edited: 29.12.2019 13:14

The softShadowsSamples uniform not set for the shadow map shader? (It thinks that it is, but g_softShadowsSamples was set for the stencil shader)



02.05.2020 22:28

developer   ~0012447

Revision 8704 fixes the issue for me, at least in the reproduction steps outlined by stgatilov.

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