0004833: [TDM Updater] zsync-like differential updates (unofficial prototype) (stgatilov)
0004868: [Graphics] Envshot is broken as of TDM 2.06 (duzenko)
0004940: [AI] Various AI get dead/unconscious before you get to them (grayman)
0004852: [Graphics] Player lantern pulses when Player is on a ladder (nbohr1more)
0004875: [TDM Updater] Update and Improve VCRedist installation (stgatilov)
0004961: [Graphics] Tdm v2.07 crashes as soon as you enter the game if "Maps" was chosen as shadow implementation. (duzenko)
0005031: [Graphics] Lighting is wrong on recent AMD drivers (normal map ignored) (duzenko)
0004993: [Graphics] r_showportals 1 doesn't do its job correctly (duzenko)
0004962: [Graphics] Lightning stops working in TDM v2.07 (duzenko)
0004686: [Tweaking] Interaction table (duzenko)
0004569: [GUI] GUI renderDef Lights do not work (duzenko)
0004807: [TDM Updater] tdm_update is still 32-bit only on Linux (stgatilov)
0004969: [Models] models/darkmod/lights/extinguishable/cagelamp_hanging.lwo casts shadow in Shadow Map mode (Springheel)
0004022: [Coding] Change default screen resolution? (duzenko)
0004804: [TDM Updater] tdm_update does not start on Windows XP (stgatilov)
0004952: [Coding] Training mission - Melee - Crash during retry (STiFU)
0004697: [Graphics] Some console commands don't work with GLSL 1 and useFBO 0/1 (duzenko)
       0004749: [Mapping] Reloading textures makes the soft shadows disappear (nbohr1more)
0003588: [Coding] Player can jump with body after loading game (STiFU)
0004938: [Graphics] Shadow maps: some lights are still not soft (duzenko)
0004943: [GUI] Mission Downloader menu--screenshots fading away immediately (STiFU)
0004951: [Graphics] Z-fighting with shadow textures when foglight present (nbohr1more)
0004883: [Mapping] Move script into New Job FM folder (Springheel)
0004954: [Coding] Mantling through a window in one motion gets you stuck (STiFU)
0003662: [Textures] NoFog material keyword not working (Springheel)
0004263: [Coding] Feature request: Add console command to give the player all the loot (STiFU)
0004942: [Graphics] White sparklies on the corners of objects (stgatilov)
0004492: [Feature proposal] "Select all to download" button in "Mission Archive" window (Obstler)
0001037: [Tweaking] Player Mantles Underwater (STiFU)
0004950: [Objectives] All scores set to Zero when 100% loot is collected in some missions (nbohr1more)
0004877: [Coding] 2.06 dmapping removing triangles? (stgatilov)
0004930: [Animation] Change viewport animation for mantling low obstacles (STiFU)
0004936: [AI] Sykes not sitting properly when using 2.07 (grayman)
0004935: [Tweaking] Fixes for Romanian translation
0004816: [Sound] Revise stock sound shaders and set no_efx where appropriate (Springheel)
0004684: [Graphics] Graphical Artifacts in Warp Materials (stgatilov)
0004734: [Feature proposal] Frame limiter option for TDM (duzenko)
0003020: [AI] sitting AI not getting up after script call (grayman)
0004927: [Graphics] Chair casts no shadow (Springheel)
0004190: [Design/Coding] A patch to allow alt-tabbing under Linux (cabalistic)
0004923: [Coding] Lighting issue with 2.07 beta. (duzenko)
0004919: [Coding] TDM sometimes crashes after finishing mission (duzenko)
0004916: [GUI] Sometimes, the breath bar disappears after loading/reloading (STiFU)
0004929: [Tweaking] Regaining air after diving takes too long (STiFU)
0004921: [Sound] Many sounds are stereo that should actually be mono (STiFU)
0003691: [Coding] CVAR persistence issue (nbohr1more)
0004270: [AI] AI playing cards react badly to a flashbomb (grayman)
0004830: [AI] AI refuses to leave a door he can't close because a corpse is in the way (grayman)
0004827: [Graphics] Savegame image incorrect (duzenko)
0004800: [Models] Prefabs missing models (Springheel)
0004920: [GUI] FrobHelper does not show for pick-pocket items (STiFU)
0004641: [Graphics] Shadow maps (duzenko)
0004906: [Feature proposal] Add frob assistance for cluttered objects inside containers (STiFU)
0004918: [GUI] Clicking "back" in the hud opacity adjustment menu takes you to the main menu instead of to the advanced video options (nbohr1more)
0004812: [GUI] Missing Look Up and Look Down key definition (nbohr1more)
0004777: [Coding] Problem counting health potions in the training mission (grayman)
0004778: [Models] Missing moor helmet (Springheel)
0004343: [AI] AI instantly lose track of the player on dark ledges (grayman)
0004898: [Sound] Problem with "opposite ear" volume (stgatilov)
0004412: [AI] WIP Fire Elemental (grayman)
0004691: [AI] AI sometimes try to relight a doused overhead light when it's too far off the floor. (grayman)
0004891: [Graphics] Weird compass problem (duzenko)
