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0000658The Dark ModCodingpublic28.12.2018 20:24
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Summary0000658: Highlight sharing with binders?
DescriptionLoad up the prefab: door_wood_3hinge_withhandles.pfb

In game, frob highlight the door and handles. Notice that the door and the assigned handle, both frob highlight. The third component, the handle connected with "bind" does not highlight. I tried using various "frobable" and "frob_peer" settings and relationships, but the result was always the same: if the second handle was frobable, it acted separately (and thus, "broke"); if the second handle was not frobable, and instead bound to the handle or door, it cannot highlight. Admittedly, a relatively minor issue (I wonder, would this be fixed with the highlighting AI heads fix?)

So the question: should frob highlight be propagated to binders? I'd imagine most of the time (but perhaps not all the time) this would be desirable.
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related to 0003118 closed AI heads not froblinghting when in grabber 




06.07.2008 07:35

administrator   ~0001440

Part of this problem has been resolved with automatic door handle setup. Do we still want to frob-highlight all binders?

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