0003161: [Coding] Dousing a fireplace causes smoke to bounce (SteveL)
0003878: [Feature proposal] Soft particles (SteveL)
0003950: [Graphics] Let particle effects use world axis instead of emitter axis (SteveL)
0003944: [Graphics] Fix most water shaders so they don't distort foreground objects (SteveL)
0004077: [AI] Two AI in St. Lucia hung up using adjacent doors (grayman)
0003754: [AI] AI seeing directly behind them
0003576: [AI] Player needs a type spawnarg (grayman)
0003857: [AI] Is better AI search cooperation possible? (grayman)
0004061: [Coding] Crash when reloading or shutting map down while glass is falling. (SteveL)
0003768: [Sound System] 2.02 sound difficulty breaks few maps at start player drop (grayman)
0003947: [Coding] Condump's without word-wrap. (SteveL)
0003744: [Coding] LOD making unwanted changes to shadowcasting and skin settings (SteveL)
0003664: [Feature proposal] Change caulk so that it ignores fog. (SteveL)
0003856: [Design/Coding] Fix "spawn" console command (SteveL)
0004012: [Animation] Sitting guard in Old Habits 2 can't get up (SteveL)
0004050: [Animation] More riverdancing (SteveL)
0004063: [Animation] Anim channels need to be enabled when another channel syncs to them (SteveL)
0004037: [AI] Revenant is in a constant waitstate of "sheath" (SteveL)
0004044: [AI] Lady in Mandrasola sometimes sits down near her starting position (grayman)
0003964: [Animation] Failed_KO needs to play on leg channel (SteveL)
0003968: [Coding] Game crashes on load if an invalid "difficulty" spawnarg is set on worldspawn. (SteveL)
0004053: [AI] Suicidal noble in Phrase Book gets stuck circling a door (grayman)
0004054: [AI] WS2 jailer can get stuck standing next to his chair (grayman)
0004048: [Animation] Urinate animation not working? (Springheel)
0003800: [Animation] anim tasks (path anim, path cycle anim, play anim) snap in without blending (SteveL)
0000047: [Coding] Lightgem Level Affected By Particles (SteveL)
0004039: [AI] AI can freeze when running toward a closed door (grayman)
0004030: [AI] Guard caught circling near door in Old Habits 2 (grayman)
0004026: [Coding] Freeze in One Step Too Far (grayman)
0004023: [Coding] Deceptive Shadows freeze (grayman)
0004015: [Coding] Drawbridge chains in Siege Shop 3 don't move correctly. (grayman)
0004009: [AI] AI reaction to doused torch has changed from 2.02 (grayman)
0004006: [AI] Gaps in low poly noblewoman mesh (Springheel)
0003835: [GUI] add Swedish translation and language selector
0003985: [AI] shadow off on helmet (Springheel)
0003986: [AI] proguard issue with lod stage (Springheel)
0003877: [Feature proposal] Allow shaders to access scene depth (co-author: revelator) (SteveL)
0003983: [Script/Def] Blend lights shouldn't react to or generate stims (grayman)
0003967: [Coding] Doors become unfrobbable after AI use (grayman)
0003925: [Animation] Review random search animations (Springheel)
0003958: [Graphics] Fix r_showShadows (SteveL)
0003951: [Coding] Sleepers with regular helmets immune to KO (grayman)
0003948: [Animation] Sitters stand up while playing pain animation? (grayman)
0003949: [AI] Stuck AI in Briarwood Cathedral (grayman)
0003852: [AI] Remove an item from the game when it detaches from an AI (grayman)
0003902: [Coding] Lights need to check IsBlend() (grayman)
0003873: [AI] No one responds to the Lanternbot's whistle (grayman)
0003939: [Models] Stacked book models (Springheel)
0003933: [Coding] Fix "inline" spawnarg for func statics (SteveL)
0003903: [Animation] Sitting animation (Springheel)
0003906: [AI] Replace a few cynic vocals (Springheel)
0003869: [GUI] Add Romanian language selector to the GUI (and scripts) (SteveL)
0003853: [Models] Lady casts no shadow beneath her. (Springheel)
0002487: [Animation] Finish writing animation (Springheel)
0003482: [Models] Wench character mesh needs update (Springheel)
0003892: [Animation] Adjust female idle (Springheel)
0003891: [Def / Setup] Problem with rusted builder guard (Springheel)
0003884: [Animation] Improved throw animation for females (Springheel)
0003882: [AI] AI stuck on door (grayman)
0003876: [Textures] New snow particle not satisfactory (Springheel)
0002912: [Animation] Hands on Hips animation (Springheel)
0003483: [Models] Update Builder Guard Model (Springheel)
0003865: [Sound] Create new bark (Springheel)
0003862: [Coding] Fix parameter name for idAnimState::AnimIsPaused (SteveL)
0003350: [AI] Armed Wench missing idle_weapon animation (Springheel)
