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0004726The Dark ModDistributionpublic26.05.2020 02:09
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Product VersionTDM 2.06 
Target VersionTDM 2.09 
Summary0004726: Check I18N links on Mission web pages
DescriptionWe discovered that the Outpost mission web page declared there were no localization packs available, when the I18N status web page said several translations had been done.

Goldwell checked and discovered that there were indeed localization packs available.

He corrected the problem on the mission page.

We should examine all the missions to make sure that when they have localization packs, they're linked to on the mission web pages.
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30.01.2019 04:49

developer   ~0011524

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Tels had an old mirror with these but it seems that it's down.

However... Charisma over at the Darkfate community has packed
translated missions.

(These are newer as well.)

The packs here include override maps files, guis, xd files so they don't touch the original mission data. They just use TDM \ Doom 3's native override by naming convention.



26.05.2020 02:09

developer   ~0012560

This will wait until TDM architecture has settled down a bit.

Because of major engine changes, replacement materials, defs, and shaders are being applied to old maps
and the translations may revert these changes.

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