0004957: [Feature proposal] Snow and rain particles stopping on brushes (stgatilov)
0005137: [Coding] Dmap optimization breaks rain patches (stgatilov)
0005037: [Mapping] dmap crashes on specific map (stgatilov)
0004233: [Coding] Crash during runAAS (stgatilov)
0005212: [Coding] dmap: crash when merging leaf nodes in AAS (stgatilov)
0005075: [Design/Coding] Switch Linux build of TDM from SCons to CMake (cabalistic)
0004826: [Coding] Remove ID hacks from third-party libraries: minizip and libjpeg (stgatilov)
       0003267: [Coding] libjpg using incorrectly on linux/windows (stgatilov)
0004946: [Graphics] Candle Flame Particle Behind Wall Shows in a Mirror (duzenko)
0003596: [GUI] Issues with key bindings (cabalistic)
0005268: [AI] AI in King of Diamonds gets stuck on a chair, mission fails (grayman)
0002993: [Design/Coding] Removing an inventory item can invalidate cursor, resulting in crash (STiFU)
0004004: [Models] Covered models (Dragofer)
0004545: [Graphics] Gamma and brightness controls have no effect on external monitor (stgatilov)
0005053: [AI] Lanternbot still has lit appearance after 'knockout' (stgatilov)
0005044: [Graphics] Adjusting specular RGB in material stages fails under enhanced interaction shader (stgatilov)
0004924: [Physics] Rope physics mad when FPS is low and uncapped (stgatilov)
0004705: [Graphics] Soft gamma (stgatilov)
0004925: [Def / Setup] Sounds not referenced in soundshaders (Springheel)
0003866: [Sound] Barks for getting help not used (Springheel)
0005271: [Textures] Missing texture - models/darkmod/loot/jewellery/lionhead_amulet.lwo (Dragofer)
0003989: [AI] Examine returning to sitting position after interruption (grayman)
0005265: [AI] Problem with allowing sitting/sleeping when AI is far away. (grayman)
0004665: [Coding] Mouse Sensitivity Tied to Framerate (stgatilov)
0004288: [GUI] Minimizing TDM
       0004724: [Graphics] Investigate "borderless windowed" screen mode (stgatilov)
0005121: [Feature proposal] Convenient parallel light for moon or sun (stgatilov)
0005240: [Textures] Clothed zombie missing textures (Springheel)
0004917: [Graphics] vid_restart causes buggy shadow map overlays when new shadow map feature is activated (cabalistic)
0005063: [Graphics] Soft shadows not always enabled (cabalistic)
0004956: [Graphics] Spectrum keyword on materials dysfunctional (nbohr1more)
0005042: [Coding] Timestamps fiasco: Unix vs DOS, local vs UTC (stgatilov)
0005002: [TDM Updater] Updater: fix self-update on 64-bit Linux (stgatilov)
0005215: [Graphics] Envshot is still broken as of TDM 2.07 & 2.08 (duzenko)
0005040: [Coding] AVX implementation of DeriveTangents and NormalizeTangents (stgatilov)
0003607: [Def / Setup] Add dip to shouldering bodies (STiFU)
       0005205: [Animation] Player is temporarily suspended mid-air when shouldering a body mid-air (STiFU)
0005201: [AI] 2.08 Ape beasts missing wearables. (Springheel)
0005195: [Models] Missing painting_dead* material decls for dead* painting skins (Dragofer)
0005185: [Graphics] The new cvar con_legacyFont should be archived and its default set to the D3 style. (grayman)
0005179: [Script/Def] Add support for scripts in user addons (Dragofer)
0004275: [Models] Two window models with 'glass' panes using wood surface type (Dragofer)
0005167: [Models] textures/darkmod/wood/boards/wood_brown_dull01_ns missing (Dragofer)
0004645: [Models] Arcturus lion statues lack normal map (Springheel)
0005160: [Def / Setup] Error in material definitions for signs: frob highlight shows Bear and Belcher sign (Dragofer)
0004972: [Graphics] Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion (cabalistic)
0004755: [Coding] Optimize EAS memory and time consumption. (stgatilov)
0004899: [Script/Def] Vine patches don't grow on LOD entity classes (stgatilov)
0005005: [SEED] Error loading SEED image maps with random selection (stgatilov)
0005017: [Def / Setup] Mine explosions have a light, fire arrow explosions don't (stgatilov)
0004965: [Coding] Debug build fails to load Swing (stgatilov)
0004968: [Coding] Lockpicking: Running away from the lock does not cancel the sequence when you press and hold the frob-button (stgatilov)
0005001: [Design/Coding] Glitch with sword renders weapons unusable (stgatilov)
0005106: [Graphics] dmap-optimized stencil shadows errors (stgatilov)
0005130: [Graphics] "deform particle" with "fadeIndex" broken (stgatilov)
0004963: [Design/Coding] Some keys cannot be assigned on Linux (cabalistic)
0005014: [Physics] Complex water brushes become defunct when adjacent to each other (stgatilov)
