0005118: [Mapping] No 'Press attack to start' anymore if error message stops first attempt to load map (stgatilov)
0005538: [Objectives] Segmentation fault when receiving a new objective in mission "WS3: Cleighmoor" (stgatilov)
0005601: [GUI] Add weapons to inventory grid (cabalistic)
0005542: [Coding] Crash in idEntity::Event_Frob when lockpick is selected (stgatilov)
0005354: [Feature proposal] Feature: Pointfiles for Debugging of Info_Location Overlaps (stgatilov)
0005510: [Coding] Avoid changing desktop resolution on Linux (as on Windows) (cabalistic)
0002626: [GUI] Add mouse-over help for menu entries (Obsttorte)
0005293: [Coding] Mouse cursor is moved to the screen center when alt-tab switching (Linux) (cabalistic)
0005208: [GUI] Support for extra mouse buttons (cabalistic)
0005593: [Coding] idList::Clear refactoring (stgatilov)
0005587: [Sound] Add setting to control EFX Reverb Strength (nbohr1more)
0005261: [Design/Coding] Extend localization system to understand string placeholders (stgatilov)
0005592: [Coding] dmap: shorter leak files (stgatilov)
0005591: [Coding] Reduce map load time (cabalistic)
0005353: [Feature proposal] Feature: Finer-grained DMap Warning for "dropped" visportals (stgatilov)
0004550: [Coding] Cleanup of SIMD code (stgatilov)
0005580: [Coding] Dmap : better windings precision (stgatilov)
0005486: [Coding] dmap: close vertices due to numeric errors, and bloomed sparklies (stgatilov)
0004713: [Script/Def] Starting new script thread with method is wrong (stgatilov)
0005564: [Coding] OpenAL: bsinc resampler buggy in 1.19.1 (stgatilov)
0005562: [Coding] dmap: various optimizations (stgatilov)
0005488: [Coding] dmap: faster optimize algorithm (stgatilov)
0005439: [Coding] Alleviate entity limit (stgatilov)
0005049: [GUI] Checkboxes and objective states missing from Objectives Screen when displayed after Mission Failure (Obsttorte)
0005543: [Objectives] add getObjectiveVisible() scriptevent to the idPlayer spawnclass (Dragofer)
0004731: [Models] Add Epifire's security camera model (Dragofer)
0004487: [Textures] Plaster materials missing frob highlighting (Dragofer)
27 issues View Issues
0005020: [GUI] The Gatehouse mission lacks screenshots on the mission downloader (stgatilov)
0004488: [GUI] Image previews are sometimes black (stgatilov)
0005468: [Graphics] Debug rendering like s_drawSounds does not work under com_smp (cabalistic)
0005186: [Mapping] Make prefabs with rotation hacks comply with new rules (stgatilov)
0005400: [Feature proposal] Initial support for gamepad controls (cabalistic)
0005494: [Graphics] g_stopTime causes portal_sky to turn black (nbohr1more)
0005312: [Sound] While lockpicking there is an additional lockpicking failed sound when failing or switching to other lockpick (stgatilov)
0005138: [Coding] Refactor particle systems code (stgatilov)
0001084: [Coding] Grabber doesn't allow frobbing after held item is removed (tels)
0005515: [Coding] Crash when CBloodMarker::spilledBy points to removed AI (stgatilov)
0005302: [Coding] House of Locked Secrets: crash because inventory cursor points to empty category (stgatilov)
0005499: [Mapping] Prefabs house cleaning (Dragofer)
0005250: [Distribution] New differential update and weekly builds (stgatilov)
0004970: [Design/Coding] Avoid problems with rotation-resized models (stgatilov)
       0005251: [Graphics] Visual glitch - scissors?
0004825: [Graphics] Investigate approach to avoid/reduce light toggling on surfaces (stgatilov)
0004692: [Models] An openable version of display_case01.lwo (Dragofer)
0005489: [Models] Finish Rodin's Eve Statue (Dragofer)
0005438: [Textures] Editor (_ed) texture dosent reflect in-game texture. (nbohr1more)
0005487: [Graphics] "image_preload 0" breaks rendering if SSAO or Bloom are enabled (cabalistic)
0005433: [Coding] Random crash when dynamically loading textures (stgatilov)
0005320: [Design/Coding] When Always Run is enabled, the Creep modifier does nothing (AluminumHaste)
0005481: [Models] Ornate chandeliers look too bright because of duplicate geometry (Dragofer)
0004866: [Graphics] Make use of MultiDraw functions (cabalistic)
0005238: [Graphics] Reduce CPU draw call overhead in the backend (cabalistic)
0004341: [Sound] Conversation sound will abort during a save (stgatilov)
0005449: [Textures] Remove obsolete "Ambient Method" stages form materials (stgatilov)
0005272: [Def / Setup] Duplicate material/skin/sound defs causing console warnings at startup (beta 2.08) (Dragofer)
0005462: [Sound] Creeps: sound loss when frobbing closed horizontal door from above (stgatilov)
0005184: [Models] Issues with new manbeast/werebeast/zombie assets (Dragofer)
0004707: [Graphics] Wrong reflection in mirror (stgatilov)
0004947: [Sound System] Add some form of impact sound to mantling
0005291: [Graphics] Gamma/brightness have no effect underwater (cabalistic)
0005316: [Design/Coding] Hot reload feature (stgatilov)
0005441: [Coding] r_useParallelAddModels crashes when the Lightgem is hidden via Gameplay Settings (stgatilov)
0005437: [Graphics] Particles: static collision with "linear" mapLayout (stgatilov)
0005409: [Coding] Unbinding entity B in C->B->A bind hierarchy broken (stgatilov)
0005216: [Script/Def] atdm:lamp_wall_gasflame03_lit - playing lit sound when extinguished/unlit (nbohr1more)
0005369: [Script/Def] Scripting: how to save condump (stgatilov)
0005349: [Coding] Implement priorities and checksums for FM download mirrors. (stgatilov)
0005136: [Graphics] Wrong bounds of particle system (stgatilov)
0005360: [TDM Updater] Error "Assertion pos != std::string::npos" when starting updater (stgatilov)
0005141: [Coding] idImage::ActuallyLoadImage should always load CPU-side data (stgatilov)
0005331: [Physics] Doors get stuck sometimes: neither player nor AI can open them (stgatilov)
0005322: [Coding] Allow paths with hyphens in skins (stgatilov)
0005318: [AI] Crash when opening golden door in "Hidden Hands: The Lost Citadel" (stgatilov)
0005311: [GUI] Positive feedback highlight on lockpicking sometimes looks wrong (stgatilov)
0005296: [Coding] Implement FP exceptions handling: crash on NaN (stgatilov)
0005294: [GUI] Some book fonts look wrong: thick & not antialiasing (stgatilov)
0005283: [Graphics] Update GLAD loader to GL 3.3 (stgatilov)
0005237: [Coding] Improve FBO management (cabalistic)
0005274: [Def / Setup] Elementals sometimes make zombie sounds (Dragofer)
0005273: [Def / Setup] Blue flame elementals added (Dragofer)
0005270: [Coding] Better report on events overflow (stgatilov)
0005213: [TDM Updater] tdm_update: better handling of permission errors (stgatilov)
55 issues View Issues
0005129: [Coding] dmap: add diagnostics for visportal problems (stgatilov)
0004968: [Coding] Lockpicking: Running away from the lock does not cancel the sequence when you press and hold the frob-button (stgatilov)
0005065: [Coding] target_endlevel causes a crash (cabalistic)
0004957: [Feature proposal] Snow and rain particles stopping on brushes (stgatilov)
0005137: [Coding] Dmap optimization breaks rain patches (stgatilov)
0005037: [Mapping] dmap crashes on specific map (stgatilov)
0004233: [Coding] Crash during runAAS (stgatilov)
0005212: [Coding] dmap: crash when merging leaf nodes in AAS (stgatilov)
0005075: [Design/Coding] Switch Linux build of TDM from SCons to CMake (cabalistic)
0004826: [Coding] Remove ID hacks from third-party libraries: minizip and libjpeg (stgatilov)
       0003267: [Coding] libjpg using incorrectly on linux/windows (stgatilov)
0004946: [Graphics] Candle Flame Particle Behind Wall Shows in a Mirror (duzenko)
0003596: [GUI] Issues with key bindings (cabalistic)
0005268: [AI] AI in King of Diamonds gets stuck on a chair, mission fails (grayman)
0002993: [Design/Coding] Removing an inventory item can invalidate cursor, resulting in crash (STiFU)
0004004: [Models] Covered models (Dragofer)
0004545: [Graphics] Gamma and brightness controls have no effect on external monitor (stgatilov)
0005053: [AI] Lanternbot still has lit appearance after 'knockout' (stgatilov)
0005044: [Graphics] Adjusting specular RGB in material stages fails under enhanced interaction shader (stgatilov)
0004924: [Physics] Rope physics mad when FPS is low and uncapped (stgatilov)
0004705: [Graphics] Soft gamma (stgatilov)
0004925: [Def / Setup] Sounds not referenced in soundshaders (Springheel)
0003866: [Sound] Barks for getting help not used (Springheel)
0005271: [Textures] Missing texture - models/darkmod/loot/jewellery/lionhead_amulet.lwo (Dragofer)
0003989: [AI] Examine returning to sitting position after interruption (grayman)
0005265: [AI] Problem with allowing sitting/sleeping when AI is far away. (grayman)
0004665: [Coding] Mouse Sensitivity Tied to Framerate (stgatilov)
0004288: [GUI] Minimizing TDM
       0004724: [Graphics] Investigate "borderless windowed" screen mode (stgatilov)
0005121: [Feature proposal] Convenient parallel light for moon or sun (stgatilov)
0005240: [Textures] Clothed zombie missing textures (Springheel)
0004917: [Graphics] vid_restart causes buggy shadow map overlays when new shadow map feature is activated (cabalistic)
0005063: [Graphics] Soft shadows not always enabled (cabalistic)
0004956: [Graphics] Spectrum keyword on materials dysfunctional (nbohr1more)
0005042: [Coding] Timestamps fiasco: Unix vs DOS, local vs UTC (stgatilov)
0005002: [TDM Updater] Updater: fix self-update on 64-bit Linux (stgatilov)
0005215: [Graphics] Envshot is still broken as of TDM 2.07 & 2.08 (duzenko)
0005040: [Coding] AVX implementation of DeriveTangents and NormalizeTangents (stgatilov)
0003607: [Def / Setup] Add dip to shouldering bodies (STiFU)
       0005205: [Animation] Player is temporarily suspended mid-air when shouldering a body mid-air (STiFU)
0005201: [AI] 2.08 Ape beasts missing wearables. (Springheel)
0005195: [Models] Missing painting_dead* material decls for dead* painting skins (Dragofer)
0005185: [Graphics] The new cvar con_legacyFont should be archived and its default set to the D3 style. (grayman)
0005179: [Script/Def] Add support for scripts in user addons (Dragofer)
0004275: [Models] Two window models with 'glass' panes using wood surface type (Dragofer)
0005167: [Models] textures/darkmod/wood/boards/wood_brown_dull01_ns missing (Dragofer)
0004645: [Models] Arcturus lion statues lack normal map (Springheel)
0005160: [Def / Setup] Error in material definitions for signs: frob highlight shows Bear and Belcher sign (Dragofer)
0004972: [Graphics] Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion (cabalistic)
0004755: [Coding] Optimize EAS memory and time consumption. (stgatilov)
0004899: [Script/Def] Vine patches don't grow on LOD entity classes (stgatilov)
0005005: [SEED] Error loading SEED image maps with random selection (stgatilov)
0005017: [Def / Setup] Mine explosions have a light, fire arrow explosions don't (stgatilov)
0004965: [Coding] Debug build fails to load Swing (stgatilov)
0005001: [Design/Coding] Glitch with sword renders weapons unusable (stgatilov)
0005106: [Graphics] dmap-optimized stencil shadows errors (stgatilov)
0005130: [Graphics] "deform particle" with "fadeIndex" broken (stgatilov)
0004963: [Design/Coding] Some keys cannot be assigned on Linux (cabalistic)
0005014: [Physics] Complex water brushes become defunct when adjacent to each other (stgatilov)
0004865: [Graphics] Improve the way how FPS cap works (uncapped FPS) (cabalistic)
0005084: [Graphics] Interaction culling and Shadowhide WIP performance (stgatilov)
0005062: [TDM Updater] Disable VCRedist installation step in updater (stgatilov)
0004932: [GUI] Graphical Settings Menu Overhaul (stgatilov)
0005164: [AI] Reduce Instances of AI sitting/sleeping in strange places. (grayman)
0005019: [AI] Reaction time of AI too fast when spotting player in full light (grayman)
0004230: [Physics] Flinders spawning with no velocity (grayman)
0005139: [Def / Setup] Renew particle declarations for rain (stgatilov)
0005156: [AI] Physics failures: Huge translation (grayman)
0005157: [Physics] Random collisions force player to drop held item (stgatilov)
0005143: [Graphics] Allow to run TDM on GL3 core profile (duzenko)
0005144: [Graphics] Fix render tools on GL Core profile (stgatilov)
0004981: [Graphics] Urn in Chalice of Kings gets wrongly pruned (stgatilov)
0005109: [Coding] Problems with double sliding doors. (grayman)
0005068: [Graphics] View shrinks while underwater (duzenko)
0005085: [Graphics] r_fboResolution greater than 1: skybox and flame (duzenko)
0005055: [Graphics] Incorrect shadow mapping when using Stencil shadows + Soft shadowing (duzenko)
0005066: [Graphics] "r_usePersistentMapping 0" is broken (duzenko)
0005083: [Graphics] Player-held weapons are no longer lit (duzenko)
0005079: [Coding] Thread-safety of idFileSystem and background image loading (stgatilov)
0004913: [Graphics] Object proportions depend on aspect ratio (stgatilov)
0005067: [Graphics] Postprocessing doesn't work in core profile (RB_DrawFullScreenQuad) (duzenko)
0005072: [Graphics] Lightning broken: baseLightProject invert failed (stgatilov)
0005038: [Coding] 'M' key (cycle maps) not behaving (stgatilov)
0005069: [Physics] Improve rope swinging (stgatilov)
0004839: [Coding] Sword animation can get stuck on screen. (stgatilov)
0005060: [Graphics] GL_FloatColor broken: test/glass look has changed (duzenko)
0004864: [TDM Updater] Remove pk4 timestamps fixes from updater (stgatilov)
0005061: [Graphics] r_useDrawMulti broken (duzenko)
0005056: [AI] Can't stop an AI during patrol (grayman)
0005041: [Coding] Resurrect projectile shooting "spread" (stgatilov)
0004953: [Coding] Better GPU detection for Laptops (stgatilov)
0004820: [Coding] Remove M4 from Linux build | GL linking system (stgatilov)
0005030: [Coding] TDM sometimes crashes after finishing mission v2 (duzenko)
0004822: [Coding] Restructure third-party libraries in code SVN (stgatilov)
0005027: [Coding] Fine-tune "Debug with Inlines" configuration for development (stgatilov)
0005026: [Coding] Move to non-XP VC toolset (stgatilov)
0004810: [Design/Coding] Stop shipping/using outdated bundles of dependencies (stgatilov)
0005011: [Physics] atdm:prop_winebottle is too heavy (grayman)
0004514: [Tweaking] Game runs sluggish randomly (stgatilov)
0004817: [TDM Updater] Remove boost (and libsvn) from tdm_update (stgatilov)
0004818: [TDM Updater] Update and refactor scons script for building tdm_update (stgatilov)
0004971: [Graphics] ARB to GLSL shader converter (stgatilov)
0004509: [Physics] Mantling a moving entity may make the player clip into world geometry when the mantle animation is finished (STiFU)
0003550: [Feature proposal] Add uneven speed to swimming (STiFU)
0002273: [Tweaking] Need to increase speed of player while running (Update: or decrease crouched running speed) with shouldered body (STiFU)
0004107: [Def / Setup] Need too much room to drop rag dolls (STiFU)
0004948: [Physics] Improve ladder/rope slide (no fall-damage + sound) (STiFU)
0004990: [GUI] Add a FrobHelper toggle (STiFU)
0004973: [GUI] Add an alternative inventory grid gui that is more in accordance with existing guis (STiFU)
0004531: [Feature proposal] Warn player in GUI about loading incompatible savegame (STiFU)
       0004964: [Saving/Loading] Version check fails (STiFU)
0004949: [GUI] Briefing Sound Looped / Out of Sync (stgatilov)
0004797: [Feature proposal] Put keybinds into it's own cfg file. (STiFU)
0004775: [Sound] Bouncing water arrow causes beep (Springheel)
0000678: [Coding] Need more cvars for controlling head bob settings (STiFU)
0005028: [Coding] Crash on loading game in March of Rahena (EV_UpdateCameraTarget) (stgatilov)
