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0005427The Dark ModGraphicspublic22.11.2020 12:08
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Product VersionTDM 2.08 
Summary0005427: Move Frob-Highlight to GLSL
DescriptionCurrently, material stages are used to implement frob-highlight, which was a neccessity back when we didn't have access to the engine source-code.

This method has various drawbacks:
-Writing the frob-highlight stage is easily forgotten -> Errorprone
-Frob-Highlight stage can be incorrect -> Errorprone
-Obfuscates/clutters up material definition

Moving to a GLSL shader avoids these issues and also opens the door for different types of frob-Highlight, as the simple ambient increase also has its drawbacks (you cannot see the frob highlight well in strongly lit areas).
Additional InformationAfter moving frob highlight to GLSL, we should also remove the frob-highlight stage from all existing materials and change the wiki accordingly.
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