0004901: [Graphics] Betrayal: sky shows random images (duzenko)
0004882: [Sound] When a remote listener is active, allow the player to still hear the sounds around him (grayman)
0004892: [Graphics] St.Lucia: weird light cropped by some scissor (duzenko)
0004620: [Sound] Set player ear location (grayman)
0004878: [Sound] Problem with efx file syntax (stgatilov)
0004879: [Coding] TDM binary crashes during startup on old Linux (stgatilov)
0004851: [Graphics] Soft shadows with multisampling produces sparklies near wall edges (cabalistic)
0004845: [Coding] Restrict set of features in FFmpeg cinematics (stgatilov)
0004848: [Coding] Crashes when quick loading | Lightgem as Subview (duzenko)
0004849: [Graphics] Replace VBO implementation with the one similar to D3BFG (cabalistic)
0004869: [Graphics] Somewhere Above the City: some objects are sometimes perfectly white (duzenko)
0004815: [Sound System] Implement Version 2 of EFX with OpenAL parameters (stgatilov)
       0004871: [Sound System] Update EFX wiki page: version 2 (stgatilov)
0004085: [Design/Coding] Figure out a way to make envshot capture the skybox (duzenko)
0004725: [GUI] When clicking EAX on/off there's 2 mouse cursors on screen (Obstler)
0004860: [Graphics] Soft particles not visible with AA on (duzenko)
0004819: [Coding] Fix warnings about uninitialized members in debug build (stgatilov)
0003555: [Coding] TDM crashes if one FM contains a darkmod.txt file with invalid order. (Obstler)
0004850: [Graphics] Implement antialiasing compatible with FBO (cabalistic)
0004834: [Graphics] Dynamic Internal Images do not scale to match r_fboResolution Results in HOM artifact (duzenko)
0004843: [Coding] Game isn't frozen during screenshot command with jitter (nbohr1more)
0004855: [Graphics] Screen render duplicated in left-bottom quarter (start screen) (cabalistic)
0004768: [Coding] Support high-DPI mouse (stgatilov)
0004856: [Coding] Bad homegrown offsetof macro implementation may trigger undefined behaviour , break compilation (stgatilov)
0004853: [Physics] Player gets stuck on edge between two slanted polygons (Volta2) (stgatilov)
0004170: [Coding] LOD still changes noshadows settings when not wanted
0004847: [Coding] Support FFmpeg videos in testVideo command (stgatilov)
0004806: [TDM Updater] Mark thedarkmod.x64 as executable on Linux (stgatilov)
0004842: [Coding] Make editor tools runnable in 64-bit (stgatilov)
0004681: [Tweaking] Front renderer optimization (duzenko)
0004837: [Graphics] Fog lights started flickering in Inn Business somewhere between 7406 and 7442 (cabalistic)
0004824: [Coding] Make pk4 repacking more resistant to antiviruses (stgatilov)
0004666: [AI] Average Jack skin missing teeth? (Springheel)
0002447: [AI] Use beggar as base to create clothed zombie (Springheel)
0004814: [Sound System] Missions do not start with "s_force22kHz 1" (stgatilov)
0004809: [Coding] Unknown value "HUGE" in tools/compilers/roqvq/codec.cpp (stgatilov)
0004803: [Sound System] TDM crashes if looping sound plays for 6+ hours (stgatilov)
0004805: [Graphics] GLSL compile errors in interaction.fs (stgatilov)
0004771: [Models] Material errors (Springheel)
0001077: [Coding] want "Leaning" to not get stuck on wall, to slide along a bit (like objects slide) if need be (user81)
0002789: [Models] Make moveable flask break on impact (just like wine bottles) (user81)
0002106: [Coding] Rope Deployment Broken at Certain Arrow/Surface Angles (user81)
0002968: [Coding] Carrying Heavy Objects should limit run speed (user81)
0003045: [Sound System] Make .OGG files support "screen shake" (user81)
0003533: [Mapping] Misplaced Flame in Training Mission (user81)
0001251: [Sound] fly buzzing sound not looping very well (user81)
0001313: [Sound] Page turning is deafening (user81)
0002360: [Map Editing] Torchlight doesn't fit in cagelamp (user81)
0002665: [Models] Add rotation animation for Nosslaks globe (user81)
0004073: [Physics] A turning horse can clip into the player (user81)
0003601: [AI] zombies can be killed from tables with impunity (user81)
0002193: [Models] Thug model wrong head shadow (user81)
0003840: [Coding] Shadow transition lags on movable light entities (user81)
0001797: [Coding] Bow attack cancel on damage not always working (user81)
0000579: [Models] I would like to test/try ropes with more bones, 50% more or double the amount (user81)
0001064: [AI] Build head AF body from spawnargs on the head entity (user81)
0001611: [GUI] Keyboard bindings sometimes not remembered in settings menu (user81)
0004318: [Textures] Make materials for Bob Necro's graffiti textures (user81)
0004832: [Coding] Optimize R_CalcPointCull with SSE (duzenko)
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