0004997: [Textures] Missing materials for anatomy readables
0003002: [Coding] Screenshots still crashing on Linux (Serpentine)
0005009: [Design/Coding] Vine patches spawning in mid-air (stgatilov)
119 issues View Issues
0004845: [Coding] Restrict set of features in FFmpeg cinematics (stgatilov)
0004979: [Graphics] Stencil shadow bug on guards (duzenko)
0004843: [Coding] Game isn't frozen during screenshot command with jitter (nbohr1more)
0004190: [Design/Coding] A patch to allow alt-tabbing under Linux (cabalistic)
0004833: [TDM Updater] zsync-like differential updates (unofficial prototype) (stgatilov)
0004868: [Graphics] Envshot is broken as of TDM 2.06 (duzenko)
0004940: [AI] Various AI get dead/unconscious before you get to them (grayman)
0004852: [Graphics] Player lantern pulses when Player is on a ladder (nbohr1more)
0004875: [TDM Updater] Update and Improve VCRedist installation (stgatilov)
0004961: [Graphics] Tdm v2.07 crashes as soon as you enter the game if "Maps" was chosen as shadow implementation. (duzenko)
0005031: [Graphics] Lighting is wrong on recent AMD drivers (normal map ignored) (duzenko)
0004993: [Graphics] r_showportals 1 doesn't do its job correctly (duzenko)
0004962: [Graphics] Lightning stops working in TDM v2.07 (duzenko)
0004686: [Tweaking] Interaction table (duzenko)
0004569: [GUI] GUI renderDef Lights do not work (duzenko)
0004807: [TDM Updater] tdm_update is still 32-bit only on Linux (stgatilov)
0004969: [Models] models/darkmod/lights/extinguishable/cagelamp_hanging.lwo casts shadow in Shadow Map mode (Springheel)
0004022: [Coding] Change default screen resolution? (duzenko)
0004804: [TDM Updater] tdm_update does not start on Windows XP (stgatilov)
0004952: [Coding] Training mission - Melee - Crash during retry (STiFU)
0004697: [Graphics] Some console commands don't work with GLSL 1 and useFBO 0/1 (duzenko)
       0004749: [Mapping] Reloading textures makes the soft shadows disappear (nbohr1more)
0003588: [Coding] Player can jump with body after loading game (STiFU)
0004938: [Graphics] Shadow maps: some lights are still not soft (duzenko)
0004943: [GUI] Mission Downloader menu--screenshots fading away immediately (STiFU)
0004951: [Graphics] Z-fighting with shadow textures when foglight present (nbohr1more)
0004883: [Mapping] Move script into New Job FM folder (Springheel)
0004954: [Coding] Mantling through a window in one motion gets you stuck (STiFU)
0003662: [Textures] NoFog material keyword not working (Springheel)
0004263: [Coding] Feature request: Add console command to give the player all the loot (STiFU)
0004942: [Graphics] White sparklies on the corners of objects (stgatilov)
0004492: [Feature proposal] "Select all to download" button in "Mission Archive" window (Obsttorte)
0001037: [Tweaking] Player Mantles Underwater (STiFU)
0004950: [Objectives] All scores set to Zero when 100% loot is collected in some missions (nbohr1more)
0004877: [Coding] 2.06 dmapping removing triangles? (stgatilov)
0004930: [Animation] Change viewport animation for mantling low obstacles (STiFU)
0004936: [AI] Sykes not sitting properly when using 2.07 (grayman)
0004935: [Tweaking] Fixes for Romanian translation
0004816: [Sound] Revise stock sound shaders and set no_efx where appropriate (Springheel)
0004684: [Graphics] Graphical Artifacts in Warp Materials (stgatilov)
0004734: [Feature proposal] Frame limiter option for TDM (duzenko)
0003020: [AI] sitting AI not getting up after script call (grayman)
0004927: [Graphics] Chair casts no shadow (Springheel)
0004923: [Coding] Lighting issue with 2.07 beta. (duzenko)
0004919: [Coding] TDM sometimes crashes after finishing mission (duzenko)
0004916: [GUI] Sometimes, the breath bar disappears after loading/reloading (STiFU)
0004929: [Tweaking] Regaining air after diving takes too long (STiFU)
0004921: [Sound] Many sounds are stereo that should actually be mono (STiFU)
0003691: [Coding] CVAR persistence issue (nbohr1more)
0004270: [AI] AI playing cards react badly to a flashbomb (grayman)
0004830: [AI] AI refuses to leave a door he can't close because a corpse is in the way (grayman)
0004827: [Graphics] Savegame image incorrect (duzenko)
0004800: [Models] Prefabs missing models (Springheel)
0004920: [GUI] FrobHelper does not show for pick-pocket items (STiFU)
0004641: [Graphics] Shadow maps (duzenko)
0004906: [Feature proposal] Add frob assistance for cluttered objects inside containers (STiFU)
0004918: [GUI] Clicking "back" in the hud opacity adjustment menu takes you to the main menu instead of to the advanced video options (nbohr1more)
0004812: [GUI] Missing Look Up and Look Down key definition (nbohr1more)
0004777: [Coding] Problem counting health potions in the training mission (grayman)
0004778: [Models] Missing moor helmet (Springheel)
0004343: [AI] AI instantly lose track of the player on dark ledges (grayman)
0004898: [Sound] Problem with "opposite ear" volume (stgatilov)
0004412: [AI] WIP Fire Elemental (grayman)
0004691: [AI] AI sometimes try to relight a doused overhead light when it's too far off the floor. (grayman)
0004891: [Graphics] Weird compass problem (duzenko)
0004901: [Graphics] Betrayal: sky shows random images (duzenko)
0004882: [Sound] When a remote listener is active, allow the player to still hear the sounds around him (grayman)
0004892: [Graphics] St.Lucia: weird light cropped by some scissor (duzenko)
0004620: [Sound] Set player ear location (grayman)
0004878: [Sound] Problem with efx file syntax (stgatilov)
0004879: [Coding] TDM binary crashes during startup on old Linux (stgatilov)
0004851: [Graphics] Soft shadows with multisampling produces sparklies near wall edges (cabalistic)
0004848: [Coding] Crashes when quick loading | Lightgem as Subview (duzenko)
0004849: [Graphics] Replace VBO implementation with the one similar to D3BFG (cabalistic)
0004869: [Graphics] Somewhere Above the City: some objects are sometimes perfectly white (duzenko)
0004815: [Sound System] Implement Version 2 of EFX with OpenAL parameters (stgatilov)
       0004871: [Sound System] Update EFX wiki page: version 2 (stgatilov)
0004085: [Design/Coding] Figure out a way to make envshot capture the skybox (duzenko)
0004725: [GUI] When clicking EAX on/off there's 2 mouse cursors on screen (Obsttorte)
0004860: [Graphics] Soft particles not visible with AA on (duzenko)
0004819: [Coding] Fix warnings about uninitialized members in debug build (stgatilov)
0003555: [Coding] TDM crashes if one FM contains a darkmod.txt file with invalid order. (Obsttorte)
0004850: [Graphics] Implement antialiasing compatible with FBO (cabalistic)
0004834: [Graphics] Dynamic Internal Images do not scale to match r_fboResolution Results in HOM artifact (duzenko)
0004855: [Graphics] Screen render duplicated in left-bottom quarter (start screen) (cabalistic)
0004768: [Coding] Support high-DPI mouse (stgatilov)
0004856: [Coding] Bad homegrown offsetof macro implementation may trigger undefined behaviour , break compilation (stgatilov)
0004853: [Physics] Player gets stuck on edge between two slanted polygons (Volta2) (stgatilov)
0004170: [Coding] LOD still changes noshadows settings when not wanted
0004847: [Coding] Support FFmpeg videos in testVideo command (stgatilov)
0004806: [TDM Updater] Mark thedarkmod.x64 as executable on Linux (stgatilov)
0004842: [Coding] Make editor tools runnable in 64-bit (stgatilov)
0004681: [Tweaking] Front renderer optimization (duzenko)
0004837: [Graphics] Fog lights started flickering in Inn Business somewhere between 7406 and 7442 (cabalistic)
0004824: [Coding] Make pk4 repacking more resistant to antiviruses (stgatilov)
0004666: [AI] Average Jack skin missing teeth? (Springheel)
0002447: [AI] Use beggar as base to create clothed zombie (Springheel)
0004814: [Sound System] Missions do not start with "s_force22kHz 1" (stgatilov)
0004809: [Coding] Unknown value "HUGE" in tools/compilers/roqvq/codec.cpp (stgatilov)
0004803: [Sound System] TDM crashes if looping sound plays for 6+ hours (stgatilov)
0004805: [Graphics] GLSL compile errors in interaction.fs (stgatilov)
0004771: [Models] Material errors (Springheel)
0001077: [Coding] want "Leaning" to not get stuck on wall, to slide along a bit (like objects slide) if need be (user81)
0002789: [Models] Make moveable flask break on impact (just like wine bottles) (user81)
0002106: [Coding] Rope Deployment Broken at Certain Arrow/Surface Angles (user81)
0002968: [Coding] Carrying Heavy Objects should limit run speed (user81)
0003045: [Sound System] Make .OGG files support "screen shake" (user81)
0003533: [Mapping] Misplaced Flame in Training Mission (user81)
0001251: [Sound] fly buzzing sound not looping very well (user81)
0001313: [Sound] Page turning is deafening (user81)
0002360: [Map Editing] Torchlight doesn't fit in cagelamp (user81)
0002665: [Models] Add rotation animation for Nosslaks globe (user81)
0004073: [Physics] A turning horse can clip into the player (user81)
0003601: [AI] zombies can be killed from tables with impunity (user81)
0002193: [Models] Thug model wrong head shadow (user81)
0003840: [Coding] Shadow transition lags on movable light entities (user81)
0001797: [Coding] Bow attack cancel on damage not always working (user81)
0000579: [Models] I would like to test/try ropes with more bones, 50% more or double the amount (user81)
0001064: [AI] Build head AF body from spawnargs on the head entity (user81)
0001611: [GUI] Keyboard bindings sometimes not remembered in settings menu (user81)
0004318: [Textures] Make materials for Bob Necro's graffiti textures (user81)
0004832: [Coding] Optimize R_CalcPointCull with SSE (duzenko)
122 issues View Issues
0003871: [Physics] Number of ActivateContacs is hard-coded to 10 (nbohr1more)
0004615: [Saving/Loading] Remote camera lost when saving\loading (duzenko)
0004493: [Physics] Some physics events have changed in 2.05 due to faster fps (duzenko)
       0004696: [Sound] At high FPS player footsteps don't always play (stgatilov)
       0004741: [Physics] Possible stutter in player movement (grayman)
       0004552: [Physics] Slide when coming to a stop (nbohr1more)
0004408: [Coding] Find a way to run game tics on a background thread (duzenko)
0004501: [Graphics] Remove unused obsolete rendering paths (duzenko)
0004523: [Tweaking] Romanian Translation fix slated for 2.06 (nbohr1more)
0004532: [Sound System] TDM crashes at startup if no sound device is available on Windows (stgatilov)
0004591: [Coding] Debug build crashes on exit (stgatilov)
0004690: [Sound System] Make a command to reload EFX file quickly (stgatilov)
0004779: [Graphics] Resized models have overblown specular in GLSL enhanced ambient (nbohr1more)
0004595: [TDM Updater] Install VC++ redistributable in tdm_update (stgatilov)
0002365: [AI] Horse - rotating in alert mode (Arcturus)
0004405: [Tweaking] com_speed discrepancy (duzenko)
0004540: [Sound System] Sound stops playing in cinematics because of breakpoints (stgatilov)
0004516: [Coding] Unstable visportals clipping (stgatilov)
0002212: [Sound] Footfall sound effects aren't affected by EAX settings (user81)
0003820: [AI] New code to recognize Ai falling asleep & waking up in/from sitting position. (grayman)
0004754: [GUI] Minimizing Windows TDM: causes a crash (stgatilov)
0004625: [Coding] Hooded lantern twitches, as well as player model in mirrors. (nbohr1more)
0003234: [Coding] Merge Mh's Optimized VBO Code (duzenko)
0004519: [Coding] Investigate using videos of common formats (avi, mp4) (stgatilov)
0004507: [Coding] Horrible performance of playing ROQ video from pk4 (stgatilov)
0004504: [Sound System] Performance of reading OGG from PK4 (stgatilov)
0004688: [Sound System] EAX affect on atdm:voice (stgatilov)
0004083: [Map Editing] A Night to Remember broken (user81)
0004712: [GUI] Mission finished markers missing in mission list (nbohr1more)
0004781: [Textures] Weird shimmering effect on seawater textures - (nbohr1more)
0004659: [Def / Setup] r_showportals does not appear to be working (duzenko)
0004721: [Design/Coding] Revise Build instructions for 2.06 (stgatilov)
0004663: [GUI] Mouse Sensitivity Inconsistencies Between 2.05 and 2.06 (stgatilov)
0004714: [Graphics] Water surfaces broken in Volta2 (duzenko)
0004673: [Graphics] Cubemap stages in materials are broken. (duzenko)
0004760: [Graphics] Fog is thinner in 2.06 - fogs/pitfog_to_black (duzenko)
0004757: [Graphics] r_showLightCount broken (duzenko)
0004758: [Graphics] r_showSilhouette broken (duzenko)
0004759: [Graphics] r_showShadowCount broken (duzenko)
0004737: [Saving/Loading] Problem with quicksave/load when using Russian (grayman)
0004736: [GUI] New options in the Advanced Video section need to be added to all.lang file (grayman)
0004728: [Coding] Moving over moss is awkward (grayman)
0004729: [Def / Setup] MerryChest2 fails to open (grayman)
0004716: [Coding] "sound" keyword in materials is out of sync (stgatilov)
0004402: [GUI] Dpi Awareness (duzenko)
0003568: [Feature proposal] fullscreen windowed option (duzenko)
0004708: [Graphics] Water: big square blocks on screen when FBO is on (duzenko)
0004699: [Coding] Mirror textures broken (duzenko)
       0004667: [Coding] Mirrors are too bright
0004669: [Graphics] Bloom \ Post-Process does not render unless you toggle r_useFBO (duzenko)
0004670: [Mapping] Crash when dmap/testmapping while in-game. (stgatilov)
0004529: [TDM Updater] Check how compression removal works in tdm_update (stgatilov)
0004536: [Sound System] Stereo Zoned Ambients Need a Stereo silence.ogg Leadin Sound (Springheel)
0004609: [AI] Beleaguered Fence AI alerted again at map start (grayman)
0004685: [Graphics] Foglights, Particles and portal_sky (duzenko)
0004363: [GUI] Format change needed on Mission Stats page (grayman)
0004682: [Textures] Painting skins broken in 2.06 (duzenko)
0004683: [Graphics] ambientCubicLights have no falloff (duzenko)
0004679: [Coding] Highest revision number is no longer available (stgatilov)
0004671: [Coding] HeatHaze behaving wrongly (duzenko)
0004484: [Graphics] Lightgem is visible in mirrors and some subviews (duzenko)
0004655: [GUI] Default Briefing GUI Doesn't Have Scroll Arrows (stgatilov)
0004499: [GUI] Remove changing mission names containing "A" and "The" (nbohr1more)
0004650: [Models] industrial_sink.lwo has missing tris in underside (Springheel)
0004651: [Physics] Mantling does not trigger (in New Job) (stgatilov)
0004642: [Textures] textures/darkmod/sliptip/stone/sculpted/arch01 def broken (grayman)
0004633: [Coding] Lightgem changing based on view angle (nbohr1more)
0000558: [Coding] Add ability to toggle creeping (nbohr1more)
0002445: [GUI] Load Screen options need rearranging (Springheel)
0002703: [GUI] Need a way to scale the GUI (Obsttorte)
0004393: [GUI] Add the possibility to change the size of the gui elements via a slider in the menu. (Obsttorte)
0003222: [Sound System] OpenAL not supported on Linux
0000625: [Design/Coding] Under water, ladders "suck you in" to them from too far away (nbohr1more)
0004438: [Graphics] Bad lighting with victorian wallpaper (duzenko)
0002427: [Coding] Broken SIMD Support on Linux (stgatilov)
0003954: [Coding] Port relevant changes from dhewm3 to darkmod_src (greebo)
       0003955: [Coding] Port EAX code to use openAL/EFX based on dhewm3 (greebo)
0003953: [Coding] Enable compilation on x64 platforms. (greebo)
0004537: [Design/Coding] Single executable (duzenko)
0004166: [Def / Setup] Food does not give health (grayman)
0001201: [GUI] readables world gui text invisible in fast ambient light (duzenko)
0003706: [Def / Setup] Vine arrow bounces around (grayman)
0004538: [Design/Coding] Move the ffmpeg code out of the main exe (duzenko)
