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0005533DarkRadiantGUIpublic18.10.2021 19:09
ReporterBikerdude Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version8.1
Product Version2.11.0 
Summary0005533: Pick Shader via MMB not working.
DescriptionPressing the MMB / Pick shader will just randomly stop working for a while and then start working for a while. Is there anything I can run in the console that will help you identify what isn't happening..?

I have set the reproducibility to always, as it will always either be working or not working
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13.05.2021 08:11

reporter   ~0014002

An update on this issue:

I think the issue is centred around the 'hide unused' shaders function and the whether or not a shader is also being hidden by a layer.

@Greebo, would you like me to make a short vid of the issue..?


13.05.2021 09:08

administrator   ~0014003

Not sure if a video is going to help, but if the layers or filtering or other settings are affecting this feature, this would be valuable information of course. Not sure how the layering should affect it, since you can't MMB-pick a material if it's not visible in the first place?


03.07.2021 09:52

reporter   ~0014144

This is still an issue and when I get around to it, I will try and narrow down whats causing it.


11.09.2021 14:47

reporter   ~0014351

Still seems to be happening sometimes in 2.13. No clue here what might be triggering it.


07.10.2021 19:13

reporter   ~0014416

Happen to me when I select a func_static, press ctrl+shift+h to hide deselected, reverse the func_static to worldsapwn then the issue appear, MMB can't copy or past shader


15.10.2021 12:25

reporter   ~0014435

Ive not been able to narrow down a way to make this happen on demand, toggling hide unused textures off/on sometimes helps but it not predictable.


18.10.2021 10:19

reporter   ~0014437

@Greebo, found something that might help. I have found that once DR (2.12) has been open for 1-2hrs, if hide unused option is clicked, DR is not showing in-use textures.


18.10.2021 17:03

administrator   ~0014438

Ok, but how is the Hide Unused option related to the MMB pick shader bug?


18.10.2021 17:07

reporter   ~0014439

Because its not reliably working, sometimes to get MMb to work i have to turn off, then when it breaks again i turn it on and round and round I go.


18.10.2021 17:33

administrator   ~0014440

Can you specify what exactly is not working when you hit the MMB? What are you expecting and what does DR do or not do instead?


18.10.2021 19:09

reporter   ~0014441

For me, I kinda remember it's the Paste Shader (Ctrl-MMB) part that stops working, rather than the Copy Shader (MMB). But it's been awhile, since I'm avoiding these unreliable MMB shortcuts.

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