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0005249The Dark ModGUIpublic10.05.2020 21:38
Reporterjoebarnin Assigned To 
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Summary0005249: Some mission names are not displayed well in the Start mission screen
DescriptionDepending on the length of the mission name and how it wraps, names sometimes display too wide (see attached example, "Cleaning up the Neighbourhood"). It looks like the problem is with mainmenu_newgame.gui, specifically this:

        windowDef InstalledModTitle
            rect 0, 45, 280, 50
            text "gui::currentModName"
            forecolor 0.4,0,0,1
            textscale 0.35
            textalign 1
            font "fonts/carleton"

The rectangle that the mod name fits into is the entire width of the overall rectange (0-280). Depending on how the string wraps, this may or may not result in content beyond the edge of the rectangle. I think something like "rect 15, 45, 250, 50" works better - the content always fits on the "paper" graphic
Steps To ReproduceIn darkmod.txt, give the mod a name of "Cleaning up the Neighbourhood". Install the mission and select New Mission.
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