0004621: [Coding] Lightgem does not initialize when installing a new mission or via vid_restart. (nbohr1more)
0004382: [Textures] Missing/renamed glass materials in 2.04? (nbohr1more)
0003254: [Objectives] We don't have an "Invalid" icon. (grayman)
0004338: [Coding] fms/missions.tdminfo gets borked (grayman)
0004340: [Coding] Unnecessary WARNING when saving a game (grayman)
0001495: [Textures] Splash is too bright (white)
0004573: [Coding] Can't frob purse in The Creeps (grayman)
0004515: [Saving/Loading] Game save does not work for a newly downloaded mission (Debugger) (duzenko)
0004431: [Coding] Get rid of deprecated OpenGL functions (duzenko)
0004599: [Animation] Flashing of odd dark shapes while testing an animation in SVN (duzenko)
0003969: [Sound System] Using "machine_hum04_loop" as a sound shader on a light causes crash to desktop (stgatilov)
0004553: [Sound System] Some gameplay sounds stop playing after noclipping (stgatilov)
0004614: [Sound] Audio Loss in No Honor Among Thieves (stgatilov)
0004594: [GUI] Use different splash images depending on resolution aspect ratio (grayman)
0004603: [Physics] If the player is pushing against something that's removed from the game, the game crashes (grayman)
0004613: [AI] Unexpected supernatural event in "The Golden Skull" (grayman)
0004610: [AI] Severe slowdown and "No valid points found" spam from the hiding spot code (extremely intermittent) (stgatilov)
0004521: [Coding] Make idClip::Translation faster (stgatilov)
0004473: [AI] Wrong use of "tdm_ai_wench_greet_whore_to_male" (grayman)
0004394: [AI] snd_combat_ranged* not being played (grayman)
0004579: [Sound] Guards produce beep when they hit the Ground after KO (Penny Dreadful 2: All the way Up) (grayman)
0004597: [Textures] Wrong Bumpmap File Name (Springheel)
0004560: [Models] Chair doesn't cast a shadow (Springheel)
0004539: [GUI] Identify 32-bit and 64-bit versions of TDM (grayman)
0004585: [Coding] [Linux] Compilation Error due to case sensitivity (stgatilov)
0004598: [Coding] Initializations like "float var = vec_x;" no longer compile (stgatilov)
0004520: [Saving/Loading] Make savegames of x86 and x64 builds interchangeable (stgatilov)
0004494: [Coding] 2.05 prevents frobbing of spilled purse in Accountant 2 (grayman)
0003959: [Coding] Try to reduce boost dependencies by using standard C++11 features (stgatilov)
0004556: [Graphics] Weapon icon not rendered + lightgem color does not change (duzenko)
0004544: [Coding] Exclude the (multiplayer) network code for now. (duzenko)
0004557: [Coding] Crash after killing or knocking out someone (stgatilov)
0004554: [AI] Drunk unalerted AI sometimes does not see player (stgatilov)
0004549: [Coding] Savegames are incompatible between Windows and Linux builds (stgatilov)
0004547: [GUI] Credits GUI: video sequences start looping (stgatilov)
0004535: [GUI] Showing video for its full duration (stgatilov)
0004542: [Sound System] Support playing stereo sound in cinematics (stgatilov)
0004534: [Design/Coding] Playing sound stream from video file (stgatilov)
0004518: [GUI] Briefing video starts decoding in background (stgatilov)
0004522: [Feature proposal] Write savegame preview images as in JPG format (stgatilov)
0004508: [Coding] Crash during engine reload after new mission was downloaded (stgatilov)
0004277: [Textures] Missing material "models/darkmod/wood/boards/wood_brown_walnut_ns" (Springheel)
0004510: [AI] LOD error (Springheel)
0004418: [Saving/Loading] Save performance-affecting cvars (duzenko)
0004505: [Coding] Crash when pressing "Clear Inventory" key when no inventory is displayed (grayman)
0004036: [AI] AI getting blocked going through door (grayman)
0004439: [Physics] problem setting up clipmodel for model models/darkmod/mechanical/switches/lever_small1.lwo (grayman)
0003868: [Coding] Remove dead code (GLASSWARP) in draw_common (duzenko)
0001726: [GUI] Stop fade of all menu entries at once / at a click (Springheel)
0004782: [Textures] Foglight brightness/thickness changed by latest commit (user81)
0003262: [Design/Coding] Models appear black in-game: (user81)
0004498: [Tweaking] Color in idDrawVert (duzenko)
0004662: [Mapping] TDM x64 using a lot of ram during DMAP (stgatilov)
0000588: [Coding] Physics objects should play SFX when broken (user81)
0003124: [AI] AI at map origin can crash a map (user81)
0003561: [Coding] Might be a problem dropping bodies in places other than the floor/ground (user81)
0003519: [AI] Cannot kill rats with melee (user81)
0000498: [Script/Def] inherit from func_static with spawnclass "IdMoveable" breaks (user81)
0002765: [Coding] rotate bug where lever is already rotated at certain angle (user81)
0001528: [Physics] rope arrow: attachement too high after jumping (user81)
0001277: [AI] Alternate flee destinations? (user81)
0001141: [AI] Support entering combat without seeing player (user81)
0001767: [GUI] Multi-page game maps (user81)
0002227: [Coding] Starting idle spawnarg (user81)
0003635: [Sound] Missing player sounds (user81)
0003407: [Physics] Jumping on a moveable crate on a moving elevator can kill you (user81)
0002992: [Map Editing] Prefab cupboards include atdm:target_set_frobable brushes that start out allowing frobbing (user81)
0002793: [Graphics] Add translators to the credits (user81)
0002957: [TDM Updater] Include readme.txt file in Updater ZIP file? (user81)
0002189: [Coding] atdm:target_setobjective_visibility checking itself (Fidcal)
0000830: [Graphics] Propose new sky textures with city skyline (Dram)
0004701: [GUI] HUD Size/Opacity menu issue (grayman)
0004703: [Sound] All footstep sounds for Ai and the player are broken (grayman)
0004632: [Graphics] Mirror is black: no reflection (Inn Business) (duzenko)
0004600: [Def / Setup] Some movable objects spawning two different splash particles (grayman)
0004629: [Sound] Surround Sound broken (Springheel)
0003812: [Coding] idBounds::ToString() returns a pointer to a temporary object that immediately gets destroyed (duzenko)
0003594: [Coding] amd64 support (stgatilov)
0003966: [Coding] MFC stuff in Sys_GetVideoRam prevents compiling (duzenko)
0004271: [Models] Models present in 2.03 but missing in 2.04. (Springheel)
0003252: [Coding] See if we can remove the boost library (stgatilov)
0004511: [Models] Bad display of certain foliage (duzenko)
165 issues View Issues
0004409: [Coding] Add an option to lift the 60 fps lock (duzenko)
0004414: [Tweaking] See if skybox can be rendered faster (duzenko)
0004426: [Coding] Grabber items vibrating (duzenko)
0004403: [GUI] Mouse input tweak (duzenko)
0004395: [Graphics] Lightgem Pixel Pack Buffer Optimization (duzenko)
0004150: [Def / Setup] Add a frob box for purses, and regularise key frob distance (SteveL)
0004351: [Distribution] Review manual steps for creating final build and release (taaaki)
0004466: [Coding] Provide ability to power an elevator off (grayman)
0004451: [Graphics] the texture "planks_worn_brown" still shows as purely black in game (user81)
0004441: [Models] Teacup has no collision model (Springheel)
0004432: [Coding] r_showprimitives dancing digits (duzenko)
0004292: [Coding] "nospecular" light entity argument does not work (nbohr1more)
0004358: [Graphics] image_downsize causes text, map guis, hud icons, menus, and backgrounds to become blurry (nbohr1more)
0004433: [Coding] Make the % open for a door available to scripts (grayman)
0003881: [Graphics] Create a new Light type "cubicLight" (nbohr1more)
0004423: [AI] Applying an impulse to an AI in the process of sitting or sleeping causes problems. (grayman)
0004422: [Graphics] Splash particles not displaying properly (nbohr1more)
0003956: [Coding] Migrate VC++ projects to Visual Studio 2013 (greebo)
0004401: [Textures] Faster texture loading via native OpenGL Mipmap Generation (duzenko)
0004002: [AI] Review Stealth Score Reporting (grayman)
0004182: [Design/Coding] Glass crack decals are not visible against skybox backdrop (SteveL)
0004406: [AI] Sleepers play standing pain animation (grayman)
0004400: [Coding] Image Duplication Check (grayman)
0004399: [Coding] Slightly improve mission load time (grayman)
0004398: [Saving/Loading] Problem using multiple quicksaves and I18N (grayman)
0004379: [Coding] Investigate RenderView culling for the lightgem (nbohr1more)
0004392: [AI] Dropped torches seen by passing AI as dropped weapons (grayman)
0004383: [AI] AI in Caduceus stuck opening and closing door (grayman)
0004384: [AI] Two AI treadmilling against each other (grayman)
0004369: [Feature proposal] Dynamic Lightgem Interleave (nbohr1more)
0004371: [Tweaking] Enable tdm_lg_split by default (nbohr1more)
0004372: [SEED] lod_bias does not affect func_emitter (nbohr1more)
0004370: [Coding] idMovers don't apply damage to player or AI when blocked by them (grayman)
0003556: [Sound] Player hears sounds normally when underwater (grayman)
0004354: [GUI] Displaying the inventory grid should be subject to immobilization upon request (grayman)
0004186: [Mapping] Response effect to turn light off stops it ever illuminating again (SteveL)
       0004195: [Design/Coding] Candles can't be put out by response effect (SteveL)
0004213: [Script/Def] "ambient_light" "0 0 0" doesn't work on info_location (SteveL)
0004021: [AI] AI wearing glasses didn't go down when KOed (grayman)
0004120: [Def / Setup] The atdm:lamp_gaslight family doesn't stim passersby when doused (grayman)
0004112: [Coding] trigger_entityname should include an 'entityname' default key/value pair (SteveL)
0004185: [Def / Setup] Inventory items have large mass by default (SteveL)
0004151: [Textures] Black_matt isn't (SteveL)
0004020: [Textures] tdm_balcony_sp_ceramic01 has incorrect surface type (SteveL)
0004420: [Graphics] Reflective "subview" materials flicker when in close range (duzenko)
0004362: [Graphics] Missing specular files (user81)
0003696: [Textures] Inverted normal on mossy_dull_bricks texture (user81)
47 issues View Issues
0004337: [Sound] Locked door sounds are softer on a hatch in Betrayal (grayman)
0004132: [Design/Coding] Weather particle distribution should be more random (SteveL)
0004232: [Coding] skins do not change collision data (SteveL)
0004347: [AI] Severe FPS drop near start of Penny Dreadful 3 (grayman)
0003704: [Coding] Can pickpocket something when near origin, regardless of where the something is in the map (SteveL)
0003158: [Coding] AI alerted by movable objects they set in motion (grayman)
0003879: [Graphics] Warping post processes (water and glass) distort foreground objects (SteveL)
0004079: [Graphics] Decals drawing over stuff in front (SteveL)
0004148: [Sound System] Sounds popping in big maps (SteveL)
0004286: [GUI] Merge Durandall's new inventory GUI (SteveL)
0004149: [Design/Coding] Picking up stuff without clunking (SteveL)
0004262: [Coding] Locked doors with button controllers can be opened by illegal keys (grayman)
0003992: [AI] Dropped weapons should not be ignored by AI (grayman)
0004159: [Coding] Shadows cast by lantern start jumping when the player enters water (SteveL)
0004220: [AI] More active AI searches (grayman)
0004041: [Coding] Cubemap/EnvShot function broken: (SteveL)
0004348: [AI] Distant AI entering Searching or Agitated Searching State can become frozen in place (grayman)
0004346: [AI] Guard stuck in doorway in House of Theo (grayman)
0004158: [Def / Setup] Untextured tunic for skin wench/bare_feet defined in tdm_ai_townsfolk_wench.skin (SteveL)
0003912: [Coding] LOD problems with custom "model" spawnarg (SteveL)
0004279: [Coding] Ambient light brightens objects inconsistently (rebb)
0004339: [Models] head03_citywatch head problem (Springheel)
0004342: [AI] Guard circles trying to open door in Ulysses: Genesis (grayman)
0004130: [Sound] Doors w/o handles can be heard opening for a time at mission start (grayman)
0004327: [Coding] Console spam when folders have uppercase letters in them (grayman)
0003579: [Saving/Loading] thedarkmod.x86 crash on exit every time (taaaki)
0004167: [TDM Updater] Fix bad pk4 file dates in release pk4s (taaaki)
0004311: [AI] The friendly guide in 'A Noble Home' has problems (grayman)
0003739: [Coding] dmap fails to delete pointfile (taaaki)
0004304: [AI] Frozen AI at start of Trapped! (grayman)
0004116: [SEED] LOD objects blocking player after map start (SteveL)
0004164: [Coding] Doors stick when picked (SteveL)
0004115: [Coding] Mixing single and double quotes in a readable can break it (SteveL)
0004290: [Coding] AI won't relight a chandelier (grayman)
0004283: [AI] AI has a problem relighting an electric light (grayman)
0003591: [Saving/Loading] Corrupt savegames possibly due to card playing behaviour (grayman)
0004258: [Coding] Hang in Mission Downloader (Agent Jones)
0004260: [Feature proposal] Allow mappers an easy way to override location ambient sound (demagogue)
0004238: [AI] AI occupying same spot (grayman)
0004269: [Physics] Problem walking through furniture (SteveL)
0003766: [Coding] Background download hanging can affect foreground activities (grayman)
0004273: [GUI] Widen mission name box on menus to accommodate larger titles (grayman)
0004046: [AI] Barmaid in Inn Business has a problem in the bathroom (grayman)
0004254: [GUI] Problem when internal downloader completes (Agent Jones)
0004251: [Coding] Boolean objectives can mess up when you have more than 16 objectives (SteveL)
0004252: [Design/Coding] Game crashes if script event saveGame(string name) is used. (Obsttorte)
0004250: [AI] Script event "flee" doesn't work (grayman)
0004214: [GUI] Underwater GUI overlay drawn over lightgem (SteveL)
0004227: [AI] Problem with searching AI and door (grayman)
0004229: [AI] Alerting manor_cook_1 in Behind Closed Doors causes a crash (grayman)
0004075: [Coding] s_shader set to "-" causes map crash on load (SteveL)
0004139: [Saving/Loading] Prevent saving before map start (SteveL)
0004113: [AI] Alerted AI can get stuck in a sit down / get up cycle (grayman)
0004201: [Coding] Fire arrows extinguish existing fires, even on a direct hit (SteveL)
0004218: [Design/Coding] Long-lived particles slow down map loading (SteveL)
0004040: [AI] Running AI that stops in door queue can perform an idle animation (grayman)
0004184: [AI] AI bumping up against player w/o drawing weapon (grayman)
0003993: [AI] Running AI treadmills against sign in Lord Edgar's Bathhouse (grayman)
0003597: [Animation] Firing AI animations through a script has problems (SteveL)
0003784: [Def / Setup] Do something about func_itemremove (SteveL)
0004161: [Coding] Alternate Quicksave feature (SteveL)
0004198: [Design/Coding] A patch to compile libPNG under Linux (SteveL)
0004110: [AI] textures/darkmod/stone/brick/blocks_sepia_grey broken (taaaki)
0004191: [Sound] Popping/crackling sound when running on Linux (SteveL)
0004199: [Animation] Melee weapon attacks and parries don't work under certain compilers. (SteveL)
0004193: [AI] Comparison of an alert type variable to an event type constant (grayman)
0004153: [SEED] SEED Console Spam (grayman)
0004181: [Design/Coding] Melee weapons should be able to break glass in one hit (SteveL)
0004178: [Design/Coding] Thrown objects pass straight through glass that's down to 0 health (SteveL)
0004180: [Design/Coding] Glass doesn't show cracks when damaged by most objects. (SteveL)
0004179: [Design/Coding] Material surface type gets replaced with default when a func_fracture gets carved up (SteveL)
0004176: [Design/Coding] Let mapper control lifetime of broken glass (SteveL)
0004175: [Design/Coding] Using models as breakables doesn't work right (SteveL)
0004168: [SEED] SEED deletes heap memory it doesn't own (SteveL)
0004128: [Mapping] Spawnarg for lights to stop them affecting the light gem (SteveL)