0003855: [Def / Setup] Document animated LOD (SteveL)
0003858: [Physics] Torch automatic extinguish when dropped by user doesn't happen (grayman)
0002897: [Script/Def] add addImpulse() script event (SteveL)
0003847: [AI] Unarmed AI flees to flee point, then stands still as enemy AI whacks away at him (grayman)
0003477: [Models] Eric head needs adjusting (Springheel)
0003770: [Design/Coding] Make LOD work for AI (SteveL)
       0003817: [Coding] Make decals persist through LOD switches, hiding, shouldering, save/loading (SteveL)
       0003834: [Coding] Animated LOD switches need to copy much of the idAnimBlend data, not just restart the animation. (SteveL)
0001512: [Coding] Blood decal disappears after dropping body (SteveL)
0003721: [Graphics] Add black smoke to exploding mine and fire arrow (grayman)
0003737: [Def / Setup] Mine particles not displaying (grayman)
0003848: [AI] Changes to follow an AI killing an opponent (grayman)
0003806: [AI] Make sure turn animation overrides idles (SteveL)
0003238: [Coding] Lights are still rendered, even when hidden or off (SteveL)
0003752: [Coding] Let entity lights use shadowlights and blendlights (SteveL)
0003761: [AI] AI prefabs (Springheel)
0003849: [Models] Flask models (Springheel)
0003837: [Coding] Linux compilation fixes (SteveL)
0003816: [Textures] citywatch tunic doesn't spawn wound decals (Springheel)
0003814: [Models] Quiver (Springheel)
0003842: [Textures] put alpha textures on separate layer (Springheel)
0003843: [AI] AI chasing enemy AI can lose him in good lighting (grayman)
0003844: [Coding] Renderer ignores reskinning of animated meshes when applying an overlay (SteveL)
0003819: [Coding] Skybox sometimes blinks out while mantling up worldspawn (SteveL)
0003548: [AI] Bumping an AI in a particular state has no effect (grayman)
0003809: [Models] Open book model has gaps (Springheel)
0003807: [GUI] Use different overlay guis depending on resolution aspect ratio (grayman)
0003815: [Coding] Side-on visportals can cause game freezes (SteveL)
0003803: [Coding] Game Crashes when using flash/explosive mines (grayman)
0003802: [Coding] Allow scripts to discover entities in the map (SteveL)
0003733: [GUI] Main Menu and Load/Save screens should show current campaign/mission (grayman)
0003636: [AI] "Waist" warning on zombie (Springheel)
0003654: [Models] Ragdolls heads not connected properly and some bad head defs. (Springheel)
0003805: [Def / Setup] Horse talks like a Builder (Springheel)
0003791: [Models] Redo Stove and tub models (Springheel)
0003741: [Coding] Some objectives-related script events have inconsistent indexing and bad bounds checks (SteveL)
0003753: [Textures] Missing staticatable (SteveL)
0003796: [Coding] Allow easy disabling of LOD on an entity with a new no_lod spawnarg (SteveL)
0003143: [Textures] Specular on Priest hat? (Springheel)
0003786: [AI] AI mistakenly deal with doors that open in their path (grayman)
0003680: [Models] Updates to loot models (Springheel)
0003722: [Models] Fix plates on cupboard doors (Springheel)
0003746: [Feature proposal] Frob key to close readables in the world (grayman)
0003747: [Feature proposal] Holster key used to draw the last weapon (grayman)
0003788: [AI] 2.02 Door Problem (grayman)
0003756: [AI] AI don't react to doors hitting them (grayman)
0003765: [Design/Coding] Add a script event for lights GetShader() to complement existing SetShader() (SteveL)
0003755: [AI] Running AI getting caught up on doors (grayman)
       0003572: [AI] Speed up AI door handling when running (grayman)
0003748: [AI] Proposal: Disable frob-stopping of doors when ai shove them open (grayman)
0002549: [Models] Fix Bookshelf textures (Springheel)
0003725: [AI] AIs can get permanently stuck in each other in narrow spaces (grayman)
0003742: [Textures] Victorian wallpapers don't have material defs (grayman)
0003774: [AI] Responsibility for AI drowning (grayman)
0003699: [AI] Unconscious AI Not Sustaining Fall Damage (grayman)
0003763: [GUI] Loading bar progress should better represent actual progress (grayman)
0003760: [Script/Def] Let def_attach entity lights be toggled by a trigger (SteveL)
0003943: [Models] New Book Models (Springheel)
0002590: [SEED] SEED: make seed_watch_brethren work (SteveL)
0003775: [AI] AI charging without drawing weapons (grayman)
0003757: [AI] Multiple AI's running in a tight corridor can get permanently stuck (grayman)
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