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0005285The Dark ModGraphicspublic27.11.2022 21:05
Reportercabalistic Assigned Tocabalistic  
PrioritynormalSeveritynormalReproducibilityhave not tried
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product VersionTDM 2.09 
Target VersionTDM 2.12 
Summary0005285: Remove old backend's depth/interaction/stencil stages
DescriptionAfter 5238 is merged and deemed stable, remove the old stages it replicates, including their shaders.
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related to 0004501 resolvedduzenko Remove unused obsolete rendering paths 
related to 0005598 resolvedcabalistic Performance regression on hedge01_square_long 
related to 0005828 resolvedstgatilov Try to reduce duplication among shader code. 
related to 0005834 closedstgatilov Refactor: merge interaction and ambient shaders 
parent of 0005891 resolvedstgatilov Remove excessive code for bindless texture support 




14.12.2020 16:16

developer   ~0013121

Done via rev 9023 to 9028


14.12.2020 16:21

developer   ~0013122

Err, nope, that was something else. This is still open - it basically means to remove the r_useNewBackend switch entirely and everything that the old backend replicates from the new one. What the mentioned revisions removed was even older code :D


16.02.2021 15:17

administrator   ~0013690

Wait a few months first.
Most of the players have just started using TDM 2.09.

As of now, I recall only these common issues: 1) new AMD bug with bindless textures, and 2) old AMD bug with 64-bit FBO.
None of which are about the new backend, actually =)


27.12.2021 03:58

administrator   ~0014609

The investigation in 0005598 showed that new backend is sometimes a bit slower than the old one:
  (stgatilov) For me, it is:
    190 FPS: default settings
    210 FPS: +set r_fboColorBits 32
    215 FPS: +set r_tonemap 0
    245 FPS: +set r_useNewBackend 0
    As for the new backend, a good portion of the difference at least appears to lie within the depth stage. There were some concessions I made to support the multidraw approach (even when it's disabled) that might be at fault here.
    In any case, the drop with the new backend definitely needs to be fixed. It is not supposed to be a step backwards. I'll take care of it... somehow :)

So perhaps old backend should live a bit longer...

Here is an important discussion about the future of the new backend:
Basically, Cabalistic says bindless textures and multidrawindirect should be removed.
Doing so will probably fix the performance issue... cite: "I sacrificed some scissoring in certain stages to be able to batch more draws - and while that makes no difference on fast cards, it might be hurting slower cards in certain situations."
Also it will simplify our code a lot.

I'd say removing bindless textures and multidrawindirect are the most actual tasks.


27.12.2021 07:50

developer   ~0014610

Agreed; I'll find some time for it next year :)

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