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0006079DarkRadiantScriptingpublic23.08.2022 15:10
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Product Version3.1.0 
Summary0006079: Save Python scripts in .darkradiant file
DescriptionThe DR Python script interface has been used recently to make a series of specialised test maps for 0006019. However, the scripts have to be stored externally and pasted into the interface with the respective test map loaded. It'd be convenient if it were possible to save a script with the map so that one just needs to open the map and click the 'Run Script' button.
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22.08.2022 04:48

administrator   ~0015202

Why not saving them independently from the map, somewhere in the user settings folder? I imagine remembering which test map I've been using a custom script could be cumbersome, and often scripts might not be that map-specific after all.


22.08.2022 05:46

developer   ~0015203

Last edited: 22.08.2022 05:52

For myself that's fine (having the scripts accessible from within DR instead of importing them from externally), but it'd be good if the test maps were as accessible as possible to other devs who are working with SVN. Would be great if the script could just be appended to the .darkradiant file and put into the script interface when the map loads.

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