0004523: [Tweaking] Romanian Translation fix slated for 2.06 (nbohr1more)
0004591: [Coding] Debug build crashes on exit (stgatilov)
0004690: [Sound System] Make a command to reload EFX file quickly (stgatilov)
0004779: [Graphics] Resized models have overblown specular in GLSL enhanced ambient (nbohr1more)
0004493: [Physics] Some physics events have changed in 2.05 due to faster fps (duzenko)
       0004696: [Sound] At high FPS player footsteps don't always play (stgatilov)
       0004741: [Physics] Possible stutter in player movement (grayman)
       0004552: [Physics] Slide when coming to a stop (nbohr1more)
0004595: [TDM Updater] Install VC++ redistributable in tdm_update (stgatilov)
0002365: [AI] Horse - rotating in alert mode (Arcturus)
0004615: [Saving/Loading] Remote camera lost when saving\loading (duzenko)
0004405: [Tweaking] com_speed discrepancy (duzenko)
0004540: [Sound System] Sound stops playing in cinematics because of breakpoints (stgatilov)
0004516: [Coding] Unstable visportals clipping (stgatilov)
0002212: [Sound] Footfall sound effects aren't affected by EAX settings (user81)
0003820: [AI] New code to recognize Ai falling asleep & waking up in/from sitting position. (grayman)
0004754: [GUI] Minimizing Windows TDM: causes a crash (stgatilov)
0004625: [Coding] Hooded lantern twitches, as well as player model in mirrors. (nbohr1more)
0003234: [Coding] Merge Mh's Optimized VBO Code (duzenko)
0004519: [Coding] Investigate using videos of common formats (avi, mp4) (stgatilov)
0004507: [Coding] Horrible performance of playing ROQ video from pk4 (stgatilov)
0004504: [Sound System] Performance of reading OGG from PK4 (stgatilov)
0004688: [Sound System] EAX affect on atdm:voice (stgatilov)
0004083: [Map Editing] A Night to Remember broken (user81)
0004712: [GUI] Mission finished markers missing in mission list (nbohr1more)
0004781: [Textures] Weird shimmering effect on seawater textures - (nbohr1more)
0004659: [Def / Setup] r_showportals does not appear to be working (duzenko)
0004721: [Design/Coding] Revise Build instructions for 2.06 (stgatilov)
0004663: [GUI] Mouse Sensitivity Inconsistencies Between 2.05 and 2.06 (stgatilov)
0004714: [Graphics] Water surfaces broken in Volta2 (duzenko)
0004673: [Graphics] Cubemap stages in materials are broken. (duzenko)
0004760: [Graphics] Fog is thinner in 2.06 - fogs/pitfog_to_black (duzenko)
0004757: [Graphics] r_showLightCount broken (duzenko)
0004758: [Graphics] r_showSilhouette broken (duzenko)
0004759: [Graphics] r_showShadowCount broken (duzenko)
0004737: [Saving/Loading] Problem with quicksave/load when using Russian (grayman)
0004736: [GUI] New options in the Advanced Video section need to be added to all.lang file (grayman)
0004728: [Coding] Moving over moss is awkward (grayman)
0004729: [Def / Setup] MerryChest2 fails to open (grayman)
0004716: [Coding] "sound" keyword in materials is out of sync (stgatilov)
0004402: [GUI] Dpi Awareness (duzenko)
0003568: [Feature proposal] fullscreen windowed option (duzenko)
0004708: [Graphics] Water: big square blocks on screen when FBO is on (duzenko)
0004699: [Coding] Mirror textures broken (duzenko)
       0004667: [Coding] Mirrors are too bright
0004669: [Graphics] Bloom \ Post-Process does not render unless you toggle r_useFBO (duzenko)
0004670: [Mapping] Crash when dmap/testmapping while in-game. (stgatilov)
0004529: [TDM Updater] Check how compression removal works in tdm_update (stgatilov)
0004536: [Sound System] Stereo Zoned Ambients Need a Stereo silence.ogg Leadin Sound (Springheel)
0004609: [AI] Beleaguered Fence AI alerted again at map start (grayman)
0004685: [Graphics] Foglights, Particles and portal_sky (duzenko)
0004363: [GUI] Format change needed on Mission Stats page (grayman)
0004682: [Textures] Painting skins broken in 2.06 (duzenko)
0004683: [Graphics] ambientCubicLights have no falloff (duzenko)
0004679: [Coding] Highest revision number is no longer available (stgatilov)
0004671: [Coding] HeatHaze behaving wrongly (duzenko)
0004484: [Graphics] Lightgem is visible in mirrors and some subviews (duzenko)