0004865: [Graphics] Improve the way how FPS cap works (uncapped FPS) (cabalistic)
0005084: [Graphics] Interaction culling and Shadowhide WIP performance (stgatilov)
0005062: [TDM Updater] Disable VCRedist installation step in updater (stgatilov)
0004932: [GUI] Graphical Settings Menu Overhaul (stgatilov)
0005164: [AI] Reduce Instances of AI sitting/sleeping in strange places. (grayman)
0005019: [AI] Reaction time of AI too fast when spotting player in full light (grayman)
0004230: [Physics] Flinders spawning with no velocity (grayman)
0005139: [Def / Setup] Renew particle declarations for rain (stgatilov)
0005156: [AI] Physics failures: Huge translation (grayman)
0005157: [Physics] Random collisions force player to drop held item (stgatilov)
0005143: [Graphics] Allow to run TDM on GL3 core profile (duzenko)
0005144: [Graphics] Fix render tools on GL Core profile (stgatilov)
0005065: [Coding] target_endlevel causes a crash (cabalistic)
0005129: [Coding] dmap: add diagnostics for visportal problems (stgatilov)
0004981: [Graphics] Urn in Chalice of Kings gets wrongly pruned (stgatilov)
0005109: [Coding] Problems with double sliding doors. (grayman)
0005068: [Graphics] View shrinks while underwater (duzenko)
0005085: [Graphics] r_fboResolution greater than 1: skybox and flame (duzenko)
0005055: [Graphics] Incorrect shadow mapping when using Stencil shadows + Soft shadowing (duzenko)
0005066: [Graphics] "r_usePersistentMapping 0" is broken (duzenko)
0005083: [Graphics] Player-held weapons are no longer lit (duzenko)
0005079: [Coding] Thread-safety of idFileSystem and background image loading (stgatilov)
0004913: [Graphics] Object proportions depend on aspect ratio (stgatilov)
0005067: [Graphics] Postprocessing doesn't work in core profile (RB_DrawFullScreenQuad) (duzenko)
0005072: [Graphics] Lightning broken: baseLightProject invert failed (stgatilov)
0005038: [Coding] 'M' key (cycle maps) not behaving (stgatilov)
0005069: [Physics] Improve rope swinging (stgatilov)
0004839: [Coding] Sword animation can get stuck on screen. (stgatilov)
0005060: [Graphics] GL_FloatColor broken: test/glass look has changed (duzenko)
0004864: [TDM Updater] Remove pk4 timestamps fixes from updater (stgatilov)
0005061: [Graphics] r_useDrawMulti broken (duzenko)
0005056: [AI] Can't stop an AI during patrol (grayman)
0005041: [Coding] Resurrect projectile shooting "spread" (stgatilov)
0004953: [Coding] Better GPU detection for Laptops (stgatilov)
0004820: [Coding] Remove M4 from Linux build | GL linking system (stgatilov)
0005030: [Coding] TDM sometimes crashes after finishing mission v2 (duzenko)
0004822: [Coding] Restructure third-party libraries in code SVN (stgatilov)
0005027: [Coding] Fine-tune "Debug with Inlines" configuration for development (stgatilov)
0005026: [Coding] Move to non-XP VC toolset (stgatilov)
0004810: [Design/Coding] Stop shipping/using outdated bundles of dependencies (stgatilov)
0005011: [Physics] atdm:prop_winebottle is too heavy (grayman)
0004514: [Tweaking] Game runs sluggish randomly (stgatilov)
0004817: [TDM Updater] Remove boost (and libsvn) from tdm_update (stgatilov)
0004818: [TDM Updater] Update and refactor scons script for building tdm_update (stgatilov)
0004971: [Graphics] ARB to GLSL shader converter (stgatilov)
0004509: [Physics] Mantling a moving entity may make the player clip into world geometry when the mantle animation is finished (STiFU)
0003550: [Feature proposal] Add uneven speed to swimming (STiFU)
0002273: [Tweaking] Need to increase speed of player while running (Update: or decrease crouched running speed) with shouldered body (STiFU)
0004107: [Def / Setup] Need too much room to drop rag dolls (STiFU)
0004948: [Physics] Improve ladder/rope slide (no fall-damage + sound) (STiFU)
0004990: [GUI] Add a FrobHelper toggle (STiFU)
0004973: [GUI] Add an alternative inventory grid gui that is more in accordance with existing guis (STiFU)
0004531: [Feature proposal] Warn player in GUI about loading incompatible savegame (STiFU)
       0004964: [Saving/Loading] Version check fails (STiFU)
0004949: [GUI] Briefing Sound Looped / Out of Sync (stgatilov)
0004797: [Feature proposal] Put keybinds into it's own cfg file. (STiFU)
0004775: [Sound] Bouncing water arrow causes beep (Springheel)
0005028: [Coding] Crash on loading game in March of Rahena (EV_UpdateCameraTarget) (stgatilov)
0004997: [Textures] Missing materials for anatomy readables
0003002: [Coding] Screenshots still crashing on Linux (Serpentine)
0005009: [Design/Coding] Vine patches spawning in mid-air (stgatilov)
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