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0000665The Dark ModPhysicspublic09.10.2017 14:06
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Summary0000665: Moveables stacked on top of eachother begin to levitate up
DescriptionIn the release map, I experienced some moveables levitating up by themselves after they were stacked on top of eachother (i.e., frob the item, place it on antoher item, hit frob again to let go, and both items rise up by themselves for several seconds, still in contact with eachother). I believe it was a piece of bread and a candlestick, but I'm not positive.
Additional InformationPossible cause: Is something wrong with Propagate Impulse, or was there a weight force and normal force added to moveables that somehow becomes unbalanced and creates a net upward force?
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related to 0001073 new Butcher Knife & Kitchen Knife Levitating 
related to 0004435 closedduzenko Investigate fp-precision related issues 




04.05.2008 13:45

developer   ~0001194

I have seen this effect only once, and I believe it was because the candle stick (and a knife) in my case was embedded into the other object after I did throw the knife onto the table with objects.

Definitely not added any forces etc.

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