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0005205The Dark ModAnimationpublic04.04.2020 10:22
ReporterSTiFU Assigned ToSTiFU  
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Target VersionTDM 2.08Fixed in VersionTDM 2.08 
Summary0005205: Player is temporarily suspended mid-air when shouldering a body mid-air
DescriptionThis behavior is a side effect of the currently given immobilization.

Possible fixes:
a) Disallow shouldering while mid-air.
b) Remove immobilization. Possibly, have player move at recuded speed only to balance shouldering versus dragging (0001932)
Steps To ReproduceJump, frob and shoulder body while mid-air. The shouldering animation will be played out. Afterwards, the player drops down to the ground.
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child of 0003607 resolvedSTiFU Add dip to shouldering bodies 




31.03.2020 14:53

developer   ~0012329

As noted in the linked forum comment, option b) is not easily possible:
"The viewport animation performs a small dip to the bottom, which makes the player collision model clip into the ground. If the regular player move routines are performed during that, the player gets stuck in the ground or other weird effects. This animation simply does not work while moving with the current method of changing the player view position."

I therefore implemented option a), Rev. 8655.

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