0004123: [Design/Coding] Unbind vsync from Dmap: (SteveL)
0004162: [Graphics] r_showPortals in 3 colours (SteveL)
0004137: [AI] AI circling by door in Beleaguered Fence (grayman)
0003945: [Feature proposal] Allow func_emitters to fire one-shot particle effects on demand. (SteveL)
0004076: [Animation] Final riverdancing (SteveL)
0003369: [Sound] Wood ladder sound/s wrong (user81)
0002508: [GUI] cycle inventory categories and within a current category option
0002431: [AI] Feature Reqest: Cower Behaviour needs to be added
0002807: [GUI] Random GUI quotes not showing during load (SteveL)
0002883: [AI] Searching AI should coordinate their efforts (grayman)
0003813: [AI] Create AI with LOD stages (Springheel)
0004281: [Textures] Light halos showing through walls (user81)
0004145: [Models] Add Merry's prefab chests (user81)
0004225: [Textures] Door skin the wrong way around (user81)
0003328: [Textures] The door skin - door_024 is facing the wrong way (user81)
0004055: [Def / Setup] movable spyglass way too heavy (Springheel)
91 issues View Issues
0003763: [GUI] Loading bar progress should better represent actual progress (grayman)
0003161: [Coding] Dousing a fireplace causes smoke to bounce (SteveL)
0003878: [Feature proposal] Soft particles (SteveL)
0003950: [Graphics] Let particle effects use world axis instead of emitter axis (SteveL)
0003944: [Graphics] Fix most water shaders so they don't distort foreground objects (SteveL)
0004077: [AI] Two AI in St. Lucia hung up using adjacent doors (grayman)
0003754: [AI] AI seeing directly behind them
0003576: [AI] Player needs a type spawnarg (grayman)
0003857: [AI] Is better AI search cooperation possible? (grayman)
0004061: [Coding] Crash when reloading or shutting map down while glass is falling. (SteveL)
0003768: [Sound System] 2.02 sound difficulty breaks few maps at start player drop (grayman)
0003947: [Coding] Condump's without word-wrap. (SteveL)
0003744: [Coding] LOD making unwanted changes to shadowcasting and skin settings (SteveL)
0003664: [Feature proposal] Change caulk so that it ignores fog. (SteveL)
0003856: [Design/Coding] Fix "spawn" console command (SteveL)
0004012: [Animation] Sitting guard in Old Habits 2 can't get up (SteveL)
0004050: [Animation] More riverdancing (SteveL)
0004063: [Animation] Anim channels need to be enabled when another channel syncs to them (SteveL)
0004037: [AI] Revenant is in a constant waitstate of "sheath" (SteveL)
0004044: [AI] Lady in Mandrasola sometimes sits down near her starting position (grayman)
0003964: [Animation] Failed_KO needs to play on leg channel (SteveL)
0003968: [Coding] Game crashes on load if an invalid "difficulty" spawnarg is set on worldspawn. (SteveL)
0004053: [AI] Suicidal noble in Phrase Book gets stuck circling a door (grayman)
0004054: [AI] WS2 jailer can get stuck standing next to his chair (grayman)
0004048: [Animation] Urinate animation not working? (Springheel)
0003800: [Animation] anim tasks (path anim, path cycle anim, play anim) snap in without blending (SteveL)
0000047: [Coding] Lightgem Level Affected By Particles (SteveL)
0004039: [AI] AI can freeze when running toward a closed door (grayman)
0004030: [AI] Guard caught circling near door in Old Habits 2 (grayman)
0004026: [Coding] Freeze in One Step Too Far (grayman)
0004023: [Coding] Deceptive Shadows freeze (grayman)
0004015: [Coding] Drawbridge chains in Siege Shop 3 don't move correctly. (grayman)
0004009: [AI] AI reaction to doused torch has changed from 2.02 (grayman)
0004006: [AI] Gaps in low poly noblewoman mesh (Springheel)
0003835: [GUI] add Swedish translation and language selector
0003985: [AI] shadow off on helmet (Springheel)
0003986: [AI] proguard issue with lod stage (Springheel)
0003877: [Feature proposal] Allow shaders to access scene depth (co-author: revelator) (SteveL)
0003983: [Script/Def] Blend lights shouldn't react to or generate stims (grayman)
0003967: [Coding] Doors become unfrobbable after AI use (grayman)
0003925: [Animation] Review random search animations (Springheel)
0003958: [Graphics] Fix r_showShadows (SteveL)
0003951: [Coding] Sleepers with regular helmets immune to KO (grayman)
0003948: [Animation] Sitters stand up while playing pain animation? (grayman)
0003949: [AI] Stuck AI in Briarwood Cathedral (grayman)
0003852: [AI] Remove an item from the game when it detaches from an AI (grayman)
0003902: [Coding] Lights need to check IsBlend() (grayman)
0003873: [AI] No one responds to the Lanternbot's whistle (grayman)
0003939: [Models] Stacked book models (Springheel)
0003933: [Coding] Fix "inline" spawnarg for func statics (SteveL)
0003903: [Animation] Sitting animation (Springheel)
0003906: [AI] Replace a few cynic vocals (Springheel)
0003869: [GUI] Add Romanian language selector to the GUI (and scripts) (SteveL)
0003853: [Models] Lady casts no shadow beneath her. (Springheel)
0002487: [Animation] Finish writing animation (Springheel)
0003482: [Models] Wench character mesh needs update (Springheel)
0003892: [Animation] Adjust female idle (Springheel)
0003891: [Def / Setup] Problem with rusted builder guard (Springheel)
0003884: [Animation] Improved throw animation for females (Springheel)
0003882: [AI] AI stuck on door (grayman)
0003876: [Textures] New snow particle not satisfactory (Springheel)
0002912: [Animation] Hands on Hips animation (Springheel)
0003483: [Models] Update Builder Guard Model (Springheel)
0003865: [Sound] Create new bark (Springheel)
0003862: [Coding] Fix parameter name for idAnimState::AnimIsPaused (SteveL)
0003350: [AI] Armed Wench missing idle_weapon animation (Springheel)
0003855: [Def / Setup] Document animated LOD (SteveL)
0003858: [Physics] Torch automatic extinguish when dropped by user doesn't happen (grayman)
0002897: [Script/Def] add addImpulse() script event (SteveL)
0003847: [AI] Unarmed AI flees to flee point, then stands still as enemy AI whacks away at him (grayman)
0003477: [Models] Eric head needs adjusting (Springheel)
0003770: [Design/Coding] Make LOD work for AI (SteveL)
       0003817: [Coding] Make decals persist through LOD switches, hiding, shouldering, save/loading (SteveL)
       0003834: [Coding] Animated LOD switches need to copy much of the idAnimBlend data, not just restart the animation. (SteveL)
0001512: [Coding] Blood decal disappears after dropping body (SteveL)
0003721: [Graphics] Add black smoke to exploding mine and fire arrow (grayman)
0003737: [Def / Setup] Mine particles not displaying (grayman)
0003848: [AI] Changes to follow an AI killing an opponent (grayman)
0003806: [AI] Make sure turn animation overrides idles (SteveL)
0003238: [Coding] Lights are still rendered, even when hidden or off (SteveL)
0003752: [Coding] Let entity lights use shadowlights and blendlights (SteveL)
0003761: [AI] AI prefabs (Springheel)
0003849: [Models] Flask models (Springheel)
0003837: [Coding] Linux compilation fixes (SteveL)
0003816: [Textures] citywatch tunic doesn't spawn wound decals (Springheel)
0003814: [Models] Quiver (Springheel)
0003842: [Textures] put alpha textures on separate layer (Springheel)
0003843: [AI] AI chasing enemy AI can lose him in good lighting (grayman)
0003844: [Coding] Renderer ignores reskinning of animated meshes when applying an overlay (SteveL)
0003819: [Coding] Skybox sometimes blinks out while mantling up worldspawn (SteveL)
0003548: [AI] Bumping an AI in a particular state has no effect (grayman)
0003809: [Models] Open book model has gaps (Springheel)
0003807: [GUI] Use different overlay guis depending on resolution aspect ratio (grayman)
0003815: [Coding] Side-on visportals can cause game freezes (SteveL)
0003803: [Coding] Game Crashes when using flash/explosive mines (grayman)
0003802: [Coding] Allow scripts to discover entities in the map (SteveL)
0003733: [GUI] Main Menu and Load/Save screens should show current campaign/mission (grayman)
0003636: [AI] "Waist" warning on zombie (Springheel)
0003654: [Models] Ragdolls heads not connected properly and some bad head defs. (Springheel)
0003805: [Def / Setup] Horse talks like a Builder (Springheel)
0003791: [Models] Redo Stove and tub models (Springheel)
0003741: [Coding] Some objectives-related script events have inconsistent indexing and bad bounds checks (SteveL)
0003753: [Textures] Missing staticatable (SteveL)
0003796: [Coding] Allow easy disabling of LOD on an entity with a new no_lod spawnarg (SteveL)
0003143: [Textures] Specular on Priest hat? (Springheel)
0003786: [AI] AI mistakenly deal with doors that open in their path (grayman)
0003680: [Models] Updates to loot models (Springheel)
0003722: [Models] Fix plates on cupboard doors (Springheel)
0003746: [Feature proposal] Frob key to close readables in the world (grayman)
0003747: [Feature proposal] Holster key used to draw the last weapon (grayman)
0003788: [AI] 2.02 Door Problem (grayman)
0003756: [AI] AI don't react to doors hitting them (grayman)
0003765: [Design/Coding] Add a script event for lights GetShader() to complement existing SetShader() (SteveL)
0003755: [AI] Running AI getting caught up on doors (grayman)
       0003572: [AI] Speed up AI door handling when running (grayman)
0003748: [AI] Proposal: Disable frob-stopping of doors when ai shove them open (grayman)
0002549: [Models] Fix Bookshelf textures (Springheel)
0003725: [AI] AIs can get permanently stuck in each other in narrow spaces (grayman)
0003742: [Textures] Victorian wallpapers don't have material defs (grayman)
0003774: [AI] Responsibility for AI drowning (grayman)
0003699: [AI] Unconscious AI Not Sustaining Fall Damage (grayman)
0003760: [Script/Def] Let def_attach entity lights be toggled by a trigger (SteveL)
0003943: [Models] New Book Models (Springheel)
0002590: [SEED] SEED: make seed_watch_brethren work (SteveL)
0003775: [AI] AI charging without drawing weapons (grayman)
0003757: [AI] Multiple AI's running in a tight corridor can get permanently stuck (grayman)
126 issues View Issues
0003516: [Coding] AI can be blocked by simple movable (grayman)
0003643: [AI] AI need to use switches to open and close doors (grayman)
0003745: [AI] AI gets confused when a double door's movement is interrupted (grayman)
0003750: [Sound] Fix alarm sound volume for 2.02 (SteveL)
0003670: [Design/Coding] "Trigger" spawnarg on path nodes improper (grayman)
0003602: [AI] AI continue searching after killing an enemy (grayman)
0001423: [Coding] Silent rapid travel by bunny hopping exploit (angua)
0003716: [Coding] Bunny Hop Exploit (SteveL)
0003660: [AI] AI "yells" not propogating properly? (grayman)
0003634: [Sound] Patrolling AI ignore tdm_nodrawsolid_moss when determining footstep sound (SteveL)
0003693: [Def / Setup] nodrawsolid_liquid doesn't work for player (SteveL)
0003304: [Script/Def] add scripting events to get mission statistics (SteveL)
0003705: [AI] AI freeze during alert 5 charge (grayman)
0003418: [Coding] libcurl on linux does not support SSL (taaaki)
0003709: [Distribution] Revise TDM release scripts/process for new server (taaaki)
0000518: [AI] AI needs to operate buttons/levers (grayman)
0003523: [AI] AI don't notice doors that are stopped. (grayman)
0001476: [AI] AI should become supicious when the door suddenly starts moving while they are handling it (angua)
0003668: [TDM Updater] TDM Update crashes in read-only directory (taaaki)
0003740: [Script/Def] Improvements to generated script reference (SteveL)
0003738: [AI] Certain pickpocketed objects should not elicit a reaction from an AI (grayman)
0003609: [Tweaking] TDM crashes on startup if fms folder does not exist (taaaki)
0003631: [AI] Can't drag AI bodies via Head (grayman)
0003731: [Coding] Restart mission causes loss of equipment (grayman)
0003728: [Textures] Skin problem with sword (Springheel)
0003729: [Def / Setup] St. Lucia alarm (Springheel)
0003726: [AI] Due to bad door-handling positions, an AI can get stuck forever trying to close a door (grayman)
0003723: [Coding] Problems with persistent items (grayman)
0003683: [Sound System] Retest propogated sounds (Springheel)
0003713: [Textures] Problem with sword normalmap (Springheel)
0003719: [Coding] Script event changeLootAmount() behaves wrong when removing all loot (SteveL)
0003697: [AI] Get Moor ready for release (Springheel)
0003717: [Def / Setup] def_attach bottle disappears on KO (Springheel)
0003714: [AI] Crash at map start when AI are touching (grayman)
0003712: [Physics] Allow movers to push the player upon request (SteveL)
0003711: [Physics] Partially opened doors lose movement and sound sync (grayman)
0003584: [AI] Object Illumination code is wrong (grayman)
0003682: [Coding] AI Hearing slider (grayman)
0003509: [AI] AI can give too many relighting barks in a row (grayman)
0003648: [AI] AI sometimes use switches through walls (grayman)
0003507: [AI] AI bounces between spotted enemy and sheathe weapon (grayman)
0003659: [Textures] New stone textures are missing "vine_friendly" (grayman)
0003549: [AI] Archer w/melee weapon always draws his bow first (grayman)
0003528: [AI] Problem with sleeping AI waking up (grayman)
0003681: [Coding] Noise Arrow "sounds" should be considered the same sound to AI (grayman)
0003703: [Models] Dagger needs new attachment point (Springheel)
0003647: [AI] AI will sometimes circle beneath a goal path_corner on the floor above (grayman)
0003559: [AI] Implement pickpocket reaction (grayman)
0003692: [Coding] Fading in a light doesn't turn it on (grayman)
0003679: [AI] death_script needs to know who's responsible for death (grayman)
0003677: [AI] Nobleman head has gap (Springheel)
0003674: [AI] Proguard archer needs melee weapon (Springheel)
0003663: [Physics] absence_noticeability inhibits jump/causes crouch (grayman)
0001279: [Sound] Need extreme alert sound (possibly specific to SL) (user81)
0001893: [Physics] Player can use candles to push AI around
0003734: [Def / Setup] Giving player a slow match at map start causes TDM shop handling code to crash (grayman)
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0003558: [Def / Setup] Dagger doesn't do enough damage (Springheel)
0003586: [Coding] Closing a book/readable with USE button frobs item in inventory (grayman)
0003620: [Def / Setup] Holy water less effective against revenants (Springheel)
0003566: [Textures] Missing inventory icon for key_plain_steel (Springheel)
0003616: [Sound] Zombies using sword slash sound (Springheel)
0003604: [Def / Setup] Add editor descriptions to heads (Springheel)
0003530: [Def / Setup] Ammonition -> Ammunition (grayman)
0003608: [Coding] Physics issue in The Swing (grayman)
0003614: [Coding] Crashes during combat? (grayman)
0003583: [Coding] Player killed twice as fast in combat from 1.08 (grayman)
0003575: [Textures] grey hair/beard ai is black in simple rendering (Springheel)
0003513: [Sound] Default snd_eaten sound not appropriate for all food (Springheel)
0003599: [Coding] Merge additions to Mission Downloader? (taaaki)
0003508: [GUI] clicked on texture anisotropy, crashed (taaaki)
0003400: [GUI] TDM freezes when attempting to change some of the advanced video settings. (taaaki)
0003481: [Models] Noblewoman has some unsmoothed polys on neck (Springheel)
0003582: [Saving/Loading] Problem loading a savegame when a following sky is used (grayman)
0003458: [Coding] Can't DMAP with any revision from 13497 onwards (taaaki)
0003578: [Coding] Support TDM in directories other than "darkmod" (taaaki)
0003649: [Saving/Loading] Restoring a saved game will sometimes cause a crash (grayman)
0003560: [Coding] Quicksave issue (taaaki)
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A standalone version of TDM that will not require Doom3 to play.
