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0006339The Dark ModGUIpublic20.04.2024 15:01
ReporterDragofer Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product VersionTDM 2.11 
Target VersionTDM 2.13 
Summary0006339: Polishing menus: mission downloader
DescriptionA few things could use polishing in the mission downloader to improve TDM's (initial) presentation, see also the attached screenshot:
- misalignment of mission entries towards the bottom of the list (already reported in 0006337).
- the black side bar and its circle on the right of the downloadable mission list are very blurry looking.
- mission titles don't fit the available space, at least in the "Selected for Download" list. Widening the field will have the added benefit of allowing sorting on more parameters (see below and comment).
- the grey selection box isn't wide enough to contain missions with very long titles.
- the mission downloader prefers screenshots in 800 x 600 resolution, last I checked. The screenshots box probably doesn't take up more than that on a 1080p computer screen, but probably looks blurry on higher resolutions. If we raise this we will probably have to use AI to upscale all our existing screenshots.
- if a mission is selected for download it should in my opinion no longer be selectable or shown in the downloadable missions list. (slightly related to 0006368)
- improve sorting:
-- It is not clear that "Sorted By Date" is clickable.
-- The default is "Sorted By Date". Should default be "Sort by Title" instead?
-- The user selection of "Sort by Title"/"Sorted By Date" is reset when restarting TDM. This selection should be saved.
-- A user may want to sort missions by other parameters (size, author, series and order, license, etc).
-- Sorting by title can be done in at least two ways (no clear consensus on a solution yet):
--- "A Tale of Two Cities"
--- "Tale of Two Cities, A". The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) recommends placing initial articles (The, A, An) at the end of the full title: "A Tale of Two Cities" would appear as "Tale of Two Cities, A". Titles do not include subtitles unless they are essential for identification. If a subtitle is included, the initial article should be placed at the end of the full title, not before the subtitle. (
- Use consistent titles between menus. Currently, a mission is listed as "Thomas Porter 0: Mandrasola" in the "Mission Archive - Downloadable Missions, but is listed as only "Mandrasola" in "Mission List - Available Missions".

We might also want to improve the quality of our menu and parchment textures. That's a wider issue though, and we might decide to transition to a parchment-free menu.
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29.12.2023 15:47

reporter   ~0016292

Consider using the entire screen width for the list of mission entries (and place the queue below it). That way more columns with values (author, voice, date/version, size) can be shown and user can sort the list by them.


23.01.2024 13:37

reporter   ~0016416

"Sorted By Date" is something I don't like but is forced on me without input. If I set it to alphabetic sorting, it's reverted back when you restart TDM. This should be saved, or be alphabetic sorting should be default, because it is everywhere else. Apart from anoying (to me), it's also incosistant.


23.01.2024 13:45

reporter   ~0016417

"The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) recommends placing initial articles (The, A, An) at the end of the full title: "A Tale of Two Cities" would appear as "Tale of Two Cities, A"."

I strongly disagree with this.

It should be:

"A Tale of Two Cities", because that is the title. The A at the start is an integral part of the title. moving that to the end is like spitting in the face of the mission-author (sorry for the strong wording).


23.01.2024 13:55

reporter   ~0016418

See also topic:

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