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0005204The Dark ModModelspublic21.06.2020 09:40
ReporterDragofer Assigned ToDragofer  
Status resolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product VersionTDM 2.08 
Target VersionTDM 2.08Fixed in VersionTDM 2.08 
Summary0005204: 2.08 beta issues with new assets
DescriptionThis is to keep track of any issues with new 2.08 assets found during beta testing.

Open issues from
- Blackened custom Dragofer lamps in Down by the Riverside (

Fixed issues:
- Covered furniture assets missing?
- Werebeast assets confusion
- Many errors on clothed zombie
- Cannot spawn werebeast
- A pack of assets with missing textures by Goldwell
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parent of 0005184 resolvedDragofer Issues with new manbeast/werebeast/zombie assets 
parent of 0004004 resolvedDragofer Covered models 
related to 0005271 resolvedDragofer Missing texture - models/darkmod/loot/jewellery/lionhead_amulet.lwo 




30.03.2020 21:13

developer   ~0012326

I wasn't able to reproduce blackened custom Dragofer lamps in Down by the Riverside on my 2.08 beta build.


30.05.2020 21:22

developer   ~0012580

As per, all but one of the issues tracked in this ticket have been resolved.

Only one issue remains: blackened non-extinguishable lamps (indicating a skin bug), which was reported a second time recently on a freshly downloaded FM & 2.08 beta ( It could be a corrupted download because:
1) I can't reproduce this with a fresh download of the FM on 2.08b6 or SVN.
2) nbohr1more was able to fix his case by redownloading the FM.


01.06.2020 12:34

developer   ~0012581

Are all the Kingsal assets fixed?


11.06.2020 06:59

reporter   ~0012612

Regarding the missing texture from - textures/darkmod/map_specific/blackheart_manor/loot/blackheart_amulet

Following on from Nbohr1more's note on #12611, Dragofer believes the missing textures is on the main SVN trunk.


19.06.2020 10:51

developer   ~0012622

Was able to reproduce the blackened non-extinguishable lamps on an old download of Down by the Riverside. Putting double quotations into the skin defs has fixed that, but the problem didnt return when I removed the quotation marks again. A fresh download had no problems with the lamps.

So the black lamps seem to be a problem that occurs sporadically when double quotation marks are missing on skin file paths that require them (i.e. “non-extinguishable” lamp models).


21.06.2020 09:40

developer   ~0012632

Can’t reliably reproduce the blackened non-extinguishable lamps in Down by the Riverside. Seems to get fixed by re-downloading the FM or reloading decls.

Setting the ticket to resolved.

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