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0006357The Dark ModDesign/Codingpublic10.04.2024 12:38
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10 (21H2)
Summary0006357: Volumetric light shadows broken in Written In Stone Memorial:
Description@nbohr1more suggested trying "r_shadowMapAlphaTested 1" in the console, which temporarily resolves the issue.
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related to 0006321 resolvedstgatilov Weird textures issue w/SVN (TDM 2.12) 




23.12.2023 18:16

administrator   ~0016271

What about coordinates?


23.12.2023 19:11

administrator   ~0016274

3344.47 832.73 72.02 -4.0 -96.1 0.0


23.12.2023 19:33

administrator   ~0016275

This issue happens only when Stencil shadows are selected in graphical settings.

The reason is "volumetric_noshadows" set to "-1" on "sun_light".
It means that the engine can drop shadows for this volumetric light if needed.
Which is probably the right decision, because this scene looks better with non-shadowed volumetric lights than without volumetric lights?...

I suppose that this spawnarg was added in this mission because otherwise volumetric light would get removed in 2.10.
Then in 2.11 I implemented some logic to automatically switch lights with volumetrics to shadow volumes even if player uses stencil shadows in general.
But the logic of "volumetric_noshadows" "-1" was not changed: shadows are dropped for them on stencil shadows settings.

The question is how to proceed.
Should be change "volumetric_noshadows" "-1" and make it the same as "volumetric_noshadows" "0" ?
Or should we retain the current mechanic and remove the keyword from the mission?


23.12.2023 19:34

administrator   ~0016276

All missions using this "-1" value:


29.12.2023 11:31

reporter   ~0016290


- WIS, I set volumetric_noshadows to zero in in the memorial and it now works and looks as I intended with Maps and Stencil shadows.
- Seeking, the reason I set -1 was for the VL lights I used as glow on the fireplaces. But testing it with is set 0 has no change on visual

So both of these can be set to 0 from -1 imho.


10.04.2024 12:38

reporter   ~0016628

adding "seta r_shadowMapAlphaTested "1" to the autoexec.cfg is a work around for this issue.

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