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0001073The Dark ModPhysicspublic15.06.2024 19:33
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Summary0001073: Butcher Knife & Kitchen Knife Levitating
DescriptionIf you rest the point of the kitchen knife or the end of the butcher knife on another moveable, like a turnip, they start levitating up for a while. [EDIT: Both objects levitate, the turnip underneath and the knife on top. I also think you have to drop the knife on, it may not start levitating if you carefully set it down]. They usually fall back down after 30 seconds or so. Is there something different about the clipmodels or physics settings on these moveabls?
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related to 0004435 closedduzenko Investigate fp-precision related issues 
related to 0000665 new Moveables stacked on top of eachother begin to levitate up 
related to 0003543 new Bad physics for small moveables 
related to 0006483 new Stacked moveables drop into each other after you touch them 




10.10.2017 01:53

developer   ~0009442

Still reproducible with the moveable_kitchen_knife_chef entity. I wasn't able to reproduce with the ornamental knife. The collision (mesh?) thickness is probably at the size boundary of the physics system. With the turnip, it clips through the blade sometimes.


28.03.2018 09:14


Are we sure its not just a bad collision mesh..?


31.12.2020 03:58

developer   ~0013325

g_showCollisionModels shows that the knife has flat triangles which may be confusing to the collision parser.

Otherwise the model appears to be solid.


01.01.2021 18:59

developer   ~0013342

@stgatilov: Is this fixable via changes to the physics code? If not, this should just be another asset fix tracker.


14.12.2022 02:54

developer   ~0015560

Still reproducible in 2.11


15.06.2024 19:33

developer   ~0016742

Still reproducible in 2.13 Dev 10800. Strangely variable. In one case I was able to watch the levitation reach the ceiling when another instance it stopped mid-air at ankle height...

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