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0005100DarkRadiantGUIpublic19.08.2022 05:39
ReporterBikerdude Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionno change required 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version8.1
Product Version2.6.0 
Summary0005100: Middle-mouse click on a texture on a patch/brush face to move texture inspector to said texture
DescriptionSometimes DR will randomly stop targeting (I assume that the right description) the texture in, texture inspector. The caveat is this has only happened once since using 2.7.0pre2 and the only fix was to restart, so this maybe be the issue of having a large map opened in DR for few hours causing this...
Steps To Reproduce- Open DR.
- Open a map or create a brush.
- Select and highlight a face on a brush>
-- then click on the face on a brush.
-- middle mouse button click on face of brush.
- Go back to texture inspector>
-- and Dr is then not showing the highlighted texture.
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related to 0005533 closedgreebo Pick Shader via MMB not working. 




08.11.2020 20:02

reporter   ~0012873

Since 2.8, a related issue has started happening thats close enough to this one I figured I would post it in this tracker.

After a relatively short period of time (minutes rather than hours) middle mouse clicking on a selected face will not take you to the texture in media inspector.


18.07.2022 10:09

reporter   ~0015063

I think this can be closed, as its possible I had a key letter/word search still visible.

The only very minor issue that still pressent, is that when you MMB click the testure you want to find the result isnt center in the middle of the texture sinspector window.

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