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0000677The Dark ModPhysicspublic09.10.2015 18:03
ReporterSpringheel Assigned Totels  
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Summary0000677: Broken Arrow flinders spawn with no inertia/velocity
DescriptionBroken arrow pieces seem to be spawned with no velocity. They just sit there, occasionally clinging to the surface you just shot. Shoot a window and occasionally the broken piece just clings to the window, or at best just drops straight down, which looks highly unbelievable.

Ideally the arrow flinders should be given some slight velocity, either randomly or in the opposite direction of impact (like they're bouncing off).
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related to 0004230 resolvedgrayman Flinders spawning with no velocity 




19.11.2010 10:49

reporter   ~0003305

This seems to work reliable now, there where no reports from anyone in the last year that this issue still appears.

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