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0005868The Dark ModGraphicspublic24.04.2023 17:16
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Product VersionTDM 2.10 
Target VersionTDM 2.12Fixed in VersionTDM 2.12 
Summary0005868: Interactions rendering with polygonOffset
DescriptionRight now interactions rendering never enables polygonOffset.
Usually polygonOffset is applied to patch-surfaces which are exactly on a solid surface (mappers call such patches "decals").
However, if such surface has complicated material (for instance, has specularmap), then polygonOffset does not fix depth fighting.

A major example of this issue is stain01bwet material, which is used in Stain Lucia map.
It was used long time ago because its specular map did not work.
And when it started working, depth fighting happened.
Steps To Reproduce1) Uncomment "specularmap textures/decals/stain01b_s.tga" in
2) Run Saint Lucia and go to the statue.
3) Observe depth fighting on the floor as you move or rotate camera.

Note: most likely you should NOT commit the updated stain01bwet material even after this is fixed.
Leaving _black specular map results in proper appearance --- the one which was in TDM 2.00.
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24.04.2023 17:15

administrator   ~0016002

With svn rev 10373, polygonoffset is used in interactions rendering.
Also with svn rev 10364 in 0006271, fog/blend lights support all depth tweaks too.

So at this moment with "r_useNewShaderPasses 2", all surface rendering uses the same ApplyDepthTweaks wrapper:
  Depth (svn rev 10374)
which means that polygon offset and weapon depth hack are processed everywhere and no depth fighting should even happen.

I also tested it on Saint Lucia floor with tweaked stain01bwet.

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