0003516: [Coding] AI can be blocked by simple movable (grayman)
0003643: [AI] AI need to use switches to open and close doors (grayman)
0003745: [AI] AI gets confused when a double door's movement is interrupted (grayman)
0003750: [Sound] Fix alarm sound volume for 2.02 (SteveL)
0003670: [Design/Coding] "Trigger" spawnarg on path nodes improper (grayman)
0003602: [AI] AI continue searching after killing an enemy (grayman)
0001423: [Coding] Silent rapid travel by bunny hopping exploit (angua)
0003716: [Coding] Bunny Hop Exploit (SteveL)
0003660: [AI] AI "yells" not propogating properly? (grayman)
0003634: [Sound] Patrolling AI ignore tdm_nodrawsolid_moss when determining footstep sound (SteveL)
0003693: [Def / Setup] nodrawsolid_liquid doesn't work for player (SteveL)
0003304: [Script/Def] add scripting events to get mission statistics (SteveL)
0003705: [AI] AI freeze during alert 5 charge (grayman)
0003418: [Coding] libcurl on linux does not support SSL (taaaki)
0003709: [Distribution] Revise TDM release scripts/process for new server (taaaki)
0000518: [AI] AI needs to operate buttons/levers (grayman)
0003523: [AI] AI don't notice doors that are stopped. (grayman)
0001476: [AI] AI should become supicious when the door suddenly starts moving while they are handling it (angua)
0003668: [TDM Installer] TDM Update crashes in read-only directory (taaaki)
0003740: [Script/Def] Improvements to generated script reference (SteveL)
0003738: [AI] Certain pickpocketed objects should not elicit a reaction from an AI (grayman)
0003609: [Tweaking] TDM crashes on startup if fms folder does not exist (taaaki)
0003631: [AI] Can't drag AI bodies via Head (grayman)
0003731: [Coding] Restart mission causes loss of equipment (grayman)
0003728: [Textures] Skin problem with sword (Springheel)
0003729: [Def / Setup] St. Lucia alarm (Springheel)
0003726: [AI] Due to bad door-handling positions, an AI can get stuck forever trying to close a door (grayman)
0003723: [Coding] Problems with persistent items (grayman)
0003683: [Sound System] Retest propogated sounds (Springheel)
0003713: [Textures] Problem with sword normalmap (Springheel)
0003719: [Coding] Script event changeLootAmount() behaves wrong when removing all loot (SteveL)
0003697: [AI] Get Moor ready for release (Springheel)
0003717: [Def / Setup] def_attach bottle disappears on KO (Springheel)
0003714: [AI] Crash at map start when AI are touching (grayman)
0003712: [Physics] Allow movers to push the player upon request (SteveL)
0003711: [Physics] Partially opened doors lose movement and sound sync (grayman)
0003584: [AI] Object Illumination code is wrong (grayman)
0003682: [Coding] AI Hearing slider (grayman)
0003509: [AI] AI can give too many relighting barks in a row (grayman)
0003648: [AI] AI sometimes use switches through walls (grayman)
0003507: [AI] AI bounces between spotted enemy and sheathe weapon (grayman)
0003659: [Textures] New stone textures are missing "vine_friendly" (grayman)
0003549: [AI] Archer w/melee weapon always draws his bow first (grayman)
0003528: [AI] Problem with sleeping AI waking up (grayman)
0003681: [Coding] Noise Arrow "sounds" should be considered the same sound to AI (grayman)
0003703: [Models] Dagger needs new attachment point (Springheel)
0003647: [AI] AI will sometimes circle beneath a goal path_corner on the floor above (grayman)
0003559: [AI] Implement pickpocket reaction (grayman)
0003692: [Coding] Fading in a light doesn't turn it on (grayman)
0003679: [AI] death_script needs to know who's responsible for death (grayman)
0003677: [AI] Nobleman head has gap (Springheel)
0003674: [AI] Proguard archer needs melee weapon (Springheel)
0003663: [Physics] absence_noticeability inhibits jump/causes crouch (grayman)
0001279: [Sound] Need extreme alert sound (possibly specific to SL) (user81)
0001893: [Physics] Player can use candles to push AI around
0003734: [Def / Setup] Giving player a slow match at map start causes TDM shop handling code to crash (grayman)
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