0003125: [Coding] Revising Framework/FileSystem for clarity (taaaki)
0003419: [Coding] in-game downloader does not randomize the server URLs (tels)
0001104: [AI] Gas arrows leak through glass and doors (grayman)
0003431: [AI] AI think they see you when coming out of blind state. (grayman)
0003368: [Coding] Envshot is broken in TheDarkMod.exe (taaaki)
0003395: [Sound] Create/re-enable voice volume slider in main menu (grayman)
0003307: [GUI] The "finished mission" mark is missing on line 10 (SteveL)
0003372: [AI] AI not playing pain animation (grayman)
0003195: [Coding] Prevent TDM from running as root (taaaki)
0003331: [AI] AI have several problems when entering Combat (grayman)
0002925: [AI] AI should look at target when warning (grayman)
0002416: [AI] Sleeping AI can fall through the ground when they wake up (grayman)
0003492: [AI] AI vision tests (grayman)
0003424: [AI] A group of guards can search for too long (grayman)
0003485: [Coding] Landing when crouched makes no noise (Springheel)
0003525: [AI] KO'ed and dead AI bodies can be seen when hidden (grayman)
0003351: [TDM Launcher] Game crashes on load if no FM in fms folder. (taaaki)
0003106: [Feature proposal] Make TDM standalone/untethered (Springheel)
0002966: [Coding] Get rid of hardcoded ~/doom3 path on Linux (tels)
0003563: [AI] Blackjacking problem (grayman)
0003557: [Coding] Clicking Objectives option from Failed Screen causes crash (taaaki)
0003554: [Objectives] atdm:target_setobjective_component_state doesn't work (grayman)
0003552: [AI] drunk_acuity_factor is applied twice to sleepers (grayman)
0003544: [Sound] Hum from electric lights is very annoying (grayman)
0003517: [Def / Setup] Player water impact makes too much noise (Springheel)
0001771: [AI] Need minimum time (or some control method) between barks of different alert levels (angua)
0003496: [AI] "Surprise Bark" interrupts other barks and seems out of place (grayman)
0003203: [AI] Crouch-walking on stone can NEVER alert AI (Springheel)
0003524: [Coding] Certain lights not contributing to illumination (grayman)
0003497: [Sound] Need snd_state5 vocal (grayman)
0003473: [Animation] AI sometimes get "stuck" leaning back (grayman)
0003511: [Textures] New textures (Springheel)
0003505: [AI] Create 'no_alert_idle' spawnarg (grayman)
0003410: [Distribution] TDM 2.0 beta exits with error code on startup (taaaki)
0003506: [AI] AI should turn head to look at doused lights (grayman)
0003510: [AI] AI doesn't complete relight (grayman)
0003413: [Sound] Swimming and splashing (jump into water) do not propagate sound to AI (Springheel)
0003502: [AI] Zombie not making water footstep sounds (Springheel)
0003500: [Graphics] Bad particle (Springheel)
0003461: [Sound] Check player volume for footsteps (Springheel)
0003498: [AI] Some alert barks are out of place with latched alerts (grayman)
0003499: [Sound] Need More Zombie Footsteps (Springheel)
0003445: [AI] AI goes into alert_idle because of rats. (grayman)
0003471: [Sound] Default "snd_footstep" not playing for AI (grayman)
0003487: [AI] Sleepers are giving "to_observant" barks (grayman)
0003489: [Sound] Readables making incorrect impact sound (Springheel)
0003181: [AI] Examine which barks should propogate to friendly AI (Springheel)
0003440: [Def / Setup] Zombies should not take damage from arrows; visual indicator needed (Springheel)
0003484: [AI] Sword attachment points need adjusting (Springheel)
0003159: [Models] Update longsword model (Springheel)
0003476: [Models] Nobleman head has bad weighting around mouth (Springheel)
0003426: [AI] Head 06 has see-through mouth (Springheel)
0003468: [AI] Zombies kneel while searching (Springheel)
0003452: [Physics] Moveable planks don't fall realistically (grayman)
0003415: [AI] AI greeting can occur too often for stationary AI or multiple AI in a group (grayman)
0003462: [AI] AI should turn head to look at doors opening (grayman)
0003432: [Textures] Some decals not transparent enough (Springheel)
0003455: [Sound] Something is wrong with soundprop to player (grayman)
0003450: [AI] Zombie IK not on (Springheel)
0003449: [AI] Alert index check problem in conversations (grayman)
0003448: [AI] An AI passing a conversation is allowed to greet the conversation AI (grayman)
0003443: [Sound] Weight "question" greetings higher (Springheel)
0003425: [AI] New walk causes clipping with pauldrons (Springheel)
0003341: [AI] AI do not do random head-turning when searching? (Springheel)
0003414: [AI] Eliminate or reduce wavering in AI walk (grayman)
0003430: [AI] AI giving 'return to idle' bark after search (grayman)
0003438: [AI] There should be no rampdown barks in Observant State (grayman)
0003422: [AI] AI ignore breaking glass of gas arrow (Springheel)
0003423: [AI] Idle barks during searches (grayman)
0003435: [AI] Zombie missing a sound/swing for melee attack (Springheel)
0003385: [Textures] Blood Decals not dropping? (Springheel)
0003108: [Design/Coding] Merge 7318's 3D Skybox Code (grayman)
0003420: [AI] Daggers don't have replacement anims (Springheel)
0003261: [TDM Updater] Updater and in-game downloader choke on some HTTP responses (tels)
0003411: [Coding] Common difficulty names are not translated (tels)
0003386: [Textures] Blood decals fading away (grayman)
0002682: [Saving/Loading] savegame names with dots overwrite each other (tels)
0003318: [Sound] Find someone to do Yandros's script (Springheel)
0003257: [Design/Coding] Remove D3 setup scripts (tels)
0003322: [AI] pagan belt is black (Springheel)
0000578: [Design/Coding] falling on a lowering platform doesn't properly subtract the relative velocity, so you get more hurt than you should (grayman)
0003406: [GUI] Voice audio settings are not translated (tels)
0003404: [Physics] Gas arrows not putting out torches? (Springheel)
0003403: [Textures] Alpha layer borked in texture - textures/darkmod/decals/dirt/stain01bwet (Springheel)
0003402: [Def / Setup] atdm:lamp_electric_square_1_lit is too bright (Springheel)
0003397: [Sound] Stange sound distortion in Let Sleeping Thieves Lie (Springheel)
0003401: [Def / Setup] Drowning broken? (Springheel)
0003396: [AI] Need to distinguish between sleeping on bed and sleeping on floor (grayman)
0003399: [Design/Coding] Func_portals disable info_locationseperator entities. (grayman)
0003394: [Sound] Ragdoll AI not propagating sounds properly (grayman)
0003393: [Coding] TDM 2.00 crashes Alberic's Curse (grayman)
0003258: [Coding] Stealth score doesn't include arrow alerts? (grayman)
0003353: [Saving/Loading] Crashing Upon Approaching Mine(s) With Lockpicks Drawn To Disarm (grayman)
0003361: [Script/Def] atdm:moveable_torch1 does not extinguish if dropped sideways (grayman)
0003387: [Coding] Change the TDM revision number from 1.09 to 2.00 (grayman)
0003391: [Coding] Allow warnings and crashes when def entities don't exist (grayman)
0003389: [AI] Inaccurate AI positioning on elevators (grayman)
0003370: [Physics] Moveables can hurt the player and AI (grayman)
0003381: [GUI] Briefing videos are broken (grayman)
0003375: [AI] Sleeping Builder in Outpost not sleeping (grayman)
0003009: [AI] Blocking AI in chair traps them in place (grayman)
0003042: [Sound System] Open visportals do not propagate sound loss to player. (grayman)
0003182: [AI] Idle animations can interrupt idle barks. (grayman)
0003280: [AI] AI Used to take cover from player; no longer working (grayman)
0003343: [AI] Human AIs don't see monsters (grayman)
0003358: [AI] Cannonball damages player differently than AI (grayman)
0003357: [AI] Fleeing AI problem at path_flee (grayman)
0003356: [AI] AI respond too quickly to audible alerts (grayman)
0003355: [AI] AI react too quickly to barks that include messages (grayman)
0003348: [AI] Rig new skeleton (Springheel)
0003140: [AI] Use "taking fire" soundshader when AI hit by arrows (grayman)
0003166: [Coding] After putting away sword AI still uses weapon_idle (grayman)
0002924: [AI] AI react too fast to missing objects (grayman)
0003349: [AI] Rusted builder needs new arms and legs (Springheel)
0003338: [AI] AI Greetings should have additional limits (grayman)
0003263: [Coding] snd_opened does not work on sliding doors (grayman)
0002829: [AI] Flashbombs should reduce AI hearing as well. (grayman)
0003332: [Def / Setup] Some electric lights not working recently (grayman)
0002964: [AI] Combat: Enemy AI get stuck after hitting each other once (grayman)
0002533: [AI] Archers run into player at melee range (grayman)
0002527: [AI] Give weapons to archers (grayman)
0003128: [Script/Def] Movable Oil lamps behave strangely (grayman)
0003278: [AI] Snow particle effect dosent render in certain situations: (grayman)
0003316: [Coding] Pickup messages for stackable objects do not include count information. (grayman)
0003100: [AI] Having an unaccessible path_flee_point breaks AI fleeing behavior (grayman)
0003202: [AI] Mute AI can engage in greetings (grayman)
0002752: [AI] Changing AIs from neutral to enemies during game does not work unless the AIs bump into each other. (grayman)
0003323: [AI] Need support for AI greeting pagans and beggars (grayman)
0003310: [AI] Civilian AI should flee when encountering dead body. (grayman)
0003317: [AI] AI need ability to react to sudden deaths of nearby AI (grayman)
0003330: [AI] Correct incorrect AI ranks (grayman)
0003315: [Coding] Second identical item pickpocketed does not count to "Pockets picked" statistic (grayman)
0003313: [Design/Coding] Picked pockets are counted twice (grayman)
0003314: [Coding] Found bodies of enemies killed by player do not count to 'Bodies found' (grayman)
0001188: [Mapping] Target entity for easy changing of AI sound loss on portals (grayman)
0001184: [Mapping] Glass doors - spawnarg to disable portal closing (grayman)
0003228: [Sound System] Adding Sound loss on regular visportals (grayman)
0003302: [Coding] Placing the playerstart inside a trigger_once_entityname causes crash. (tels)
0003297: [Design/Coding] There is no ko_script spawnarg for AI. (tels)
0003294: [Tweaking] Integrated Mission Downloader has inconsistent mission handling (for some missions) (tels)
0003292: [Design/Coding] Wrong objective level names in end mission screen (grayman)
0003291: [AI] AI play wrong vocal when drowning (grayman)
0003289: [Script/Def] add setViewAngles() to idPlayer (tels)
0003290: [AI] When getting up, sitting AI might use the getting up from sleeping animation (grayman)
0003288: [Script/Def] add floor() and ceil() script events (tels)
0003287: [Coding] MapShutdown() is called twice during shutdown (tels)
0003286: [Coding] Eating food can crash with ERROR:idRenderWorld::UpdateEntityDef: index = -1 (tels)
0003282: [Script/Def] add getShouldered(), getDragged() and getGrabbed() script events (tels)
0003285: [Def / Setup] atdm:ai_townsfolk_commoner has broken skin (tels)
0003277: [Script/Def] Add getBoolKey() to scripting interface (tels)
0002624: [AI] Buggy AI prop lantern (grayman)
0003264: [Coding] Noshadows_lod_x spawnarg actually affects (x-1) LOD (tels)
0003260: [Coding] Change the way scriptEvents are declared (greebo)
0003259: [Coding] I18n.pl missing certain inventory name-setting syntax (tels)
0003209: [Coding] Missing idMover::Events (tels)
0003239: [Script/Def] getRadius() script event is missing from lights (tels)
0003232: [Script/Def] add a way for scripts to query the TDM version (tels)
0003223: [Coding] Add ability for individual entities to randomly not spawn (tels)
0003217: [Objectives] Need script event to set text of objective (tels)
0001947: [Feature proposal] Fireflies (Mortem Desino)
0002259: [Coding] Animation state/transition code (grayman)
0002539: [Sound] false Movement-sound-shader - ai_wood_footsteps
0003457: [AI] Review conditions under which greetings are used (grayman)
0003474: [AI] Armed AI playing flee barks when uninjured (grayman)
0003390: [AI] Door Handling -- AI couldn't open half-open door. (grayman)
165 issues View Issues
0003041: [Feature proposal] We need Restart Mission option... (AluminumHaste)
       0003139: [GUI] Restart Map button only works once (grayman)
0003075: [AI] AI can enter combat while still kneeling (grayman)
0003063: [AI] Ai ramp up too quickly when player is seen (grayman)
0003154: [AI] AI sitting/sleeping at map start can't receive a target in idle mode (grayman)
0003110: [Design/Coding] TDM crashes before painting the main menu if "A Night to Remember" is in darkmod/fms (grayman)
0003113: [Graphics] Add a simple way for single entities to be hidden depending on "Object Details" (tels)
0003115: [Coding] .lin (pointfile) cannot be written if maps/ does not exist (taaaki)
0003054: [Coding] Save screenshots to a central location (taaaki)
0003057: [Coding] Deleting FM folder of installed mission causes DarkMod to break/crash (taaaki)
0003078: [AI] AI are inconsistent when finding neutral bodies (grayman)
0003162: [TDM Updater] Make changes to tdm_update for TDM 1.08 (grayman)
0003155: [TDM Updater] Have updater download most recent version of St. Lucia and Training Map (grayman)
0003244: [GUI] Selecting SurroundSound gives odd error : #str_04141, #str_04142 (tels)
0003028: [GUI] EAX Audio selection problem (tels)
0003230: [Coding] gui_parm1 etc are not translated (tels)
0003189: [Models] tdm:moveable_holder_round_plus_candle3 doesn't have a shadow mesh (Springheel)
0003198: [GUI] Chalice of the Kings freezes on loading with non english menu languages (tels)
0003205: [GUI] Briefing text in Training Mission is cut off (tels)
0003229: [Distribution] tdm_fonts01.pk4 is downloaded twice (greebo)
0003218: [Models] skin for shaded light changed since1.07 (Springheel)
0003225: [Coding] There are no *.cfg files present after installation. (tels)
0003211: [TDM Updater] tdm_update won't update saintlucia if fms/saintlucia doesn't exist (grayman)
0003184: [Coding] Missions have AAS error in Linux (greebo)
0003214: [Coding] darkmod.ini uses hardcoded path on linux (tels)
0003206: [Graphics] Heat haze fights with glare particle (Springheel)
0003207: [Animation] Female AI not using turn? (Springheel)
0003208: [TDM Updater] tdm_updater builds wrong paths, fails to download from bloodgate.com (grayman)
0003094: [Mapping] Prep St. Lucia for 1.08 release (Springheel)
0003185: [Graphics] Visual Oddities in 1.08 (Springheel)
0003035: [TDM Updater] delete dmargs.txt, tdmlauncher etc (grayman)
0003197: [Models] Clock hands appear light blue (Springheel)
0003193: [GUI] numofpages accepts integers only and not alphanumeric strings (tels)
0003192: [Design/Coding] interactionTableWidth limit of 4096 needs to be increased (grayman)
0003169: [Models] Add new furniture and plant models (Springheel)
0003157: [Coding] Console ArgCompletion_FolderExtension looking in wrong directories (taaaki)
0003178: [Graphics] Fire Arrows no showing 'scorch' decal (grayman)
0003176: [Animation] Need kneeling animation for torch carriers. (Springheel)
0002920: [Coding] Warned AI do not play walk_alerted walk (grayman)
0003170: [Coding] allow v1.07 in addition to 1.07 as version in darkmod.txt (tels)
0002677: [Coding] Weapon behaviour interrupted (grayman)
0003164: [Coding] Player arm freezes when attack button pressed (grayman)
0003144: [Coding] Lightgem brightness affected by turning. (angua)
0003033: [Coding] map compiler does not respect fms path (taaaki)
0003034: [Coding] DoomConfig.cfg read/write locations (taaaki)
0003156: [Design/Coding] Prop torch flame doesn't stay with torch during cinematic (grayman)
0003151: [GUI] New Mission blend (Springheel)
0003147: [Models] Wall clock and grandfather clock use different hand positions (Springheel)
0003141: [Coding] Remove proxy CVARs (tels)
0003091: [Sound] Finish rustle sounds for all AI (Springheel)
0003070: [AI] AI warning allies while in combat? (grayman)
0003092: [Def / Setup] Finish Light Entities (Baddcog)
0002816: [AI] AI are not alerted if you throw things at them (grayman)
0003131: [Coding] Rope arrow ignores armour (grayman)
0003132: [Coding] Ambient light is currently not considered in object illumination (grayman)
0003104: [AI] Two AI passing through a locked door leaves the door unlocked (grayman)
0002165: [AI] Elite guard shadowmesh has gap (Springheel)
0003133: [Def / Setup] Hooded light not casting shadow (Springheel)
0003134: [AI] Elite guard has gap in shadowmesh (Springheel)
0003130: [Def / Setup] Logs in fireplace entities do not switch skin when extinguished (grayman)
0003129: [Coding] Chandeliers with 3 lights leave one light on too long when doused (grayman)
0003121: [Coding] Add particle macro (tels)
0003123: [AI] Need new torch animations and code corrections (grayman)
0003119: [AI] Treadmilling AI in Outpost (grayman)
0003067: [Coding] Shadow comes on before light disappears (tels)
0002679: [Models] Model has bad or missing uv data, or model needs tripling down (Springheel)
0003112: [AI] Remove the spider queen (tels)
0003111: [Coding] Make the model loader fallback to ASE or LWO when the other doesn't exist (tels)
0003109: [Script/Def] tdm_light_holder doesn't swap def_attached skins (tels)
0002714: [Sound] Add specialized footsteps (Springheel)
0003049: [Animation] Please add a standing AI page-turning animation (Springheel)
0003102: [Textures] HUD compass appears black (Serpentine)
0003080: [Coding] Check and limit AA to the maximum value that the hardware/driver allows (Serpentine)
0003079: [Coding] Crash in listSounds (Serpentine)
0002974: [Models] irongatesegment.ase inverted normals (Serpentine)
0003072: [AI] Armed thug used unarmed flee bark? (Springheel)
0002485: [Sound] Foot tapping too loud (Springheel)
0002423: [AI] Archers ignore enemy when there are interesting sounds (grayman)
0003093: [Graphics] Update flame particles (Springheel)
0003089: [Coding] Make r_showSurfaceInfo more TDM friendly (Serpentine)
0002982: [Graphics] jpeg's used in material stages result in artifacts (greebo)
0003083: [AI] Builder priest ragdoll broke (Springheel)
0003082: [Models] Buckets missing shadow mesh on their bottoms (Springheel)
0002724: [AI] AI wields sword after relaxing from seeing a KO'd comrade (grayman)
0002681: [Coding] assertion when loading Heart under Debug builds (grayman)
0002978: [Coding] Landing on diagonal surface makes no sound (grayman)
0002921: [Coding] AI using "blood" bark when spotting corpse. (grayman)
0002922: [Coding] AI give arrow more attention than corpse (grayman)
0002891: [Animation] Need appropriate weapon_idle (Springheel)
0003027: [Animation] Need open door animation for alert AI (Springheel)
0003077: [AI] Dousing a carried torch during relight causes problems (grayman)
0003069: [AI] Rats respond to alerts (grayman)
0001395: [AI] Minimum reaction time for searching alert
0003056: [Coding] TDM crashes when using a sword (grayman)
0003071: [Coding] Frequent Crashes during combat (grayman)
0002422: [AI] AI goes to lower floor when searching (grayman)
0003066: [Models] Privacey screen skin broken (Serpentine)
0003046: [AI] 2nd acolyte head shadow issue (Springheel)
0003068: [Models] Thug bootstrap (Springheel)
0003064: [Models] Beds with shadow issues (Springheel)
0003016: [Coding] Remove support for the SSD GUI (tels)
0003060: [Coding] Fonts that are not found leak a fontInfo entry everytime they are tried to be registered (tels)
0002998: [Coding] Weapon issue after a cinematic (grayman)
0003055: [Coding] Add BUILD=profile to our build framework (tels)
0002997: [Saving/Loading] SVN TDM (1.08) not saving games properly (taaaki)
0002905: [Coding] AI comment about lights out on map start (grayman)
0003052: [AI] Alerted AI skips path_waitfortrigger (grayman)
0003050: [AI] Further changes to AI elevator use (grayman)
0003048: [Coding] coding for target spawn entity (tels)
0003047: [Design/Coding] AI not noticing absence marker (grayman)
0003037: [Sound] Player can't hear footsteps while crouch running (Springheel)
0003043: [Graphics] Renderer has a limit of 10000 handles (tels)
0003038: [Coding] DDS loading only works up to 4 levels deep (tels)
0002550: [Models] Bottle models (Springheel)
0003026: [Coding] Add "tired" sounds to Bow Draw (Springheel)
0003032: [Coding] Enhance debug display of AAS areas (grayman)
0003025: [AI] Failed KO animations can build up and play repeatedly (grayman)
0003019: [GUI] The "Stealth Score" stat for Alert-4 (agit. searches) is cascading, so it overcounts (grayman)
0003029: [AI] AI should use an elevator if it's faster than walking (grayman)
0000519: [AI] AI needs "wait for resource" lock (aka: work together)
0002812: [Coding] Character 0xFF does not work in fonts (tels)
0002600: [AI] AI don't care arrow is sticking out of them (Springheel)
0003017: [Coding] make textAlign work with idChoiceWindow (tels)
0003018: [Coding] make choiceDefs work with any string (tels)
0003013: [Feature proposal] Allow any entity access to info_location entities (grayman)
0002975: [Physics] Objects in forcefield move way too fast (player moves as expected) (grayman)
0003010: [Coding] Add sounds to player mantle (grayman)
0003011: [Physics] Frobbing an item does not activate physics for touching contacts (grayman)
0003005: [AI] Elevators broken by nearby visportals (grayman)
0003001: [Coding] Player cannot knock movables objects off edges (grayman)
0003006: [Sound System] Missing sound shaders (tels)
0003004: [AI] Rare issue with AI getting stuck at doors (grayman)
0002587: [Sound] Go through Amita's sounds (Springheel)
0002950: [Sound] Do death cries propogate? (Springheel)
0002983: [Coding] Allow the the game window to be minimized easily (Serpentine)
0001784: [Sound] Find decent metal armour impact sound (Springheel)
0002990: [Coding] Fix load and rendering of character 0xFF (tels)
0002988: [Graphics] Remove fonts with size 6 and 8 (tels)
0002984: [Coding] Remove the limitations on task switching from Win XP (Serpentine)
0002986: [Design/Coding] Don't copy the gamex86 module to the mission folders (greebo)
0002981: [Coding] Upgrade PugiXML library to 1.0 (greebo)
0002961: [Sound] Go through bow sounds (Springheel)
0002976: [Coding] Crash in Training Mission when triggering Message GUIs (greebo)
0002695: [AI] AIs can not correctly handle certain doors (grayman)
0002940: [Animation] Check new animations against torch-carriers (Springheel)
0002973: [Design/Coding] Fix uninitialised pointers returned by CollisionModelManager::Translate() (greebo)
0002972: [Design/Coding] Remove Sourcehook (greebo)
0002963: [Design/Coding] Simplify mission PK4 setup (greebo)
0002962: [TDM Launcher] Move tdmlauncher functionality into the game engine (greebo)
0002956: [GUI] Add a condensed Carleton font (tels)
0002936: [Coding] Merge the GPL'd D3 sources with the TDM codebase (greebo)
0002933: [GUI] Add ability to select player start points to mission briefing (grayman)
0002943: [Design/Coding] Some electric lights casting unwanted shadows from their models (grayman)
0002395: [Feature proposal] Using the weight of the player and various other objects to attack a guard.
