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0005798DarkRadiantGUIpublic18.07.2022 09:53
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10 (21H1)
Product Version2.14.0 
Summary0005798: Texture rotation and fit on patches broken on 2.14
DescriptionIf you have a patch and you rotate a texture, under 2.12 the mapper could flick on fit and it would fit on vertically or horizontally. Under 2.14 this function is broken. There is now a new button next to the 'Fit' button on Surface inspector, which Im guessing is support to address this issue, but it doesn't appear to do anything.

I have created a video that hopefully shows the issue -
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has duplicate 0005821 closed Cant rotate and fit a texture on brushes & patches: 
related to 0005802 new Texture fitting on patches to work the same as it does on brushes. 




05.11.2021 14:37

administrator   ~0014504

I didn't understand the point about the rotation and fitting, I have to watch the video again once or twice. But note that I don't think I've changed anything in that area.


05.11.2021 14:47

reporter   ~0014506

Under 2.12 the mapper is always able to get the texture to fit after rotating, but under 2.14 this is not possible.


05.11.2021 16:10

administrator   ~0014509

Ok, I can definitely confirm that the Patch fitting behaviour has not been changed between 2.12 and 2.14.

The behaviour you want to have is that fitting textures on patches worked the same way as brushes, as in keeping the rotation they had before you click the Fit button, am I correct? If yes, this entry is basically a feature request, and I can maybe do that after 2.14 is out.


05.11.2021 17:24

reporter   ~0014513

Last edited: 05.11.2021 17:30

The issue that isn't present in 2.12 that is in 2.14, is -

- that when a texture is 1:1 'fit' to the patch , as in the Fit button is pressed. Then the textures is rotated, under 2.12 the texture will sit the shape of the patch 1:1, in vertical or horizontal alignment.
- under 2.14 when a texture is 1:1 fit to the patch, then rotated it does not maintain that 1:1 fit like ti does under 2.12.

And lastly, the way textures can be fit on brushes was a side comment, I will log a separate feature request for that.


21.11.2021 11:17

reporter   ~0014560

Another video of the issue -


29.11.2021 10:45

reporter   ~0014579

Updated the tracker as this issue is still present in the release version of 2.14.


07.05.2022 11:10

reporter   ~0014823

Issue still present in 3.0pre5

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