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0006407The Dark ModDef / Setuppublic08.04.2024 23:29
ReporterFiver Assigned To 
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PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Version11 Bullseye
Product VersionTDM 2.11 
Summary0006407: Unexpected object rotation in direction pitch for gamepad
DescriptionWhen rotating an object in direction pitch (like nodding a head) it moves in the opposite direction from what is expected.

The comment 0001453:0002190 describes the current function (at least in 2008) as being analogous to the object being inside a trackball, and that seems like an intuitive solution. Direction yaw follows that analogy. Issue 0001453 was closed with no change, and from that it would seem that the trackball analogy is still valid. Rotation using z+mouse works as expected in all directions, and as described in 0001453.

If this defect is unique to control via gamepad, then perhaps the root cause is that direction up/down for rotation have been switched for gampad control?

Updating Darkmod.cfg variable "padInverseRY" to "1" makes rotation of object in pitch direction look right, but then regular movements of the player's head are reversed.

Reproduced on TDM 2.12/64 #10584 (beta212-01).

* Change so that pitch rotation also works as the trackball-analogy. Hopefully it is something as simple as reversing two +/- signs to resolve this.
Steps To Reproduce* Use a gamepad and rotate object using manipulate+right_stick.
* right_stick_up and right_stick_down to rotate in direction pitch will not follow trackball analogy (unexpected)
* right_stick_left and right_stick_right to rotate in direction yaw will follow trackball analogy (expected)
Tagsgame controls, gamepad, rotation


related to 0001453 resolvedIshtvan Grabber: rotation is backward on Z axis - right should be clockwise, left should be counterclckwz 
related to 0006518 new Add setting to control player's rotation similar to objects' rotation 




01.01.2024 13:37

reporter   ~0016311

I am unable to test rotation on keyboard or mouse since it does not work for me. Or I am unable to figure out how it works. Since I suspect this is gamepad related, I have tagged this issue "gamepad".


26.01.2024 06:20

reporter   ~0016438

I have now updated this issue to say that it works as expected when using a mouse. I have also reported 0006463: Cannot rotate objects using touchpad, which was the reason I could not get rotation to work as described in my previous comment.

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