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0006099The Dark ModCodingpublic17.09.2022 18:45
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Product VersionTDM 2.05 
Target VersionTDM 2.11 
Summary0006099: Entity bounds not conservative for animated models
DescriptionAll models have so-called "referenceBounds", which are used for culling.
In case of animated models, these bounds help doing the culling without doing expensive evaluation of the whole mesh.
Of course, these bounds must be conservative, i.e. fully contain the model at all time.
That's what is broken right now.

I have verified that this is broken since at least TDM 2.05.
I won't be surprised if this is broken forever =)
Steps To ReproduceStart bakery_job FM, come close to the woman AI.
Perhaps you want to set "g_stopTime 1" to ensure she does not move.

Then there are three ways to see the problem:

A) Set "r_useEntityScissors 1".
You can see a hole in woman's neck under some angles, and you can see background through it.
That's the main reason why entity scissors were & are disabled!

B) After you know where to look, you can reproduce the same problem with culling (without scissors).
Slowly rotate camera down, and a some moment you'll see how neck disappears and you see background.

C) Set "r_checkBounds 1".
You'll see a lot of messages about wrong bounds for various models, including the woman.
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