0004655: [GUI] Default Briefing GUI Doesn't Have Scroll Arrows (stgatilov)
0004499: [GUI] Remove changing mission names containing "A" and "The" (nbohr1more)
0004650: [Models] industrial_sink.lwo has missing tris in underside (Springheel)
0004651: [Physics] Mantling does not trigger (in New Job) (stgatilov)
0004642: [Textures] textures/darkmod/sliptip/stone/sculpted/arch01 def broken (grayman)
0004633: [Coding] Lightgem changing based on view angle (nbohr1more)
0004408: [Coding] Find a way to run game tics on a background thread (duzenko)
0000558: [Coding] Add ability to toggle creeping (nbohr1more)
0002445: [GUI] Load Screen options need rearranging (Springheel)
0002703: [GUI] Need a way to scale the GUI (Obstler)
0004393: [GUI] Add the possibility to change the size of the gui elements via a slider in the menu. (Obstler)
0003222: [Sound System] OpenAL not supported on Linux
0000625: [Design/Coding] Under water, ladders "suck you in" to them from too far away (nbohr1more)
0004438: [Graphics] Bad lighting with victorian wallpaper (duzenko)
0002427: [Coding] Broken SIMD Support on Linux (stgatilov)
0003954: [Coding] Port relevant changes from dhewm3 to darkmod_src (greebo)
       0003955: [Coding] Port EAX code to use openAL/EFX based on dhewm3 (greebo)
0003953: [Coding] Enable compilation on x64 platforms. (greebo)
0004537: [Design/Coding] Single executable (duzenko)
0004166: [Def / Setup] Food does not give health (grayman)
0001201: [GUI] readables world gui text invisible in fast ambient light (duzenko)
0003706: [Def / Setup] Vine arrow bounces around (grayman)
0004538: [Design/Coding] Move the ffmpeg code out of the main exe (duzenko)
0004621: [Coding] Lightgem does not initialize when installing a new mission or via vid_restart. (nbohr1more)
0004382: [Textures] Missing/renamed glass materials in 2.04? (nbohr1more)
0003254: [Objectives] We don't have an "Invalid" icon. (grayman)
0004338: [Coding] fms/missions.tdminfo gets borked (grayman)
0004340: [Coding] Unnecessary WARNING when saving a game (grayman)
0001495: [Textures] Splash is too bright (white)
0004573: [Coding] Can't frob purse in The Creeps (grayman)
0004515: [Saving/Loading] Game save does not work for a newly downloaded mission (Debugger) (duzenko)
0004431: [Coding] Get rid of deprecated OpenGL functions (duzenko)
0004599: [Animation] Flashing of odd dark shapes while testing an animation in SVN (duzenko)
0003871: [Physics] Number of ActivateContacs is hard-coded to 10 (nbohr1more)
0003969: [Sound System] Using "machine_hum04_loop" as a sound shader on a light causes crash to desktop (stgatilov)
0004553: [Sound System] Some gameplay sounds stop playing after noclipping (stgatilov)
0004614: [Sound] Audio Loss in No Honor Among Thieves (stgatilov)
0004594: [GUI] Use different splash images depending on resolution aspect ratio (grayman)
0004603: [Physics] If the player is pushing against something that's removed from the game, the game crashes (grayman)
0004613: [AI] Unexpected supernatural event in "The Golden Skull" (grayman)
0004610: [AI] Severe slowdown and "No valid points found" spam from the hiding spot code (extremely intermittent) (stgatilov)
0004521: [Coding] Make idClip::Translation faster (stgatilov)
0004473: [AI] Wrong use of "tdm_ai_wench_greet_whore_to_male" (grayman)
0004394: [AI] snd_combat_ranged* not being played (grayman)
0004579: [Sound] Guards produce beep when they hit the Ground after KO (Penny Dreadful 2: All the way Up) (grayman)
0004597: [Textures] Wrong Bumpmap File Name (Springheel)
0004560: [Models] Chair doesn't cast a shadow (Springheel)
0004539: [GUI] Identify 32-bit and 64-bit versions of TDM (grayman)
0004585: [Coding] [Linux] Compilation Error due to case sensitivity (stgatilov)
0004598: [Coding] Initializations like "float var = vec_x;" no longer compile (stgatilov)
0004520: [Saving/Loading] Make savegames of x86 and x64 builds interchangeable (stgatilov)
0004494: [Coding] 2.05 prevents frobbing of spilled purse in Accountant 2 (grayman)
0003959: [Coding] Try to reduce boost dependencies by using standard C++11 features (stgatilov)