0003096: [AI] Archer should play run_torch.md5anim in stead of run.md5anim (Springheel)
0003097: [Graphics] There is candle that casts buggy flickering shadows in the training room. (Springheel)
0003196: [Coding] remove the workaround setGuiStringFromKey (tels)
0003073: [Graphics] Crash to main menu when switching to a camera (Serpentine)
0003074: [AI] Incorrect run animation when NPC has weapon attached but not drawn (grayman)
159 issues View Issues
0002787: [Feature proposal] Complete Vine Arrow (grayman)
0002805: [Coding] Screenshot image format (stgatilov)
0002859: [AI] If an AI opens a door marked ShouldBeClosed, he becomes suspicious (Springheel)
0002808: [Def / Setup] Electric lights (tels)
0002887: [GUI] Stealth Score Level-5 bust ("being seen") isn't countable for the stats GUI because of incrementing "cascade" (grayman)
0002824: [Graphics] Moonbeams are too faint (Serpentine)
0002537: [Animation] Test Noisycricket's new combat animations (Springheel)
0002795: [GUI] Add russian fonts (tels)
0002934: [Design/Coding] The ATTACK key is being ignored when lockpicking an armed mine (grayman)
0002916: [Sound] Create shader for reaction to warnings (Springheel)
0002888: [GUI] "Back" and "Objectives" in the briefing screen are bitmaps (tels)
0002930: [AI] AI knockouts aren't behaving as expected when AI have weapons drawn (grayman)
0002928: [AI] AI might kneel too far from where we expect them to (grayman)
0002903: [AI] The distance check added for warnings in 1.07 leads to alerts being spread too wide (grayman)
0002846: [Coding] Download fmname_l10n.pk4 (greebo)
0002911: [Coding] When adding rotating cogs to multistate movers the cogs sometime rotate in the wrong direction (greebo)
0002906: [Coding] Arrows sometimes spawn explosion decal without exploding mine (grayman)
0002907: [Coding] AI not alerted by mine soundprop (grayman)
0002908: [AI] AI killed by player-tossed mines don't know they were killed by the player (grayman)
0002794: [Coding] Mines show decal when shot with water arrow (grayman)
0002904: [TDM Launcher] Steam: FM does not stay installed and Saved games don't run (greebo)
0002902: [AI] TDM 1.07 hangs near the beginning of Let Sleeping Thieves Lie (grayman)
0002900: [Def / Setup] Carried torches go out at map start (grayman)
0002874: [Coding] Changing language during mission while reading (greebo)
0002850: [GUI] Campaign Distinction on In-Game Downloader (greebo)
0001447: [Coding] Toggle compass command doesn't toggle (tels)
0002893: [Mapping] zones w/ dynamic ambient lighting disabled still carry settings from other zones (tels)
0002892: [Graphics] Crash to desktop on Alberics Curse (tels)
0002439: [Textures] Convert TGA files to DDS (tels)
0002788: [Def / Setup] Add more premade key entries (possible with new models/skins) (tels)
0002879: [Saving/Loading] Loading a final save crashes TDM to the main menu. (greebo)
0002880: [Saving/Loading] GUI files make Training Mission crash on load (tels)
0002840: [Saving/Loading] AI Ragdolls moved and distorted on map load (grayman)
0002801: [Coding] AI play "weapon" bark when shot by arrow (grayman)
0002872: [Coding] AI should Notice Ropes (grayman)
0002873: [Sound] Missing vocal shaders (Springheel)
0001327: [Coding] CProjectileResult remains indefinitely (grayman)
0002877: [Saving/Loading] Games saved when a sliding door is open can crash TDM (grayman)
0002796: [Coding] Non-ASCII GUI choices don't work (tels)
0002844: [Coding] Finish I18N.pl (tels)
0002866: [AI] AI don't close "shouldBeClosed" doors after searching near them (grayman)
0002772: [Coding] Code uses mindplaces.com (tels)
0002802: [GUI] Bitmap "texts" cannot be translated (tels)
       0002825: [Graphics] Carleton Bold is missing its size 12 DDS (tels)
0002853: [AI] A fully-lit absence marker might not be seen by a passing AI (grayman)
0002862: [AI] Doors no longer need to send visual stims if they aren't marked shouldBeClosed (grayman)
0002860: [AI] When a lootable painting is stolen, AI can't see the absence marker (grayman)
0002861: [AI] Sliding doors marked shouldBeClosed might not alert nearby AI (grayman)
0002854: [Script/Def] Add ability to include custom mission script files in tdm_main.script (greebo)
0002851: [AI] Remove AlertAI() and GetAlertEntity() (tels)
0002852: [Coding] fix GUI command handling with args in HandleMainMenuCommands() (tels)
0002797: [Coding] Add support for FM specific translations (tels)
0002826: [Coding] LOD inventory entities sometimes re-appear (tels)
0002833: [Coding] --delay not working on tdmlauncher (tels)
0002811: [Coding] Font loading does not fall back to English (tels)
0002815: [Coding] Support FM short descriptions in other languages (tels)
0002817: [Coding] sys_lang only allows a fixed set of languages (tels)
0002820: [Coding] Unnecessary event posting during map startup can lead to overrunning the event queue (grayman)
0002823: [Coding] Light holders (candles, etc.) marked "extinguished" spawn lit (grayman)
0002822: [Def / Setup] Fireplaces have their light embedded in the floor (tels)
0002806: [Textures] hanging_horizontal_leaves has no alpha (tels)
0002804: [Coding] Keys ("rusty key" etc) do no twork with chest in italian (tels)
0002777: [AI] Try to remove ai_character.script (tels)
0002803: [Coding] Restarting TDM fails with boost error on linux (tels)
0002800: [Animation] Need combat animations for torch-carriers (Springheel)
0002783: [Coding] Support translated HUD (weapon names, inventory groups), shopitems, messages etc. (tels)
0002782: [GUI] Add a way to switch the language in the menu (tels)
0002183: [AI] Spiders shoulderable
0002478: [Coding] Adjustments to mines (grayman)
       0001496: [Feature proposal] Unlocking of armed mines (grayman)
0002698: [Coding] Slim down strings/english.lang (tels)
0002781: [Coding] Autogenerate english.lang etc. from strings/all.lang (tels)
0002722: [SEED] SEED: trace ends at bottom of SEED entity (tels)
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0002603: [AI] AI do not play "notice_lights" bark (grayman)
0002652: [Coding] Fallen lights are marked "should be on"
0002728: [AI] Rats interfering with AI movement (grayman)
0002776: [TDM Updater] TDM Updater sometimes fails to update itself (greebo)
0002774: [Coding] Restart Mission crashes after saving and dying when a weapon is drawn (greebo)
0002768: [Coding] More portable lightgem - getting rid of named pipe / shared memory (stgatilov)
0002767: [Coding] Savegame Compression (stgatilov)
0002620: [Sound] Add alarm bark (Springheel)
0000541: [AI] AI should turn on lights while searching nearby (grayman)
0002762: [AI] New path_corner type: "Follow this Actor" (greebo)
0002518: [Design/Coding] Mac OS X Support (greebo)
0002757: [GUI] Downloaded missions don't appear until full restart (greebo)
0002750: [GUI] In-Game Downloader stops when switching pages (greebo)
0002751: [GUI] Stale download progress info when requeing downloads (greebo)
0002133: [GUI] Add random tips to loading screen (Springheel)
0002449: [AI] Torch-carriers need pain modification (Springheel)
0001623: [AI] AI don't notice lights going out in front of them (grayman)
0002744: [Coding] Still getting "Cannot find attachment X to destroy" error (greebo)
0002747: [Coding] Crashes after a "Doom 3 Blue Window" type of game shutdown (greebo)
0002746: [GUI] Add "Wait until Ready" GUI to be displayed when the mission is about to start (greebo)
0002734: [Coding] Inaccurate AAS data can lead to a hang. (grayman)
0002655: [AI] Werebeast crawler can cause damage above his height (grayman)
0002717: [AI] An AI can think he's reached a goal that's on the floor above him (grayman)
0002740: [AI] AI weapons sometimes cause bad pathfinding (grayman)
0002202: [GUI] Campaign Support (greebo)
       0002264: [Coding] Need a persistent data structure to store info between multiple maps (greebo)
0002739: [AI] Some stim/responses are being overwritten by others (grayman)
0002613: [Coding] Add more aspect ratios (tels)
0002715: [GUI] Add option to switch off main menu background music (greebo)
0002723: [TDM Updater] tdm_update's differential updater leaves a corrupt tdm_game02.pk4 (greebo)
0002731: [Sound] AI playing default footsteps on straw mat? (Springheel)
0002732: [AI] AI leaves one of locked double doors unlocked (grayman)
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0002706: [AI] Console can get spammed with "AI MoveStack contains more than 100 moves!" (grayman)
0001330: [AI] AI weapons sometimes hover in midair after AI goes ragdoll (grayman)
0002469: [AI] Werebeast not affected by flashbomb (grayman)
0002621: [Coding] Add Boost 1.45 static libs for VC++ 2010 (greebo)
0002661: [GUI] Shop item description display sometimes missing/wrong (tels)
0002659: [Coding] Rotating doors with (tiny) translation incorrectly clear the "first_frob_open" flag (greebo)
0002662: [Models] models/darkmod/architecture/awnings_ roofs/awning_cloth_01_large.lwo has some stray verts (greebo)
0002664: [Coding] invert_on_trigger on func_rotating bug (greebo)
0000720: [AI] Guards can be made to repeat their door-closing cycle (grayman)
0001145: [AI] AI trying doors they cannot open (grayman)
0002646: [Coding] WARNING: Door XYZ is not within a valid AAS area (tels)
0002568: [Physics] Rats push heavy moveables too powerfully (grayman)
0002670: [AI] Running AIs should not close doors behind them. (grayman)
0002672: [GUI] ingame objectives scroll arrows overlap text (tels)
0002676: [Script/Def] Lighting lights does not activate binarymovers (tels)
0002283: [Design/Coding] Playing cards have invalid mass (grayman)
0002654: [AI] Map start triggered cutscenes kill floating AI's (grayman)
0002683: [AI] Crash when starting The Thieves (grayman)
0002684: [Coding] rats cause assertion failures when using debug DLL (grayman)
0002669: [AI] A patrolling AI blocked by movables can get stuck treadmilling. (grayman)
0002685: [AI] Chalice of Kings tickles an assert when using a Debug DLL (grayman)
0002209: [Feature proposal] Alert entity proposal (tels)
0002690: [AI] AI become confused when chasing player through a door (grayman)
0002667: [Physics] AI Moving Untouched Movables
0002680: [SEED] Need a LOD data manager (tels)
0002692: [AI] AI sometimes block a door they're opening (grayman)
0002694: [AI] An AI running toward a closed door can fall into circling behavior at the door (grayman)
0002700: [AI] An AI using a door can get blocked and hold up the entire door queue. (grayman)
0002691: [AI] AI open prefab doors when searching or when chasing the player (grayman)
0002708: [AI] AI can get stuck near monster-clipped tables, etc. (grayman)
0002712: [AI] AI don't walk through an open door when it's marked "ai_should_not_handle" (grayman)
0002716: [AI] In Beleaguered Fence, a guard opens door *_13 from the floor below (grayman)
0002468: [AI] monsters immune to gas arrows (grayman)
0002721: [AI] Revenants have become immune to Holy Water Arrows (grayman)
0002578: [SEED] SEED: Make sure we do not combine entities which cannot be combined (tels)
0002634: [Coding] Need a way for the mapper to prevent lod_bias hiding important entities (tels)
0002635: [Coding] hide_distance < lod_distance is ignored (tels)
0002475: [Models] Gaslights not switching to unlit skin (tels)
0002632: [Coding] add hide_distance support to func_smoke (tels)
0002637: [Models] triplet down models/darkmod/architecture/chimneys/square_stone (greebo)
0002640: [AI] Searching AI will freeze long distances from a stim point if they can see the point (grayman)
0002650: [AI] Rats close doors (grayman)
0002560: [AI] AI Freezing during search (grayman)
0002604: [AI] AI do not play "gassed" bark (grayman)
44 issues View Issues
0001965: [GUI] Make stealth score more meaningful (demagogue)
0002460: [Coding] Easy way to close maps (greebo)
0002557: [Coding] attach/destroy frame commands sometimes overlap or cause crash (greebo)
0002625: [TDM Updater] Updater fails to update itself on some occasions (greebo)
0002513: [Saving/Loading] Remove editor_ spawnargs from in-game entities (stgatilov)
0002545: [SEED] Rename the LODE system to SEED (tels)
0002569: [SEED] SEED: func_statics are invisible when combine=0 (tels)
0002570: [SEED] SEED: segfault (crash) when you use combine=0 with func_statics from map geometry (tels)
0002572: [SEED] SEED: combine=0 and map-geometry func_statics are invisible and have wrong clipmodel (tels)
0002586: [SEED] SEED: entity count computation from density is broken (tels)
0001444: [Coding] Remember last position in inventory after clear (stgatilov)
0002154: [Coding] Arrows fire incorrectly from standing lean (Springheel)
0002425: [Coding] animation frame commands doubled or skipped (greebo)
0002282: [AI] Initially sitting AI's sit on air after relaxing from a disturbance (grayman)
0002339: [Coding] Self inflicted wounds, and not of the shaving kind. (stgatilov)
0002595: [SEED] SEED: make spawn_xyz more versatile (tels)
0002596: [Def / Setup] Player is not coughing when entering gas clouds (greebo)
0002598: [Coding] Responses are not considering time-dependent stim radii (greebo)
0002520: [Coding] Request: Random def_projectile (greebo)
0002593: [Coding] ModelGenerator fails for twosided materials (tels)
0002605: [SEED] SEED: For combined entities the first has rotation=0 (tels)
0002356: [AI] Rats get stuck (grayman)
0002453: [AI] Bad door-handling outcome in certain situations (grayman)
0002483: [Coding] Vocals from frame commands don't use lipsynching (Springheel)
0002571: [SEED] SEED: Restore() crashes when you use combine=1 (tels)
0002345: [AI] AI Getting stuck on Each Other. (grayman)
0002579: [SEED] SEED: Clone important spawnargs (tels)
0002601: [SEED] SEED: automatic origin calculation for moveables (tels)
0002611: [SEED] SEED: Crash with idRenderWorld::UpdateEntityDef: NULL hModel (tels)
0000909: [Coding] AI door behaviour improvements, eg, AI fighting each other to open/close door, speed up access. (grayman)
0002510: [Textures] Skybox backgrounds too bright using enhanced ambient (Serpentine)
0002591: [AI] Cough sound not playing (Springheel)
0002623: [TDM Updater] Updater has trouble when single files are modified/deleted (greebo)
0002628: [SEED] SEED: some surfaces still doubled twice (tels)
0002651: [AI] AI freezing on State: Switch on light (greebo)
0000700: [AI] Rats try to walk through closed doors. (angua)
0002511: [Graphics] Lightgem not affected by ambient in "Enhanced" (Serpentine)
0002523: [GUI] When downloading many missions, the notification text is truncated (greebo)
0002524: [Coding] Option to view Mission Details before downloading them (greebo)
       0002525: [Coding] Add PNG and JPG support to the devil library (greebo)
0002529: [Coding] Cannot bind FX to specific joints - is always bound to origin (greebo)
0002330: [Tweaking] previously clicked menu-text stays highlighted after going step back (greebo)
0002512: [Sound] Previous location's ambient plays at full volume on reload on top of currrent ambient (until next transition) (demagogue)
0002531: [Design/Coding] Change window Title and Icon (DOOM3 => TDM) (greebo)
0002532: [Coding] Update sourcehook sources (greebo)
0002536: [AI] Dormant AI on interleaved thinking can suffer huge translation errors when awakened (grayman)
0002495: [Coding] hide_distance etc no longer working after 1.03 (tels)
0002519: [Script/Def] Add support for sys.log(x) and sys.pow(x,y) to the scripting system (tels)
0002270: [Sound System] Ambient music volume levels (demagogue)
       0002497: [Sound] Fixing ambient volume slider from 1.02 broke it in another way in 1.03 (demagogue)
0002276: [Coding] Improve the LOD system (tels)
0002546: [Coding] Lights take several seconds to extinguish (tels)
0002551: [Models] Move all the LOD models into models/darkmod/misc/lod/ (tels)
0002556: [GUI] GUI Shop adjustments (tels)
0002558: [Coding] Random head turn members in idAI not Saved/Restored (greebo)
0002563: [GUI] Buying in the shop can make it impossible to drop starting items (tels)
0002567: [GUI] Shop Code Dropping not quite finished (tels)
0002580: [Coding] Archer uses Throw animation if too far away. (Springheel)
0002033: [AI] Bottle/arrow-throwing overriding archery (Springheel)
0002582: [TDM Updater] Packaging Updates (greebo)
0002573: [SEED] SEED: Write an image map manager, that can share image map data (tels)
