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0004992The Dark ModSoundpublic01.04.2020 08:11
ReporterSTiFU Assigned To 
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product VersionTDM 2.08 
Summary0004992: Add swim burst sounds for various speeds and especially for underwater
DescriptionParent issue 0003550 added uneven swimming speed and swim burst sounds are played.

The current sounds have two issues:
1) They are independent of swim speed. The current sounds work reasonably well for "walk"/"creep" swimming speed, but are not so suitable for the "run" swimming speed. For the latter, something like this would be preferred:
2) The sounds are unsuitable for underwater, which is why I have added an empty placeholder for underwater bursts. Maybe a simple low-pass applied to the sounds above would be sufficient.
Additional Informationtdm_player_thief.def:

// stifu 0003550 - sounds for uneven swimming speed bursts
"snd_swim_burst_run" "tdm_swim_burst"
"snd_swim_burst_walk" "tdm_swim_burst"
"snd_swim_burst_creep" "tdm_swim_burst"
"snd_swim_burst_run_underwater" "tdm_swim_burst_underwater"
"snd_swim_burst_walk_underwater" "tdm_swim_burst_underwater"
"snd_swim_burst_creep_underwater" "tdm_swim_burst_underwater"


    description "STiFU: Sounds for swimming burst."
    volume -20
    editor_displayFolder sfx/movement

    // STiFU: This is just placeholder
    description "STiFU: Underwater swimming burst"
    volume -20
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has duplicate 0000695 closed Swim sounds -- some needed, some needing removing 
related to 0004477 closedSTiFU Player swimming sounds in 2.05 
child of 0003550 resolvedSTiFU Add uneven speed to swimming 




15.02.2019 22:01

administrator   ~0011603

Last edited: 15.02.2019 22:06

I'm working on these, but what is the difference between "swim burst" and "swim burst underwater"? Can you swim if not underwater?

edit: Ah, I don't think I've ever tried swimming on the surface before. Interesting.



15.02.2019 22:11

administrator   ~0011604

Last edited: 16.02.2019 01:39

Ok, try out the swimming sounds I added and see what you think. I've added new sounds for swimming underwater, for swimming on the surface, and swim-running on the surface. There are also new soundshaders for swim-running underwater and swim-creeping on the surface, though these are just the same sounds with different volumes.

I've also added the necessary lines for swimming noises on the surface to be heard by AI (if the player is swimming underwater I don't think AI could or should hear that).

(btw I left these as stereo so they'll be omnidirectional)



17.02.2019 15:42

developer   ~0011614

Last edited: 17.02.2019 17:57

Thanks for picking that task up so quickly. Here are my comments
- The surface sounds work pretty well. Good work! The swim_burst_run sounds are maybe a little bit too strong, but it's ok. We could try to tune down the volume a little further.
- The underwater sounds could do with a little more work, to be honest. player_swim_burst03 is pretty good, but the other two contain a lot of noise and sound a bit as if they had a low quality encoding. Furthermore, they both contain a high "hick" sound at the end, which makes it awfully noticeable that the sounds repeat frequently.

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