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0005241The Dark ModCodingpublic23.09.2023 09:36
ReporterBikerdude Assigned Tostgatilov  
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10
Product VersionTDM 2.10 
Summary0005241: Stencil shadows not compataible with see-through textures:
DescriptionThe two example textures I tried were -

- textures/darkmod/metal/grate/grate_mesh_seethru
- textures/darkmod/metal/grate/trans_grating01

With stencil shadows enabled, light doesn't pass through, you just get full shadows as if a non transparent surface was there.

To get them to cast shadows correctly as per the texture shape (as in through a grate with holes in it), you have to enable maps shadows.
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related to 0006321 new Weird textures issue w/SVN (TDM 2.12) 




04.05.2020 13:38




02.12.2020 16:42

reporter   ~0013075

Any ideas on what this could be? so I can try and provide some trouble shooting.


03.12.2020 17:08

developer   ~0013086

Stencil Shadows cannot do transparent shadows.

We could make it so that shadow maps render just for transparent objects so we would have a hybrid scenario.

We already do have a hybrid thing happening when using shadow maps because lights that are too large
for shadow maps become stencil shadows.


03.12.2020 17:22

administrator   ~0013087

Hey, guys... why me? =)


03.12.2020 18:10

developer   ~0013088

Last edited: 03.12.2020 18:12

Well... I can look at what Duzenko did for the hybrid behavior for shadow maps but I recall that you were pretty
vocal about this topic so I didn't want to do something that isn't kosher.

A while back, I speculated about using an inverted stencil mask and arranging the transparent occluders as
a light texture for a re-projection of the same lights but I think the idea was deemed too expensive (and I don't have the chops
to do it anyway).


03.12.2020 18:51

reporter   ~0013089

Well what ever you guys come up with, I am happy to user-test it from my end.


23.09.2023 09:36

reporter   ~0016080

Still present in the latest SVN version.

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