0002496: [TDM Updater] TDM Updater does not work in Windows 2000 (greebo)
0002464: [Coding] Sleeping AI respond to greetings (grayman)
0002502: [Coding] PickableLock objects not registered on gamesave - savegames with pending events crash on restore (greebo)
0002501: [GUI] Update Credits (greebo)
0002505: [Models] Move LOD models (tels)
66 issues View Issues
0002255: [GUI] New Mission menu improvements (greebo)
0002341: [Coding] "No_dups" not working for vocal barks (grayman)
0002226: [AI] Lanternbots turn invisible when slain (Baddcog)
0002392: [AI] Patrolling AI get up immediately after path_sleep (angua)
0001421: [Physics] Arrows can stick in broken arrows (grayman)
0001422: [Physics] Arrows can stick in arrows sticking in AI (grayman)
0002409: [Physics] 'slick' materials attribute doesn't work correctly (grayman)
0002369: [AI] Horse - skins (Springheel)
0002417: [Coding] Ambient sounds lost after loading (tels)
0000837: [Coding] Arrows don't stick into attachments on living AI (grayman)
0002169: [AI] Strange AI behaviour/death when underwater (grayman)
0002324: [Coding] Water should decrease visibility: add Lightgem modifier (tels)
0002377: [Graphics] Add Sotha's skybox decals (tels)
0001181: [Coding] when mantling onto a moving object the mantle process is stationary, often the object is long gone (Ishtvan)
0002413: [Coding] Broken CPUID on Linux (tels)
0002432: [Coding] Update Boost 1.35 to a more recent one (greebo)
0002430: [Coding] If shouldered entity is removed from game, stuck shouldering forever (tels)
0002424: [GUI] click in menu causes game action (tels)
0002408: [AI] Sleepers "seeing" bodies (tels)
0002065: [GUI] Discarding articles when sorting Missions in the "New Mission"-menu (tels)
0002396: [GUI] Add the Bloom settings to the menu (New Horizon)
0002426: [TDM Updater] TDM Updater improvements (greebo)
0002443: [Design/Coding] Sconscript deprecation warnings (greebo)
0002450: [GUI] Unknown Pause before Purchase Menu (grayman)
0002455: [Coding] Reignited candles do not fade out when snubbed out again (tels)
0002337: [Coding] Add a falloff to the dynamic ambient light (tels)
0002342: [Coding] idRotator reveres direction each time it is triggered (tels)
0001960: [GUI] No error message when failing to install FM package (greebo)
0002343: [GUI] Split the Actions/Inventory menu, add shortcuts for "Spyglass" and "Cycle readables" (tels)
0002344: [Def / Setup] Elevator buttons double firing other targets (Fidcal)
0002379: [Models] New golden Ingots as loot items (greebo)
0002380: [Design/Coding] CObjectiveLocation doesn't recognize absence of deleted entities. (greebo)
0002027: [Feature proposal] Set objective_ent when stackable dropped (Baal)
0002385: [AI] AI playing cards: some sit_down_angles unusable (angua)
0002352: [Coding] Arrows stick into player head (tels)
0002362: [Coding] Water texture/wobble is too fast (tels)
0002389: [Coding] needs a new spawnarg for callobjectfunction (tels)
0002390: [Coding] BinaryFrobMovers do not relay the activator to their targets (tels)
0001851: [Coding] Bug when "using" AI with "shoulderable" set to "0". (greebo)
0002280: [GUI] Mission version check is bound to fail on next major version (greebo)
0002281: [Physics] No physics for dropped pickpocketed objects (greebo)
0002308: [Coding] Mission Download Manager (greebo)
0002309: [Coding] Support for replace_anim_* spawnargs directly on AI (greebo)
0001865: [Sound] Undesired default sound effects with "locations" (wet EAX, omni, sound propogation too far)
0002268: [Coding] No need to extract startingmap.txt file from mission PK4 (greebo)
0002269: [Script/Def] Response Effect Knockout not working (greebo)
0002210: [Saving/Loading] Savegame trying to restore Doom3 objectiveSystem (greebo)
0002236: [Def / Setup] atdm:ai_townsfolk_commoner_armed def vocal set typo (Fidcal)
0002237: [Feature proposal] Need generic text guis for signs etc (Fidcal)
0002218: [Coding] "idle_animations_torso" causes crash (angua)
0002225: [Coding] path_anim won't work without an "angle" property (angua)
0002229: [Coding] Conversations only playing once (greebo)
0002234: [Coding] Weapon scrolling broken (greebo)
0002241: [Coding] gameLocal.m_StimTimer is not cleared between maps (greebo)
0002242: [Coding] Stim/Response Code Cleanup (greebo)
0002243: [Coding] Crash in func_shooter entity when def_projectile is wrong (greebo)
0002244: [Models] ASE Models that need to be proper sanitized for DOOM 3 (tels)
0002258: [Coding] Climbing chains sounds like rope (greebo)
0002260: [GUI] Easier override option for main menu music (greebo)
0002262: [GUI] Restart Game button for settings menu (greebo)
0001254: [GUI] Cannot see objectives or why failed after mission end (greebo)
0002261: [GUI] in 16:9 aspect resolutions, 1280x720 and 1366x768 are reversed (greebo)
0002265: [Coding] Console commands to mark missions as played/completed (greebo)
0002376: [Coding] Shop not showing all items in player starting inventory (grayman)
0002438: [Textures] Norman shield texture error (Springheel)
0002099: [Script/Def] Location based sound stops when quickloading (tels)
0002287: [Animation] no_random_headturning Not Working (greebo)
0002326: [Coding] Location settings broken if player enters undefined area (tels)
68 issues View Issues
0002173: [AI] Lantern Bot (greebo)
0002190: [Tweaking] Moss patches can spawn on players head and is mantleable (greebo)
0001126: [Objectives] Objectives: Implement objective component for reading a readable (COMP_READ) (greebo)
0002074: [Coding] Crash in idPVS::FreeCurrentPVS (greebo)
0002145: [Feature proposal] Detect after readable read (greebo)
0002156: [AI] Enable Death animation for spiders (greebo)
0002162: [Models] Model pot_ceramic_open crashes when dmapping (greebo)
0002203: [AI] Some animations don't play footstep sounds (greebo)
0002205: [Physics] Crash at shutdown in idEntity::UnbindNotify() of AI (greebo)
0002151: [Script/Def] replaceInvItem(entity oldItem, entity newItem) and $null_entity (greebo)
0002172: [Script/Def] attachToPos scriptevent not working (greebo)
0002174: [AI] "snd_alert3hc" is not used by the code due to a typo (greebo)
0002177: [Distribution] tdm_ai_nobles.mtr with noblewoman materials in release in tdm_ai_humanoid_guards01.pk4 (greebo)
0002144: [Feature proposal] Reverse inventory order so latest addition is reached first. (greebo)
0002153: [Coding] AI play "lost him" barks after killing opponent. (greebo)
0002180: [Textures] Missing bc_silver_teapot_2 def (Fidcal)
0002194: [Coding] Expose value for minimum alert time (greebo)
17 issues View Issues
0000679: [Coding] Player cannot walk up bevelled step (greebo)
0001921: [GUI] HUD font sometimes defaults to D3 font (greebo)
0002096: [Script/Def] add scriptEvent canSeeEntity() (tels)
0002007: [Sound System] Ambient slider in game menu doesn't seem to work (tels)
0000701: [Saving/Loading] Random Text #str for loading screens (greebo)
0001823: [AI] Decrease melee damage to zombies (crispy)
0002191: [Textures] Backward running long clock arms (SneaksieDave)
0001170: [Coding] Inventory issues with losing carried body (greebo)
0001963: [Coding] Double doors sometimes highlight at a distance (greebo)
0001976: [Coding] Shop items get duplicated on "Restart" after dying (greebo)
0001977: [GUI] FM Installer Code needs to consider ZIP files as well as PK4s (greebo)
0001984: [GUI] FM Installer Code needs to replace dashes with underscores on creating the fms subfolder (greebo)
0001990: [Sound] No SOUND on TDM after installing a mission - under Linux (greebo)
0001994: [Sound] Builder 2 Vocal Set incomplete (greebo)
0001996: [Coding] Shouldered ragdolls sometimes undroppable (greebo)
0002002: [GUI] FM Installer Code should check required version of Mission to be installed (greebo)
0002005: [Saving/Loading] QuickLoad/Save crash (greebo)
0002009: [GUI] Remove Bloom option from settings menu (greebo)
0002015: [Coding] Need console commands to control logging to darkmod.log (greebo)
0002012: [Sound] Bring GC's movetype-specific metal footstep sounds in game (greebo)
0002022: [Coding] Can't frob doors while shouldering a body (greebo)
0002057: [Animation] Alternate zombie needs a "lay down" animation (crispy)
0002060: [Coding] Undead aren't immune to mundane damage (crispy)
0002128: [Models] atdm:moveable_holder_tall_plus_candle3_unlit model alignment error (tels)
0002114: [Sound] Running when aiming results in footstep frequency being too fast (greebo)
0002067: [GUI] shop_skip 1 bug (greebo)
0002117: [Coding] frob_peer hilite does not sync (greebo)
0002119: [Coding] Player's run footfall sounds are played while shouldering a body (greebo)
0001603: [AI] Believable combat actions by AI: winding up, telegraphing, barks, resting (Ishtvan)
0001888: [AI] KO info read from attached head (Ishtvan)
0001968: [Coding] Blackjack and Sword CLANG! against quiet surfaces (Ishtvan)
0001982: [Coding] tdmlauncher launches vanilla D3 when used with Steam (crispy)
0002038: [Script/Def] Cant drop rat corpses once shouldered (Springheel)
0002069: [Models] Lantern needs unlit skin (Springheel)
0002072: [AI] Player can shoulder rat bodies (Springheel)
0002075: [AI] AI Alerted by Falling Damage (crispy)
0002080: [Sound] Doors need larger sound radius (Springheel)
0002083: [Physics] Candle holders and candles float (tels)
0002084: [AI] Weapons no longer nonsolid when AI is not alerted (Ishtvan)
0002087: [Models] Proguard Helmet CM Covers Too Much (Ishtvan)
0002088: [AI] Stealth kills broken, full damage done only in notarget (Ishtvan)
0002089: [AI] Helmet hits not alerting AI w/attached helmets (Ishtvan)
0002091: [Feature proposal] Need toggle_inv_droppable script event (Ishtvan)
0002093: [Models] fireplace_arch01 is missing its texture (Springheel)
0002105: [Textures] Webs too bright (Springheel)
0002111: [AI] Expanded AI head CMs for blackjacking also hit by sword (Ishtvan)
0002123: [GUI] In-Game Objectives Display (greebo)
0002076: [Coding] Crouch indicator does not work on ropes, ladders, etc. (crispy)
48 issues View Issues
0000570: [Physics] Add a small random spin to objects thrown with the grabber (tels)
0001631: [Coding] Need enhanced inventory_cycle commands (greebo)
0001443: [Coding] Hotkey to inventory groups (greebo)
0000521: [Physics] Throw/kick forces need toning down (tels)
0001176: [Coding] Ragdoll probs with corpses after drop (breakdancing) (Springheel)
0001849: [Feature proposal] Need tdm_teleport (tels)
0000872: [Animation] Bad knee pop on kneel down animation (greebo)
0000897: [Coding] Shouldering of bodies (Ishtvan)
0000906: [AI] AI navigation: Any general solution to improve handling of moonwalking, stuck against wall behaviour (greebo)
0001344: [AI] Attached items don't highlight (greebo)
0001429: [Animation] Builder guard becomes bonerfide (greebo)
0001787: [Coding] SDK support for idLocation based control of ambient sounds (SneaksieDave)
0000627: [Design/Coding] Would like JUMP to detach from ladders in all circumstances (greebo)
0001964: [Sound] No snd_lockpick_lock_picked sound (greebo)
0001569: [GUI] Request: Display hand icon in inventory item and weapon slot when grabbing things (greebo)
0000686: [Tweaking] Jump / mantle height (greebo)
0001722: [Coding] Lockpick sound volume is depending on the side of the door you're standing on (greebo)
0001736: [GUI] Support for readme in FM Loading Screen (greebo)
0001740: [Coding] Lockpick attack control swings blackjack (greebo)
0000586: [Coding] Leaning in two directions causes view to jump (greebo)
0001687: [GUI] Change objectives gui to read 'continue' instead of 'purchase shop' (greebo)
0001750: [Feature proposal] Shop entity (greebo)
0001648: [GUI] from console, objectives menu scroll error (greebo)
0001696: [Coding] Blood stains not washed away by water arrows (greebo)
0001706: [Coding] Leaning locks up after leaning one way then the other (greebo)
0001747: [Coding] Dropping shouldered body uses flashbomb (greebo)
0001753: [Coding] Arrows showing zero amount in hud (greebo)
0001752: [Coding] inv_no_pickup_message 1 still shows acquired at mission start (greebo)
0001758: [Coding] Sometimes the "wrong pick" red flash fires even though it's the right lockpick (greebo)
0001766: [GUI] Stats blank if FM not run via menus (greebo)
0001769: [GUI] Enable shopItem_N_item to work with different difficulty quantities (greebo)
0001772: [GUI] Add Lockpicking options to Main Menu (greebo)
0001779: [Coding] Let Difficulty Settings affect CVARs (greebo)
0001723: [Coding] tdmlauncher sometimes not restarting Doom3 (greebo)
0001781: [AI] Disable stims when player picks up dead AI (greebo)
0001793: [Objectives] New objective jingle sounds all difficulties even if only one (greebo)
0001801: [Sound] Closed visPortals on doors block door sounds (greebo)
0001802: [Coding] Crash with boost exception if installing an FM without removing existing copy (greebo)
0001803: [Coding] Revisit lockbox entity (greebo)
0001841: [Script/Def] Remove old horse and accompanying resources (greebo)
0001814: [Coding] Door frob silent if frob_mastered to froblock without lock handle (greebo)
0001815: [Coding] Door gives 'wrong lockpick' sound when frob_mastered to froblock (greebo)
0001852: [Coding] Possible crash in ai::Task::OnFinish (greebo)
0001521: [Models] Organize Architecture Folder (tels)
0001795: [Coding] Bug with using candles (greebo)
0001869: [Coding] Rare crash when moving lights between areas (greebo)
0001660: [Coding] Can't Grab AI By the Head Anymore (greebo)
0001799: [AI] AI getting stuck in a loop starting combat state (greebo)
0001831: [Models] Moveables without cms (greebo)
0001876: [AI] 3. AI ramp down extremely fast from small alerts. (greebo)
0000554: [Sound] First Set of AI Vocals
0000840: [AI] Archer shoots two arrows at a time (greebo)
0001474: [AI] AI Don't React to non-damaging arrows (greebo)
0001596: [Coding] Dropping Body uses inventory object (greebo)
0001316: [Coding] Locked door effects only heard from one side of door (greebo)
0001450: [Animation] Stutter in animation upon reaching path_corner (greebo)
0001881: [GUI] Update Credits (greebo)
0001894: [AI] Crash when adding ridable horse to map (greebo)
0001907: [Coding] Flashbomb Issues (greebo)
0001922: [Coding] Mantling off the top of Rope Arrows fails (greebo)
0001925: [AI] Close AI eyes when sleeping (greebo)
0001855: [Coding] Review AI sound shaders and calling code (greebo)
0001946: [Coding] TDM Update Application (tels)
0001949: [GUI] Lockpicking is set to "Expert" by default (greebo)
0001959: [GUI] CVAR in_alwaysRun doesn't do anything (greebo)
0001568: [Coding] Crouching and leaning inconsistency (greebo)
0001431: [Coding] The option to drop the sword or blackjack on loadout screen doesn't work. (greebo)
0001216: [GUI] No hotkey options in the "controls" section of our menu (greebo)
0001375: [GUI] In-Game Menu becomes non-functional (greebo)
0001451: [GUI] More buttons Needed for Menu (Springheel)
0001541: [Def / Setup] Swimming is too slow (greebo)
0001656: [Coding] Read default team relations from def file (greebo)
0001658: [Coding] Player knockout sequence as an alternative to death sequence (greebo)
0001659: [Objectives] No "New Objective" messages (greebo)
0001691: [Coding] tdm_lp_pick_timeout lockpicking cvar only works once, and at the wrong moment (greebo)
0001692: [Coding] Implement automatic lockpicking (greebo)
0000983: [Feature proposal] New entity class eg, atdm:lock or lockbox (greebo)
0001693: [Coding] Change lockpicking interface from "hold down use button" to "press attack button" (greebo)
0001699: [Coding] Lockpicking should affect handles in a better way (greebo)
0001700: [AI] AI highlight immediately after KO (greebo)
0000893: [Coding] Inventory problem: compass getting stuck (greebo)
0001420: [Coding] KO/Death needs trigger, eg to cancel conversations (greebo)
0001468: [Coding] No indication of arrow type frobbed (greebo)
0001520: [Models] models/darkmod/props/fireplace/fireplace_wooden UV map (greebo)
0001522: [Coding] Remove CVAR tdm_inv_loot_hud and replace by spawnargs (greebo)
0000544: [Coding] Lipsync: Remove hardcoding of talk animation length (greebo)
0000649: [Coding] Loot icons need enabling (greebo)
0001070: [Coding] Consolidate Inventory Use Algorithms (greebo)
0001492: [Mapping] Document inv_* spawnarg (greebo)
