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0005421DarkRadiantGUIpublic25.06.2021 04:50
ReporterDragofer Assigned Togreebo  
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Product Version2.8.0 
Fixed in Version2.9.0 
Summary0005421: Deleting multiple properties adds multiple events to undo queue
DescriptionIt's possible to highlight multiple spawnargs in the entity inspector and right-click > cut (or now also delete) to delete them all in one go. However, pressing undo only restores one property at a time.

This makes it more difficult to get back to the state before the properties were deleted, since the mapper needs to monitor the entity inspector to ensure all properties have been restored.
Steps To Reproduce1) Create an entity, i.e. a stagecoach model.
2) Select multiple spawnargs in the entity inspector and right-click > cut or delete.
3) Press ctrl - z. Only one spawnarg has been restored.
Additional InformationI haven't had a chance to test or try 2.9 yet so it's possible you've already fixed this while resolving:
0005290: [GUI] 'Delete property' is greyed out when multiple properties are selected
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related to 0005290 closedgreebo 'Delete property' is greyed out when multiple properties are selected 




19.11.2020 03:35

administrator   ~0012986

Yes, I just checked, this issue is not occurring in 2.9.0 anymore.

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