0004556: [Graphics] Weapon icon not rendered + lightgem color does not change (duzenko)
0004544: [Coding] Exclude the (multiplayer) network code for now. (duzenko)
0004557: [Coding] Crash after killing or knocking out someone (stgatilov)
0004554: [AI] Drunk unalerted AI sometimes does not see player (stgatilov)
0004549: [Coding] Savegames are incompatible between Windows and Linux builds (stgatilov)
0004547: [GUI] Credits GUI: video sequences start looping (stgatilov)
0004535: [GUI] Showing video for its full duration (stgatilov)
0004542: [Sound System] Support playing stereo sound in cinematics (stgatilov)
0004534: [Design/Coding] Playing sound stream from video file (stgatilov)
0004518: [GUI] Briefing video starts decoding in background (stgatilov)
0004522: [Feature proposal] Write savegame preview images as in JPG format (stgatilov)
0004508: [Coding] Crash during engine reload after new mission was downloaded (stgatilov)
0004277: [Textures] Missing material "models/darkmod/wood/boards/wood_brown_walnut_ns" (Springheel)
0004510: [AI] LOD error (Springheel)
0004418: [Saving/Loading] Save performance-affecting cvars (duzenko)
0004505: [Coding] Crash when pressing "Clear Inventory" key when no inventory is displayed (grayman)
0004501: [Graphics] Remove unused obsolete rendering paths (duzenko)
0004036: [AI] AI getting blocked going through door (grayman)
0004439: [Physics] problem setting up clipmodel for model models/darkmod/mechanical/switches/lever_small1.lwo (grayman)
0003868: [Coding] Remove dead code (GLASSWARP) in draw_common (duzenko)
0001726: [GUI] Stop fade of all menu entries at once / at a click (Springheel)
0004782: [Textures] Foglight brightness/thickness changed by latest commit (user81)
0003262: [Design/Coding] Models appear black in-game: (user81)
0004498: [Tweaking] Color in idDrawVert (duzenko)
0004662: [Mapping] TDM x64 using a lot of ram during DMAP (stgatilov)
0000588: [Coding] Physics objects should play SFX when broken (user81)
0003124: [AI] AI at map origin can crash a map (user81)
0003561: [Coding] Might be a problem dropping bodies in places other than the floor/ground (user81)
0003519: [AI] Cannot kill rats with melee (user81)
0000498: [Script/Def] inherit from func_static with spawnclass "IdMoveable" breaks (user81)
0002765: [Coding] rotate bug where lever is already rotated at certain angle (user81)
0001528: [Physics] rope arrow: attachement too high after jumping (user81)
0001277: [AI] Alternate flee destinations? (user81)
0001141: [AI] Support entering combat without seeing player (user81)
0001767: [GUI] Multi-page game maps (user81)
0002227: [Coding] Starting idle spawnarg (user81)
0003635: [Sound] Missing player sounds (user81)
0003407: [Physics] Jumping on a moveable crate on a moving elevator can kill you (user81)
0002992: [Map Editing] Prefab cupboards include atdm:target_set_frobable brushes that start out allowing frobbing (user81)
0002793: [Graphics] Add translators to the credits (user81)
0002957: [TDM Updater] Include readme.txt file in Updater ZIP file? (user81)
0002189: [Coding] atdm:target_setobjective_visibility checking itself (Fidcal)
0000830: [Graphics] Propose new sky textures with city skyline (Dram)
0004701: [GUI] HUD Size/Opacity menu issue (grayman)
0004703: [Sound] All footstep sounds for Ai and the player are broken (grayman)
0004632: [Graphics] Mirror is black: no reflection (Inn Business) (duzenko)
0004600: [Def / Setup] Some movable objects spawning two different splash particles (grayman)
0004629: [Sound] Surround Sound broken (Springheel)
0003812: [Coding] idBounds::ToString() returns a pointer to a temporary object that immediately gets destroyed (duzenko)
0003594: [Coding] amd64 support (stgatilov)
0003966: [Coding] MFC stuff in Sys_GetVideoRam prevents compiling (duzenko)
0004271: [Models] Models present in 2.03 but missing in 2.04. (Springheel)
0003252: [Coding] See if we can remove the boost library (stgatilov)
0004511: [Models] Bad display of certain foliage (duzenko)
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