0004341: [Sound] Conversation sound will abort during a save (stgatilov)
0005141: [Coding] idImage::ActuallyLoadImage should always load CPU-side data (stgatilov)
0005331: [Physics] Doors get stuck sometimes: neither player nor AI can open them (stgatilov)
0005322: [Coding] Allow paths with hyphens in skins (stgatilov)
0005318: [AI] Crash when opening golden door in "Hidden Hands: The Lost Citadel" (stgatilov)
0005311: [GUI] Positive feedback highlight on lockpicking sometimes looks wrong (stgatilov)
0004488: [GUI] Image previews are sometimes black (stgatilov)
0005302: [Coding] House of Locked Secrets: crash because inventory cursor points to empty category (stgatilov)
0005296: [Coding] Implement FP exceptions handling: crash on NaN (stgatilov)
0005294: [GUI] Some book fonts look wrong: thick & not antialiasing (stgatilov)
0005283: [Graphics] Update GLAD loader to GL 3.3 (stgatilov)
0005238: [Graphics] Reduce CPU draw call overhead in the backend (cabalistic)
0005237: [Coding] Improve FBO management (cabalistic)
0005274: [Def / Setup] Elementals sometimes make zombie sounds (Dragofer)
0005273: [Def / Setup] Blue flame elementals added (Dragofer)
0005272: [Def / Setup] Duplicate material/skin/sound defs causing console warnings at startup (beta 2.08) (Dragofer)
0005270: [Coding] Better report on events overflow (stgatilov)
0005213: [TDM Updater] tdm_update: better handling of permission errors (stgatilov)
0005212: [Coding] dmap: crash when merging leaf nodes in AAS (stgatilov)
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