0001507: [Script/Def] Set up loot entityDefs for all available loot models (Flanders3)
0001936: [GUI] Re-install does not overwrite old darkmod.txt (greebo)
0001930: [Coding] relock froblock chest, lockpick doesn't work a second time. (greebo)
0001811: [Coding] Portals not affecting sound prop to AI effectively (angua)
0001906: [Coding] 'Acquired' message on shop purchase at game start (greebo)
0001900: [GUI] START THIS MISSION highlight is larger font size (greebo)
0001885: [Coding] Blinded by flashbomb drop-activate while walking (greebo)
0001317: [AI] AI not communicating alert status (angua)
0001850: [Objectives] Invisible Objective gets Objective Complete Message (greebo)
0001817: [Coding] Rope (from arrow) can clip into geometry (greebo)
0001489: [Coding] Consolidate Weapon Entity Hierarchy (greebo)
0001491: [Coding] Savegame SVN revision stamp (greebo)
0001494: [Coding] Script support for "inv_item_id" property (greebo)
0001516: [Models] Rotary control models need origin moving to centre of rotation (greebo)
0001514: [Coding] Need Holy Water (greebo)
0001524: [Script/Def] acquired message for items on mission startup (greebo)
0001807: [Physics] Rope attached to moveable doesn't behave as expected (greebo)
0001312: [GUI] ESC at purchase screen changes background sound (perhaps more?) (greebo)
0001319: [GUI] Menu broke during playtesting (greebo)
0001654: [GUI] Can get into state where cycling maps never clears all (greebo)
0001472: [Tweaking] Increase jump distance (douga)
0001268: [Coding] Menu slider (or at least cvar) to control (or at least mute) ambient music (greebo)
0001745: [Coding] Door sounds only heard from one side (greebo)
0000681: [Coding] Error after time stop. (greebo)
0000889: [Sound] Yippee! sound for picking lock (greebo)
0001523: [Coding] Last item of type not placed into inventory from grabber with Use (greebo)
0001446: [Coding] Need to cycle maps twice first time (greebo)
0001575: [Coding] inventory_cycle_maps not cycling (greebo)
0001621: [Script/Def] Picking up weapons uses Doom3 weapon pickup sound (greebo)
0001424: [Coding] Items named 'ammo_' should be 'atdm:ammo_' (greebo)
0001532: [Textures] Zombie skin needs frob highlight stage (Springheel)
0000945: [Textures] Zombie texture need stage for tdm_ambient_method (Springheel)
0001497: [Coding] Attempting to put away flashbomb or mine sets it off (greebo)
0001499: [Textures] No visual difference between mine types (greebo)
0001498: [Coding] Flashmine has no effect on player (greebo)
124 issues View Issues
0001310: [Sound] Audible pop at loop spot for hum_subtle04_loop (greebo)
0001290: [Tweaking] Menu hum (when it happens) is very loud (greebo)
0000995: [Textures] make skin swappable on light on/off (tels)
0000516: [AI] AI cannot use elevators (greebo)
0000683: [AI] Door handles rotate further and further when AI use doors (greebo)
0001331: [Coding] Water arrow stims not behaving as intended (greebo)
0001190: [Coding] Ladder movement speed is too fast (greebo)
0000858: [Objectives] Invisible objectives prevent mission success (greebo)
0000687: [Physics] Player Fall Damage is too sensitive (greebo)
0000719: [Coding] Spyglass GUI can be displayed "over" readables GUI (greebo)
0000718: [Coding] Held objects go flying after using spyglass (greebo)
0000675: [Coding] Well-timed repeated jumps are silent to player and AI (greebo)
0000713: [Sound] Menu ambient sound pops on loop (greebo)
0000712: [Coding] Jumps and falls which result in no damage play no footfall sounds (greebo)
0000710: [Coding] Inventory_use command tries to use more than desired object (greebo)
15 issues View Issues
Released 31/12/2007
0003790: [Coding] Heart crashes on startup (taaaki)
0001172: [Coding] Grunt sound when dropping body (Ishtvan)
0000611: [Physics] Ropes sometimes deploy rigidly straight out of surfaces instead of ragdolling (Mortem Desino)
0001854: [Coding] Incorrect animation name causes D3 crash (tels)
0002638: [Models] models/darkmod/wearables/headgear/cap_rich.lwo material error (Springheel)
0001617: [Coding] crouching not working after mantling (angua)
0001944: [Coding] Ceiling clearance for mantling needs to be set lower (Fidcal)
0001445: [Physics] Noisemaker arrows cause player to rise ontop on of them
0001716: [AI] Crash when AI dies while fleeing (angua)
0001544: [Textures] textures/darkmod/stone/sculpted/carved_tiles01_x4_light: editor image has no depth (angua)
0001551: [AI] Knocked out AI reacts to visual stim of other AI (angua)
0001580: [AI] Path cycleanim not implemented (angua)
0000998: [Coding] AI playing idle animations during low alert (angua)
0000992: [Coding] Moss arrow particles don't stop (greebo)
0001047: [AI] Unconscious AI not taking falling damage (greebo)
0001072: [AI] Archers forget they have ranged attack after save/reload (angua)
0001094: [Physics] Grabber: Crash on Save/Restore When Rotating During Save (greebo)
0001123: [Coding] Can Still Use Inventory Items When Dead (greebo)
0000834: [AI] AI conversation system needed (greebo)
0001056: [Feature proposal] exclusion spawnarg for target_set_frobable (greebo)
0001114: [Physics] Jump Hinderance: Continuously Reduce Jump Height (greebo)
0001115: [Physics] Need EIM_MANTLE flag to prevent mantling (greebo)
0001152: [AI] Intermittent Crash When Shooting Dead AI in Head with Arrow (greebo)
0001166: [AI] melee_distance used for AI pathfinding (greebo)
0000517: [AI] AI cannot unlock locked doors (angua)
0000650: [Coding] Elevator Buttons Move With Elevator (angua)
0000651: [AI] AI interaction with elevator button (angua)
0000512: [AI] AI run in circles when pathing to airborne locations (angua)
0001809: [Coding] Vision traces not blocked by some models (angua)
0000898: [Coding] Issues relating to climbing while crouching (angua)
0001735: [Coding] Player melee animations slow down after reload of saved game (Ishtvan)
0001352: [Saving/Loading] Savegame doesn't save crouch state (angua)
0001527: [Models] Need world model for compass (Springheel)
0001449: [GUI] Credits play over main menu (greebo)
0001730: [Coding] Player view not reset properly after mantling (greebo)
0001260: [Coding] Need variable water murk overlay (Fidcal)
0001566: [Coding] Quasi-running while shouldering bodies (Ishtvan)
0001180: [Tweaking] Decrease player backwards movement rate (Ishtvan)
0001336: [Models] Split mattress and frame for sake of different surface types (Springheel)
0001278: [AI] Possible pathfinding issue relating to enabling/disabling areas (angua)
0001178: [AI] Alert weirdness and stuck after flee task? (angua)
0000313: [AI] Trace sight to multiple positions on player for detection (angua)
0001412: [AI] Conversation interrupted by friendly greetings (angua)
0001413: [AI] Patrolling guard steps right over unconscious priest (angua)
0001525: [Coding] Mines (almost) always land upside-down (greebo)
0001441: [Coding] Inventory group mode, items overlapping with loot totals (greebo)
0001242: [Script/Def] loot sound pickup for ragdolls
0001191: [Coding] Shouldering bodies plays loot bling sound (Ishtvan)
0000876: [Coding] Crash at shutdown (angua)
0001480: [Coding] Door turning speed affected by rotation angle (greebo)
0001411: [Coding] DevIL static link (greebo)
0001482: [Script/Def] Rename atdm:player_lantern to atdm:playertools_lantern (greebo)
0001485: [Coding] Consolidate inventory functions in idPlayer class (greebo)
0001098: [Coding] Reload xdata command (greebo)
0000569: [Physics] Walking over objects makes them jump (greebo)
0000689: [Physics] Player Weight / Player Kickforce issue (greebo)
0001113: [Coding] Consolidate Inventory Script Interface (greebo)
0001377: [Coding] Picking up arrow changes selected weapon (Ishtvan)
0001066: [Coding] Slow player when holding a weapon (greebo)
0001177: [AI] Door opening check fails if position is in void (angua)
0001175: [Coding] Moss patch functionality broken (greebo)
0001107: [AI] Very low alert causes patrolling AI to leave patrol and start quasi-searching (angua)
0001143: [AI] Alert level getting stuck when outside of player sight/sound (angua)
0000873: [Animation] Held weapons are not in-hand (greebo)
0001012: [Coding] Add support for triggering things when objectives complete (greebo)
0000904: [Coding] Stims bounds are square, despite the name "radius" (greebo)
0000907: [Physics] Player can't walk over rope coils (sloped surfaces) (greebo)
0000916: [Coding] Lockpicks should use standard inventory spawnargs (greebo)
0000941: [AI] Gas arrows hitting AI at feet level are still knocking them out (greebo)
       0000940: [Coding] AI Heads have no entityDef representation (greebo)
0000955: [Coding] Flashbomb throwing is broken (greebo)
0000968: [Coding] Deliver stims via soundprop (greebo)
0000979: [Coding] Refactor AI Communication Stim framework (greebo)
0000896: [Coding] Combining of Use Inventory and Frob action when appropriate (greebo)
0000667: [Coding] Divide by zero error in rand_osc.script (greebo)
0001006: [AI] AI alerting each other at huge distances (greebo)
0000883: [Coding] CFrobDoor class is referencing sound shaders directly (greebo)
0000866: [Coding] Out of sync animations (greebo)
0000869: [Coding] Map crash on use of noisemaker: runaway loop error (greebo)
0000039: [Script/Def] Wrong definitions in teh def files.
0000127: [Coding] Frob highlight can leave held object or land on other frobables if stuck (greebo)
0000400: [Script/Def] Arrow stims active from launch
0000471: Make it possible to create the release from SVN via script (tels)
0000475: Slim down the release package file size (tels)
0000527: [Textures] Uploaded a new variant of red_sloppymortar_local.tga normal map. (SneaksieDave)
0000532: [AI] Rectify AI Searching Behaviour (angua)
0000539: [AI] Simplified AI behaviour for animals such as rats (greebo)
0000548: [Feature proposal] Make Lightgem react to player movement speed (greebo)
0000550: [AI] AI Door Behaviour Improvements (angua)
       0000517: [AI] AI cannot unlock locked doors (angua)
0000553: [Coding] Coding Concept for Mission Difficulties (greebo)
0000573: [Physics] Doors shouldn't push player (greebo)
0000581: [Saving/Loading] Crash upon loading a save game (greebo)
0000596: [Coding] Player swims downwards when toggle crouch is activated (greebo)
0000610: [Coding] Model doors with rotation key set do not close (greebo)
0000614: [Physics] Request optional player push on doors
0000643: [Feature proposal] Implement mapper-friendly elevator entities (greebo)
0000648: [Coding] Implement levers on top of the binaryfrobmover framework (greebo)
0000653: [Objectives] Gas arrow knockouts not counted in end mission statistics (greebo)
0000661: [Graphics] Incorporate Mission Statistics GUI design (greebo)
0000662: [AI] AI cannot change current search goal on the fly? (greebo)
0000673: [Script/Def] Cannot activate elevator buttons with broadheads (greebo)
0000887: [Coding] Using key on opened door doesn't re-lock it (greebo)
0000899: [Coding] Buttons don't fire without Translate property
0000900: [Coding] Frobable Func_statics not firing targets?
0000671: [Coding] Upgrade boost headers and libraries to 1.35 (greebo)
0000857: [Textures] Lever has no or invisible frob highlighting (greebo)
0000832: [AI] Implement proper behaviour for sitting AI (angua)
       0000828: [AI] AI Sit 'n Spin (angua)
0000808: [AI] Re-activate or re-implement dormant tests for "ambient" AI (angua)
0000879: [Coding] Refactor BinaryFrobMover framework (greebo)
0000891: [Coding] Need pick failure sound on doors which don't accept lockpicks (greebo)
0000890: [Coding] Yippee!/Pick Success sound for doors which don't accept lockpicks (greebo)
0000902: [Coding] Lockpicking Hint click is missing as of recent change (greebo)
0000903: [Coding] Door cannot be picked after being re-locked (greebo)
0000888: [Sound] Locking door produces no sound (greebo)
0000886: [Coding] Unlock event plays door open sound (greebo)
0000574: [Feature proposal] Option not to auto-open after unlocking? (SneaksieDave)
0000051: [Coding] Lightgem state changes based on player action (greebo)
0000030: [Coding] AI heads aren't highlighted when body frobbed (greebo)
0000552: [Coding] Get the Player Footsteps right (crispy)
0000826: [Coding] Trying locked doors opens visportal (angua)
0000711: [Coding] Bad speeds for player footstep sounds (greebo)
0000722: [AI] AI relations matrix has screwed up defaults (angua)
0000031: [Coding] Can mantle up slopes (crispy)
0000556: [Coding] Moss clumps can trap AI (crispy)
0000691: [AI] AI can get stuck on partially-open doors (angua)
0000018: [Coding] Doorknob angles can be broken (greebo)
0000089: [Mapping] "Open" value on doors doesn't work correctly (angua)
0000606: [Physics] Block leaning with player clip (greebo)
0000557: [AI] Hard Crash on Combat State Transition in PanovaCity (angua)
0000280: [Coding] Linux: crash on starting Bonehoard.map (orbweaver)
0000274: [Coding] Linux: crash when putting away flashlight in jdudemap (angua)
0000029: [AI] Request for ability to control head turning (angua)
0000020: [AI] Standing Guard Doesn't Remember Orientation On Returning (angua)
0000032: [AI] Loss of arm animation after wound (or alert?) (angua)
0000411: [AI] Map shutdown on blinding of revenant (angua)
0000562: [Coding] Some moveable lights are not taken into consideration for visibility testing of objects. (angua)
0000585: [AI] "Error: idPVS::AllocCurrentPVS: no free PVS left" (angua)
0000645: [AI] Dead AI still playing anims (angua)
0000601: [Design/Coding] New door "fix" removes pushing player, but sometimes pushing player is desirable, need an option for it (greebo)
0000251: [Feature proposal] Lightgem modifier (greebo)
0000412: [Coding] Gas arrow no longer affects the player. (greebo)
0000434: [Saving/Loading] Quickload crashes to desktop (greebo)
0000217: [Coding] Frobbing through things
0000525: [Physics] Planks are not mantable (tels)
0000528: [Models] Get rid of dance/flip animations (tels)
0000523: [Physics] Hang in test/stack.map when running into stack of carrots (angua)
0000436: [Coding] Lightgem issues when crouching (greebo)
0000440: [AI] Audio alert positions should be fuzzy (greebo)
0000441: [AI] AI should react to new audio stimuli while searching (greebo)
0000444: [AI] Crash with AI Present in test/objectives map (angua)
0000464: [Physics] Bind slaves should propagate their impulse to their bind masters (greebo)
0000466: GUI Overlay on meeting objectives missing (greebo)
0000467: Objective Failed sound missing (greebo)
0000469: Key Bindings in main menu settings GUI not complete (crispy)
0000269: [Coding] Linux build is broken (orbweaver)
0000013: [AI] Can Lose Ai By Simply Running Around Them (angua)
0000275: [Coding] Water Stim from impacting water arrow should have a vertical stim shape (greebo)
0000419: [Mapping] Response Effect: Frobability Toggle (greebo)
0000036: [Coding] AI receiving damage for unknown reason (angua)
0000134: [Coding] Lip property doesn't work for TDM doors
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0000513: [AI] Wounding an AI does not alert them (angua)
0000472: Fix the moon texture (tels)
0000355: [Design/Coding] Add frob response (greebo)
0000496: main menu shows in briefing gui (greebo)
0000497: Objective not checked quickly enough (greebo)
0000502: Moss blobs block the AI (angua)
0000488: AI problems with the Thug (angua)
0000479: Shutters have a hole (tels)
0000481: Fix player ammo (greebo)
0000480: fix duplicate objectives in Thief's Den map (greebo)
0000487: Crash on Linux after quit (angua)
0000486: add black silhouette material to SVN (tels)
0000483: Need to include DoomConfig.cfg with default keybindings. (greebo)
0000484: New Missions (in the Main Menu GUI) should just run Thief's Den (greebo)
0000485: Remove Sacrifice AI to complete the objectives (Fidcal)
0000489: Briefing GUI and Objectives GUI integration into Main Menu (greebo)
0000490: Hitting ESC during Mission Complete goes to Main Menu (greebo)
0000499: Remove in-game Objectives GUI impulse (greebo)
0000500: Objectives/Resume Game Button are visible during in-game main menu fade-in (greebo)
0000501: Add hum_subtle05_loop.ogg to Objectives (in-game Main Menu) (greebo)
0000510: Implement "Cancel Mission" button. (greebo)
0000505: Load/Save in main menu does nothing (greebo)
0000508: Creep's key no longer frobbable (greebo)
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