0003667: [GUI] Incorrect Russian font "ellianerelle" (nbohr1more)
0004116: [SEED] LOD objects blocking player after map start (SteveL)
0004214: [GUI] Underwater GUI overlay drawn over lightgem (SteveL)
0004337: [Sound] Locked door sounds are softer on a hatch in Betrayal (grayman)
0004132: [Design/Coding] Weather particle distribution should be more random (SteveL)
0004232: [Coding] skins do not change collision data (SteveL)
0004347: [AI] Severe FPS drop near start of Penny Dreadful 3 (grayman)
0003704: [Coding] Can pickpocket something when near origin, regardless of where the something is in the map (SteveL)
0003158: [Coding] AI alerted by movable objects they set in motion (grayman)
0003879: [Graphics] Warping post processes (water and glass) distort foreground objects (SteveL)
0004079: [Graphics] Decals drawing over stuff in front (SteveL)
0004148: [Sound System] Sounds popping in big maps (SteveL)
0004286: [GUI] Merge Durandall's new inventory GUI (SteveL)
0004149: [Design/Coding] Picking up stuff without clunking (SteveL)
0004262: [Coding] Locked doors with button controllers can be opened by illegal keys (grayman)
0003992: [AI] Dropped weapons should not be ignored by AI (grayman)
0004159: [Coding] Shadows cast by lantern start jumping when the player enters water (SteveL)
0004220: [AI] More active AI searches (grayman)
0004041: [Coding] Cubemap/EnvShot function broken: (SteveL)
0004348: [AI] Distant AI entering Searching or Agitated Searching State can become frozen in place (grayman)
0004346: [AI] Guard stuck in doorway in House of Theo (grayman)
0004158: [Def / Setup] Untextured tunic for skin wench/bare_feet defined in tdm_ai_townsfolk_wench.skin (SteveL)
0003912: [Coding] LOD problems with custom "model" spawnarg (SteveL)
0004279: [Coding] Ambient light brightens objects inconsistently (rebb)
0004339: [Models] head03_citywatch head problem (Springheel)
0004342: [AI] Guard circles trying to open door in Ulysses: Genesis (grayman)
0004130: [Sound] Doors w/o handles can be heard opening for a time at mission start (grayman)
0004327: [Coding] Console spam when folders have uppercase letters in them (grayman)
0003579: [Saving/Loading] thedarkmod.x86 crash on exit every time (taaaki)
0004167: [TDM Installer] Fix bad pk4 file dates in release pk4s (taaaki)
0004311: [AI] The friendly guide in 'A Noble Home' has problems (grayman)
0003739: [Coding] dmap fails to delete pointfile (taaaki)
0004304: [AI] Frozen AI at start of Trapped! (grayman)
0004164: [Coding] Doors stick when picked (SteveL)
0004115: [Coding] Mixing single and double quotes in a readable can break it (SteveL)
0004290: [Coding] AI won't relight a chandelier (grayman)
0004283: [AI] AI has a problem relighting an electric light (grayman)
0003591: [Saving/Loading] Corrupt savegames possibly due to card playing behaviour (grayman)
0004258: [Coding] Hang in Mission Downloader (Agent Jones)
0004260: [Feature proposal] Allow mappers an easy way to override location ambient sound (demagogue)
0004238: [AI] AI occupying same spot (grayman)
0004269: [Physics] Problem walking through furniture (SteveL)
0003766: [Coding] Background download hanging can affect foreground activities (grayman)
0004273: [GUI] Widen mission name box on menus to accommodate larger titles (grayman)
0004046: [AI] Barmaid in Inn Business has a problem in the bathroom (grayman)
0004254: [GUI] Problem when internal downloader completes (Agent Jones)
0004251: [Coding] Boolean objectives can mess up when you have more than 16 objectives (SteveL)
0004252: [Design/Coding] Game crashes if script event saveGame(string name) is used. (Obsttorte)
0004250: [AI] Script event "flee" doesn't work (grayman)
0004227: [AI] Problem with searching AI and door (grayman)
0004229: [AI] Alerting manor_cook_1 in Behind Closed Doors causes a crash (grayman)
0004075: [Coding] s_shader set to "-" causes map crash on load (SteveL)
0004139: [Saving/Loading] Prevent saving before map start (SteveL)
0004113: [AI] Alerted AI can get stuck in a sit down / get up cycle (grayman)
0004201: [Coding] Fire arrows extinguish existing fires, even on a direct hit (SteveL)
0004218: [Design/Coding] Long-lived particles slow down map loading (SteveL)
0004040: [AI] Running AI that stops in door queue can perform an idle animation (grayman)
0004184: [AI] AI bumping up against player w/o drawing weapon (grayman)
0003993: [AI] Running AI treadmills against sign in Lord Edgar's Bathhouse (grayman)
0003597: [Animation] Firing AI animations through a script has problems (SteveL)
0003784: [Def / Setup] Do something about func_itemremove (SteveL)
0004161: [Coding] Alternate Quicksave feature (SteveL)
0004198: [Design/Coding] A patch to compile libPNG under Linux (SteveL)
0004110: [AI] textures/darkmod/stone/brick/blocks_sepia_grey broken (taaaki)
0004191: [Sound] Popping/crackling sound when running on Linux (SteveL)
0004199: [Animation] Melee weapon attacks and parries don't work under certain compilers. (SteveL)
0004193: [AI] Comparison of an alert type variable to an event type constant (grayman)
0004153: [SEED] SEED Console Spam (grayman)
0004181: [Design/Coding] Melee weapons should be able to break glass in one hit (SteveL)
0004178: [Design/Coding] Thrown objects pass straight through glass that's down to 0 health (SteveL)
0004180: [Design/Coding] Glass doesn't show cracks when damaged by most objects. (SteveL)
0004179: [Design/Coding] Material surface type gets replaced with default when a func_fracture gets carved up (SteveL)
0004176: [Design/Coding] Let mapper control lifetime of broken glass (SteveL)
0004175: [Design/Coding] Using models as breakables doesn't work right (SteveL)
0004168: [SEED] SEED deletes heap memory it doesn't own (SteveL)
0004128: [Mapping] Spawnarg for lights to stop them affecting the light gem (SteveL)
0004123: [Design/Coding] Unbind vsync from Dmap: (SteveL)
0004162: [Graphics] r_showPortals in 3 colours (SteveL)
0004137: [AI] AI circling by door in Beleaguered Fence (grayman)
0003945: [Feature proposal] Allow func_emitters to fire one-shot particle effects on demand. (SteveL)
0004076: [Animation] Final riverdancing (SteveL)
0003369: [Sound] Wood ladder sound/s wrong (user81)
0002508: [GUI] cycle inventory categories and within a current category option
0002431: [AI] Feature Reqest: Cower Behaviour needs to be added
0002807: [GUI] Random GUI quotes not showing during load (SteveL)
0002883: [AI] Searching AI should coordinate their efforts (grayman)
0003813: [AI] Create AI with LOD stages (Springheel)
0004281: [Textures] Light halos showing through walls (user81)
0004145: [Models] Add Merry's prefab chests (user81)
0004225: [Textures] Door skin the wrong way around (user81)
0003328: [Textures] The door skin - door_024 is facing the wrong way (user81)
0004055: [Def / Setup] movable spyglass way too heavy (Springheel)
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